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Rift In TNA Over Maithri Policy

By Waruni Karunarathne

A rift has developed in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) over President Maithripala Sirisena’s 100 day policy.
TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said that there is a difference of opinion among the leaders of the TNA over the 100 day programme presented by President Sirisena.

According to him, even though all the members of the TNA support the reforms as suggested in the 100 day programme, there are some who cannot fully support the programme as it does not contain any provision to address the Tamil issue. “R. Sambanthan may be in support of the whole 100-day programme.

However, even though we are in support of repealing the 18th Amendment and bringing back the 17th Amendment and other suggested changes in the 100 day programme, there is a difference of opinion within the TNA about the programme as it does not have any provision for addressing the Tamil national issue,” he added.

He added that there are leaders within the TNA who are gravely concerned about this matter. He also agreed that the TNA could not expect the new government to resolve the Tamil issue in 100 days and therefore said that they would have to build a dialogue with those who take over after the general election. However, he added that the concern related to lands, missing persons, resettlement and political prisoners continues to remain as TNA’s prime issues until they are being resolved.

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  1. Ma Per

    Within a week -some are expecting miracles. Elections on Jan 8,results on Jan 9 – so 8 days till 17. Of this weekend 2 days + i day holiday for the Popes visit + 1 day6 Thai Pongal – leaves us with sp far only THREE DAYS work. i.e.12th, 13th & 16th January.

  2. Ma Per

    100-day programme shd consist of 100 working days which excludes weekends and ppublic holidays.

  3. Lanka Watch

    TNA is at it again. firstly, get the immediate problems confronting the Tamils. like unlawful land grabs, excess of army personnel , normal functioning of NPC and
    most importantly annihilation of the armed militias of the trio ,Douglas ,Karuna
    and Pillian, in N/E, solved and then, after the parliamentary elections are over,
    TNA could talk to the Govt in a position of strength on other major issues, once
    the President settles down. More over President Sirisena will be meeting Mr.Modi
    PM, India shortly and certainly this matter will be discussed. What is the mighty hurry to solve the Tamil problems when this problem has lasted over six decades . Tamils should feel free of hassles to live in the N/E provinces in the 1st place. Mr. Sambandan of TNA is an experienced politician and he knows how to handle this matter .He has good PR with the govt, leaders, so have trust in him.

    The Tamils should be thankful to H.E for appointing a civilian Governor for
    North and he has lifted the travel ban to the North and expatriate Tamils can
    now visit their kith and kin without any hindrance. This was unexpected in such
    a short time in power. Let the reconciliation process take its time and cannot be
    done overnight.

    Have a feeling that Mr. Sirisena/Ranil / CBK combine is looking for peace and
    harmony among all people in the country to move forward. so, the advice the
    Tamils can give TNA dissidents is to keep their cool until the govt finds time
    to solve the Tamil & minority issues. What would have been the position of the
    Tamils if power was not handed over to the opposition The govt has so many,
    other equally important matters to be solved as well and they need time. Your untimely utterances will annoy the majority and pave the way for the return of
    the former regime, which I suppose you prefer.

    • tomsam

      Tamils need not be thankful to anyone to demand and getting what is their legitimate rights.
      Please dont think that Maithiri is doling out “favors to Tamils.
      Remember what Tarzie .Vitachi ‘s last statement “we were driven to the parting ways by Colombo and sinhala rule.

    • anpu

      Well said.

  4. Manuelpillai

    It is important to do a piece of work with those agreeing with you than simply criticizing for the sake of citicizing. In 100 days you can’t do everying especially those that are special for you.

  5. Sangaralingham

    Politics of 60 years which was in disarray as a result of politicians self intrest not for the society or peoples welfare cannot be corrected in short period of time as time playa role in everyday life but the attitude and policies must brought forward re minorities issues soon as possible to declare trust in any political matter.

  6. Rishi

    How about investigating about the Tamils made to “disappear” by the Mandayan Group?

  7. Malin

    This is only the start. How is Maithree regime going to compromise TNA demand for Eelam?

  8. anpu

    Mr. Suresh Premachandran and those of the similar views should sincerely understand and comprehend that a good governance is a pre-requisite for a resolution of anything , let alone the national issues that commenced prior to independence.

    There are people in power now who have witnessed the destruction of the beautiful country for so long. A 100-day program should not touch the national question; it is an issue a war was fought over. Could not settle it because there was no GOOD governance in the centre to implement.

    There is no agreement is required to set up the infrastructure of the of the North and East, or to settle the grievances of the war affected people.

    What is needed for the whole of Sri Lanka is good bias free governance with Rule of Law, independent judiciary and free press.

    President Mathiri’s government is in the right path. And Sampanthan aiya is in right path.

    A new paradigm is in the work. A table must be set first. We are talking about a country that nobody wanted touch with a ten-foot pole only a month before. Please help to help.

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