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Not Contacted, Says KP

By Camelia Nathaniel

While there are calls for the arrest of former LTTE procurement chief Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP), he says that despite what he has seen published in newspapers, he has not been notified of any action that is to be taken against him.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader KP said that having been part of the terrorist outfit, he too had committed certain crimes against his people. “I admit that I had done wrong but I came back here to make amends and in repentance.

I did my best to help the people and cure the people’s pain and create harmony and unity. I am not a politician and I came here to live a peaceful life helping the children who have lost their parents which I am responsible for as well. I am not a politician and I don’t know why I am being singled out and targeted,” he said.

KP said that in spite of the challenges before him and the uncertainty he will continue his work for the community. He also said that his movements and interaction with people has been somewhat restricted at present but he had no intention of leaving the country nor giving up on his work with the orphaned children.

Sri Lanka earlier resisted international moves to have KP extradited to India to face charges, but with the fall of the Rajapaksa regime, questions have arisen about the fate of the LTTE leader.

4 Comments for “Not Contacted, Says KP”

  1. willows

    why is he still moving freely, he should have arrested by now and prosecuted?

  2. anonymous

    True, you are a not a ‘Politician’ but a ruthless, inhumane dangerous ‘Terroist Leader’ of a group who introduced ‘suicide bombers, to the world. It is not safe for the civilized world to have you out in the open.

  3. Theva

    What is the deal with Gota, we would like to know.

  4. KP. must arrest and produced to court with delay,he most wanted man to crminal action in srilanka, anf his friend mr gota, defence secretary, history of srilanka man without education,

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