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Wimal Among the Accused

By Nirmala Kannangara
Among the list of names of Ministers and MPs in the former regime accused of bribery or corruption, former Housing and Construction Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s name is in the forefront.
Weerawansa whose sole income when he was a member in the JVP was the earnings he got from running a communication center at Mawaramandiya in Kadawatha. However from the time he extended his support to the Rajapaksa administration in 2008, Weerawansa became a millionaire from unknown source of income claims Kaduwela Mayor G.H. Buddhadasa.
Meanwhile Weerawansa is also accused of getting a diplomatic passport for his wife Shashi Weerawansa although ministerial spouses are not entitle to hold the prestigious red passport. It has come to the light how Shashi Weerawansa has obtained two identity cards misleading the Department of Registration of Persons and Department of Immigration and Emigration. All attempts to contact Wimal Weerawansa for a comment for the allegations levelled against him and his wife failed. Although a text message was forwarded seeking a comment, Weerawansa did not reply or return the call until the paper went for publication.
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17 Comments for “Wimal Among the Accused”

  1. kudson

    i cannot wait to see his sorry *** in jail

  2. Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    Wimal Weerawansa is a very honest person and he always talks truth but nothing but the truth. This may be a false allegation.

  3. A Wise Donkey

    He is the man who asked in the House that can anyone cover a Labourghini with a ‘polkatta’? Now to cover your misdeeds we need a lorry load of ‘polathu’!

  4. Cobra

    If he wasn’t then I am not a cobra!!!

  5. Joker

    Wimal is a leading patriot who still fight for the old regime. He has no time to look after himself or reply to charges against him as he is completely occupied in fighting corruption charges against the former President. He might soon decide to engage on a Fast To Death till all charges against the former President is dropped.

  6. Lion

    Only big talk,and corrupt to the core.He must be fully investigated and should be exposed to the people of this country to show what sort of a man he is.

  7. Mahinda Rajapaksa

    Please leave my mouth piece alone, He just did what I asked him to do. Wimale coming colours no good. Panindawath balapang.

  8. SEBA

    On the same basis pl. check the assets of all the MPs. Most of the MPs werenikamas before coming tothr parliament. This includes most of the UNP MPs also. over to you MY3.

  9. somawansa

    Wimal weerawansa or the infamous Puchawansa,was the crusial member of Infamous JVP of 1971
    he with his leader was responsible for the murder of thousands of young Sinhalese
    the Para jadaya should be taken into custody prison

  10. Theva

    All the information are coming out now, We will have to wait and see what action or actions have been taken.

  11. Kal Jay

    This man speaks loud and say very little sensible. ” Empty vessels make most noise”

  12. akoon

    Accusations against him may be 100% true. But he has no time to answer these allegations, because he has lot of work in Jathi Hithaishee movement. Furthermore he has to safeguard Sri lanka from international conspiracies. If we can find a way out to release him from these duties he may answer these allegations.

  13. RASIKA

    Wanchawansa made over 5500 millions with criminal raja crooks engaging in illegal activities.Most of that money have been invested in property,treasury bonds, shares and in private banks and finance companies. Sri lankan government must make full investigation about his minstrel dealing he had with treasury.

  14. housing minister make lot of illegal maney, he was jvp terror. one timeeven now he is scam government money. houseing sold by bribe did by his wife, contract was given with the big commission, he must investigate the corruption.

  15. Namal Rajapaksa

    Wimal is a sex maniac. before he became a parliment member, he haven’t had a single house but now this Wimal monkey and his criminal gang (Wasantha Perera) have several houses. From where these money came?

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