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Review On Dual Citizenship

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Government has decided to review dual citizenships granted to over 2000 people and most of it will be cancelled.

The Minister of Public Order, Disaster Management and Christian Affairs John Amaraunga said that a special committee will be appointed to review dual citizenships granted by the Defence Ministry during the previous regime.

He said, even though the granting of dual citizenships was cancelled in 2010, with the approval of higher officials at the Defence Ministry, dual citizenships were later granted without a proper study. The Minister said that it has been revealed that some officials have taken monetary briberies to grant dual citizenships to some people. Meanwhile the Immigration and Emigration Department said that the dual citizenships have been granted mostly for persons in Muslim and Tamil families. Amaratunga said that all the dual citizenships granted in this way would be reviewed and those given without meeting the required criteria would be cancelled. In addition the government is focusing on recommencing of granting dual citizenships and the ministerial draft in this regard will be presented to parliament within next two weeks, he said.

Earlier the head of the household had to pay Rs. 200,000 to obtain a dual citizenship while a family member had to pay Rs. 50,000.

The new Government will charge main householder Rs. 300,000 and other members, Rs 100,000 each.

After considering the requests from Sri Lankans in foreign countries, the government has decided to grant dual citizenships, the minister further added.

15 Comments for “Review On Dual Citizenship”

  1. Modaya

    how come cancel a dual citizenship once you granted. Its not “Thosa Kade “job and its fundamental right of a person . We are still unable to understand the world norm and the advantage of granting Dual. As I know more than 600 sihahales families are waiting to come back to Sri Lanka once they are granted Dual . Just imaging the money they bring inside the country and investments they make on properties . Where our politicians heads are working . its sheer Jealousy because they do not have an opportunity to get a Dual. Government go behind for foreign investment why they cannot think of Sri Lanka abroad who are again Sri Lankan will love the country without harming the economy or thinking of taking the profit back . This a simple thinking from decision makers head if he knows about economy . This why we voted new government and not act ” Kuhaka”

  2. Senarath

    Does Amathunga know about the world Law ? . He is going to cancel ??? How. What if these guys are bringing money to the country ? what is harm in giving a citizen ship back to your own citizen whether its meet the criteria or not ?.

    How many local entrepreneurs will get benefited from this, specially construction companies who are making apartments and other things. How many local Sri Lankan will have access to new technology and new way of thinking specially education and management sector . Are we every day going to with mentality of Islanders ??? . Sri Lankan Please change and look for Changes in thinking . See the counties like Bangladesh , Vietnam , India , Indonesia , Burma ..They are much and much ahead of us as their leaders do think silly and worry thinking “what If my family doesn’t get this facility and why should I give it to a general public. all the above countries were poor than us they just started 10-15 years before. Do not blame Terrorism or blame somebody’s religious practice every time and its our leaders thinking and dirty politics. Have strong and intelectual sri lankan come from other coutnries and they will help to defend the country in terms knowledge power.

  3. Malin

    Good to review as some Tamil Tigers & Jihadists would have managed to get. At the same time it was rePorted that CB GOVERNOR ARJUN WAS GIVEN CITIZENSHIP IN 24 HOURS. DID HE PAY THE REQUIRED FEES.

  4. There are many who were granted without even attending an interview.

  5. Sylvia Haik

    The Dual Citizenship facility has been bandied about like a political football, with a dubious agenda. Its suspension in February 2011 was engineered by Gotabhaya Rajapakse with his paranoid belief that LTTE supporters were regrouping, i.e. anyone with a Tamil name was considered an LTTE supporter but in reality, these were the very same people who fled in fear of the LTTE and now wish to return as peace is assured and their nemesis, the LTTE crushed. It is proving extremely difficult to make our politicians realise the advantages in welcoming back these former Sri Lankans with a wealth of skills, experience and capital to offer.

  6. Charges are too high. For a retiree in foreign country, it is too high.

  7. Hope finally is happening under YAHAPALANAYA.
    Those who got dual citizenship papers under the table should be cancelled, and those who issued should be brought into justice.
    It took years for the legal draughtsman to complete this project, but still sitting on it.
    This is what we really want to see under YAHAPALANAYA.
    Mister President, please bring the fees to Rs 300, 000 per person, and Rs: 500,000 for the whole family.

  8. Jay

    Duel Citizenship.
    While thanking for the steps taken taken to grant duel citizenship,shall be grateful if the elderly pensioners who have gone to live with loved ones of the family could
    be given a affordable concession.Most of them even transfer their pension for living. Jy

  9. Suresh

    Minister has does capacity to be efficient. Wait and see nothing is going to happen in next 1000 days.

  10. Suresh

    We are not very rich people to pay $300k for dual citizenship in Sri-Lanka. You guys are no better than the previous regime , lined up suck the blood of the common man through their pee hole.

  11. sangaralingham

    unless you are rich with lot of this and that having dual citizenship is wastage of time money as one need to bet loyal to the country you live in. country of birth is important to those born there must appreciate the earth you are born but not absolutely vital. in free world travel as you like so long as health and finnances permit

  12. Ikarus

    What the Government should also conduct through investigation on people who had acquired citizenships of other countries and coming to Sri Lanka on those travel documents but still possess the Sri Lankan IDENTITY CARDS. These people used these ID cards at the last Election and to get other benefits like staying in the country illegally as if they still holds the citizenship of the country.

  13. “True patriots are we, that we left our country for the motherland’s own good”

  14. De Silva

    I received my dual citizenship under former President Hon C Kumaratunga in November 2003.

    My dual citizenship name has been changed by a criminal gang with my name change after 2005. I would like to see my dual citizenship papers attached to my file and what happened to that file.

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