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Kerry’s Schedule Being Finalized

The schedule for the visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry to Sri Lanka is being finalized, Foreign Ministry and US Embassy sources said.

Kerry is expected to visit Sri Lanka next month, the most high profile official visit to Sri Lanka by a US government official.

The dates for Kerry’s visit are yet to be finalized but once confirmed, he is expected to have talks, not just with the Government, but also with the opposition and the Tamil National Alliance. (ER)

5 Comments for “Kerry’s Schedule Being Finalized”

  1. Malin

    There appears to be a hidden agenda of his visit. Part of the Regime change plan.

    • Bamunusinghe

      Isnt any one in Sri lanka to chnage the corrupted mahinda regime who ruled lawless country for decades.

  2. Dickie bird

    This is what Kerry dreamt when he was heading the Foreign Relations Committee.
    Hook or by crook get into Sri Lanka.

    Little that Kerry is aware that the waters are choppy and there is air tubulence as well and most of all the village kopi kade guys in Sri Lanka are political animals who could tell Kerry how to run America leave alone Sri Lanka.

    • Sam T

      Tea Leaf Sexton Blake,
      86% of the nation lives in villages and you dream in a well unable to come clean??
      No nation in the world has played superpower against each other and won.
      Russians Germans and KKK are all European and you are choclate colour who would have fought in the pits WW1 & WW2- what can you make in industry for war?? Nothing simply nothing.
      Just about 669,000 Sinhala women in medieval middle east as sex slaves and young boys advertised in EU gay mags.
      Nasser cut relations with the US following the war, and, according to Aburish, his policy of “playing the superpowers against each other” ended.[238] In November, Nasser accepted UN Resolution 242, which called for Israel’s withdrawal from territories acquired in the war.
      Egypt is an ancient civilization that has given much to the west- where are you coconut head??
      Today where the people of Egypt are after the spring- just military regime change and funded by US.
      The embassy made it clear that SL forces would be trained indefinitely no matter which government comes in- it means train you to kill you brother and send your mum to ME.
      Like Nagaland and Sikkim you Lanka will go back to India as a state- before 48 everything was cool – experience teaches us how to discriminate not bestiality breed hermaphrodite hyena mahawamse.

  3. Teacher

    This is a good time for Kerry to apologize to the Sri Lankan people about his remark that there was a 30 year old war against the Tamils. We hope he read the petition of nearly 900 Sri Lankans from all over the world who want an apology from him.

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