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Mahinda Will Not Meet Maithri

By Camelia Nathaniel

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had postponed a meeting he was to have with President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday, has now decided not to meet the President even at a later date.
Sources close to former President Rajapaksa told The Sunday Leader that the former president had said that the atmosphere was not conducive for such a cordial discussion as the current administration is on a ‘witch hunt’ targeting his family members.

The former president has also stated that in addition, his colleagues who supported him had been targeted and chased out of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Working Committee without an acceptable reason.
Further some 800 casual and contract workers, who had been employed by the Road Development Authority during the Rajapaksa regime, had also been sacked and their contracts terminated.

12 Comments for “Mahinda Will Not Meet Maithri”

  1. S B Lokuge

    Mahinda should never trust this traitor again. He not betrayed MR, he has betrayed the country by taking dirty money from India and US through the other two traitors Ranil and our Modi Chandrika.

    • Rohan W

      It’s good that you have included MR and dirty money in the same sentence. They belong together.

      This moron should be appointed head of CID as he seems to know more about funds received by MY3. But then again, he has no idea about what MR received and robbed.

      • S B Lokuge

        This idiot is blinded by the hatred he can not see the corrtuption by Arjun Mahendran and the crooked finance minister. If they did this in 100 days imagine if they last 10 years.

    • saman

      Lokuge , don’t write like a fool. It was your beloved Mahinda who did all the dirty things during pre election time not Maithree. Fools like you will spoil this country so better you go to Swaziland with your former KING.

    • Lion

      Who is the traitor of the nation. it is none other than Mahinda.So he took the side of this nation.

  2. Wilson Thilakaratna

    Some SLFP vagabonds support Maithree with the hope of achieving there personal agenda but they do not understand that MS is trying to get the support of SLFPers to strengthen the UNP. The imaginary National government is a bait to all SLFpers, by which they will be nowhere at the next election.

  3. Park

    It should have been President Maithripala Sirisena who should have cancelled or not agreed to meet Mahinda. This is a planned action of Mahinda to shame Maithripala.

    President Sirisena should never meet Mahinda in the Future.

    • Sinhalaya

      My 3 is No more with SLFP He was elected by UNP Sinhala supporters, Tamil and Muslims

    • S B Lokuge

      MY3 is now crawling to kiss Mahinda’s back side as he has become a prisoner of Ranil and Chandrika Modi.

  4. daggy

    Wonder how many who partook in the Last supper Appa Diet is with Sirisena today?
    That was indeed a below the belt cheap shot of a person without a backbone.

  5. fawzan

    Arresting criminals and hooligans will not be amounts to witch hunt

  6. Quintus Kalpage

    Mt Rajapakse should not meet with Mr Sirisena. How could you trust a man who has betrayed you. It is the greatest betrayal after Judas betrayed Jesus Christ after the Last Supper. There is a similarity there. Judas betrayed Christ for money. So did Sirisena betray The then President with the help of the USA and India and the other traitors RW and CBK.

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