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BBS To Register New Party

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) is to form a new political party and has already spoken to the Elections Commissioner in this regard. However, the Election Commissioner has informed the BBS that since an election which was gazetted for a Pradeshiya Sabha, has been postponed, new political parties cannot be registered.

BBS Chief Executive Officer Dilantha Withanage said that the BBS had asked the Elections Commissioner to register the new party of the BBS.

He said that an application on forming a new political party will be submitted to the Elections Commissioner by the BBS. In the recent past, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had stated that his defeat at the last presidential election was as a result of the actions of the BBS.

However responding to the former president’s statement, General Secretary of the BBS Galabodathe Gnanasara Thero during a media briefing recently, said that the BBS will not support any party and that they will register a new political party to contest the forthcoming General Election.

He further said that the BBS did not back the former president at the last Presidential election directly and his defeat was caused by the people around him.


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  1. Sylvia Haik

    The General Secretary of the BBS Galabodathe Gnanasara Thero may not have supported the former President but his incitement to religious hatred speeches polarised the different religious communities and also split the Sinhala-Buddhist faction he was promoting. These actions split the core support of Mahinda Rajapakse and the resultant defeat was a foregone conclusion.

  2. Lanka Watch

    This is a ploy to get the hard core Sinhala Buddhists to vote for BBS and get
    SLFP votes divided into three factions and pave the way for UNP to win the
    elections, hands down. It will ease the task of the President in sorting out the
    ministerial positions for SLFP’ers as UNP will form a national govt.. with all
    other parties, like JVP, TNA, & SLMC, who will have at least 40 seats among
    them under the present electoral system and SLFP side lined to become the
    main opposition party with three groups and there will be infighting as to who
    will become the opposition leader and slowly they will cross over for perks of

    Hats off to the man or group who planned this strategy. That will be fun to
    watch !

  3. Shaul

    BBS founder Gnanasara Thero is the reincarnation Soma Rama Thero who killed former PM S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke.

    • Sam T

      Big Bang Brother is the Solution……

      Mahayana the original teaching por señas beckons the islanders.

      Gnanasara Thero is the copy.

      Long life big bang spaceship.

  4. Snowden Edward Asange

    NO matter how many political parties the BBS registers.. their motives have become clear… ONLY racists and fools would support them..

  5. duminda

    Ideal name of the party should be SWASILANKA MODASARA PARTY

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