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Rift In The TNA

By Waruni Karunarathne  

A rift has emerged in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) over moves to register it as a political party with the Department of Elections.

Leader of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran accused the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) of not being cooperative on registering the alliance.

“All the other coalition parties in the TNA except ITAK want to register it as a political party. However they failed to give us a reason as to why they did not want TNA to be registered,” Premachandran told The Sunday Leader. He said that ITAK members, Parliamentarians M.A. Sumanthiran and R. Sampanthan should be questioned as to why they oppose registering the TNA as a political party.

According Premachandran, the TNA also called for a meeting last week to discuss and finalise the proposed MOU but ITAK did not attend.

“We have given the draft of the MOU some weeks back to all the coalition parties and on several occasions we wanted to meet the members of the coalition parties to discuss this matter but failed. ITAK has to give us a time and a date to meet and discuss these matters at hand. But they have not been cooperating,” he added.  When The Sunday Leader contacted Sumanthiran MP to ask about the MOU, he said that he could not participate in the meeting and that they have not proceeded with the matter.



6 Comments for “Rift In The TNA”

  1. Sam T

    When did the Jaffna Tamils ever get together??

    They never can and that is their stupid inbuilt quality.

    Just trawlers fishing in troubled waters and hit men for the majority against foreign intervention.

  2. Sellam

    There are some languages that could apply to these members of the TNA. They are self seeking, power hungry, selfish and shameful people who rely on the Tamil people for their votes only but do not care at all in their well being. But time to time they release statements to show that they are interested in the affairs of the Tamil people. I would request them not to go before the people for votes until such time their problems are solved.

  3. DAGGY

    Rift In The TNA and the University students are chopping each other with Philippine swords…………..

    Hope they would not go to geneva and say it was the SL Military who chopped those Uni students.

  4. Lanka Watch

    There is no rift in TNA as long as Mr.Raa Sampanthan is the accredited leader
    of TNA and Tamils and no one argues with Mr. Sambanthan nor challenge his position in TNA and he keeps his respect..There could be differences of opinion which is interpreted into a rift.
    They believe in dialogue, which is healthy and the problem will be solved shortly, before the election date is announced. TNA should sweep North/East electorates.
    and will be in a position of strength.

  5. Kavan

    The ITAK is right. They should not allow a former terrorist like Suresh P. to dictate terms to the democratic mainstream party of Tamils.

  6. Richard Kaz

    Southern newspapers have been writing about rifts in the TNA for ages, hoping , wishing.

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