Badrani Refuses To Budge

By Nirmala Kannangara

Former Commissioner Colombo Municipal Commission Badrani Jayawardena has been accused of not handing over her official residence in Colombo over the past four and a half months to her successor V.K.A. Anura.

Jayawardena was accused of misusing her powers during the former regime and was removed from the Municipal Commissioner’s post after the fall of the Mahinda Rajapaksa government on January 15. According to Municipal Councilor Mahendra de Silva, this was not the first time Jayawardena has been accused of not handing over her official residence once she was removed and added that she has failed to hand over her official residence in Anuradhapura when she was appointed as the Colombo Municipal Commissioner.

“When she was transferred to Colombo from Anuradhapura she deprived her successor of the official residence for few years until he got it through a court order.

Even now, although she has been requested to move away from her previous official residence near the Museum in Colombo 7, Jayawardena still occupies the residence for the past four and a half months,” De Silva said. Meanwhile, the present Colombo Municipal Commissioner V.K.A. Anura said that he has been deprived of a residence in Colombo by the former Commissioner and added that she refuses to vacate the Commissioner’s official residence for another one year.

“When I made the request, she said that it was the Chief Minister Western Province Prasanna Ranatunga who wanted her not to vacate her official residence,” Anura said. According to Anura, it is unfair by him for not to get an official residence in Colombo as he has to travel daily all the way from Bandaragama in the Kalutara District. According to Anura, the official residence she got at Slave Island when she was appointed the Municipal Secretary before she was appointed the Colombo Municipal Commissioner too was not vacated even after she obtained the Municipal Commissioner’s official residence.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Western Province Prasanna Ranatunga said that there is no necessity for Jayawardene to vacate the Commissioner’s residence as she is still the Colombo Municipal Commissioner but has now attached to the Municipal Secretary’s office till an impending inquiry against her is over.

“She has not been transferred but has attached to the Municipal Secretary’s office and V.K.A. Anura is the Acting Municipal Commissioner. He is not entitled for an official residence,” Ranatunga said.

However Badrani Jayawardena, refuting the allegations levelled against her, said that she still has a right to stay in the Municipal Commissioner’s official residence and insisted that she has not overstayed in her Anuradhapura or Slave Island residence as claimed by the Municipal Council members. When asked if she will not handover the Anuradhapura official residence on a court ruling, Jayawardena said that such claims are made to discredit her. “I was made attached to the Municipal Secretary’s office after Colombo Mayor wanted the Prime Minister to remove me because I was a staunch supporter of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Until the charges levelled against me are proven I am the Municipal Commissioner and hence I am entitled to stay in the official residence,” Jayawardena added.

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  1. Mahinda Rajapaksa

    Hey Badraani and Prasanna, MR will never be able to come to parliament or as the Prime Minister ever in SriLankan politics. His fate was totally sealed by the President this week. Get message. Prasanna you don’t have any popular mandate, guys like you and Badranis are the beneficiaries of the most corrupt dictator ever created by the political arena of Sri Lanka. Let the people deliver the final blow to Prasana, Wimal, Bandula, Dulles, Vasudeva (Foul mouth), Dinesh, Mahindananda, aand rest of the Ali Baba clique in h forthcoming general election. Hide or make plans to hide now do not dream the tamashas created by MR for you guys. Do not underestimate the will of the people. Remember who ever voted for MR on January 8th did so not knowing the extent of the activities of ALI BABA and thieves. How did ALIBaba and his clique became so rich within a span of ten years. Ali Baba did not even posses a vehicle when he entered the politics, the circumstances of other members of the clique were not different. Shame on Prasanna and the clique.

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