Modi Focused On Addressing Lankan Issue

India’s ruling BJP party says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focused on addressing the issues faced by Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Muralidhar Rao, national general secretary of the BJP, said that during the past one year since coming to power, the BJP government under Modi had also looked at resolving the fishermen issue involving Sri Lanka and India, the New Indian Express reported.

“He was the first PM to visit Jaffna in Northern Lanka. The Prime Minister made efforts personally for the release of five Tamil Nadu fishermen who faced capital punishment in the island nation,” he said and added that the government was making consistent efforts to resolve the fishermen row with Sri Lanka.

When asked about citizenship status to Lankan Tamils like in the case of Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh, Rao said both were two different issues. In the case of Bangladesh Hindus, they were suppressed of their religious and human rights. But in Lanka, the BJP government was duty bound to get political rights for Tamils there.

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  1. Lanka

    Muralidhar Rao, national general secretary of the BJP, should understand not PM Modi or no Indian can change international maritime laws. No Indian fisherman should be allowed to fish in Sri Lankan waters – simple straightforward fact. India should start educating their ignorant fisherman and Tamil Nadu politicians without talking rubbish.
    Any Tamil in the world should be given citizenship in their mother country Tamil Nadu to live with their kith and kin. You are welcome to have all the Sri lankan Tamils who want Eelam over there.

  2. anpu

    Questions and answers in the this little piece is the one that has been the cause of the problem with India’s policy on Sri Lanka.

    Ceylon Tamils/ (Jaffna/Vanni/Batti Tamils) are an ancient people in Ceylon/Sri Lanka and a different ethnic community from that in India. Could be simply for distinctiveness purpose be Malabaris, as first Europeans noted.

    The first conflict between these ethnic group was noted at the beginning of Christ time! (This is only to identify the longevity of the people).

    Resolution to the ethnic conflict must come from within Sri Lanka. Anything else is bound to fail. All interested outside parties (India included) can help facilitate for same.

    Plight of the Indian Tamils (upcountry Tamils) was in a kind of way address by ill-conceived Srima-Shastri Pact a generation ago.

    Meanwhile, Karunanidhi & Co should stop shedding crocodile tears now and stop feeding MR.

  3. Ira

    This is wrong. All Sri Lankans have the same political rights. The LTTE did not let the Tamils vote. At great cost to lives in 2009 Sri Lankan security forces gave political rights back to the Tamils in the north. What more does Modi want to give them except what the LTTE/TNA want which is Eelam. He should be told that although India created and supported the LTTE, that time is past. As for Indian fisherman trying to steal fish from Sri Lankan waters after depleting their own by bottom trawling, India should be told to follow international law and stop trying to bully their neighbours by breaking international law.

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