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Dullas Says Push For MR Will Continue

By Nirmala Kannangara

UPFA Matara District Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma said that it is important to nominate a Prime Ministerial candidate at the next parliamentary election and the only candidate that fix to the post is the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Alahapperuma said that unlike earlier where the Executive President had the power to dissolve the parliament after one year, with the implementation of the 19th Amendment to the constitution the present President will not be able to dissolve the parliament for four and a half years.

“In such an event if a person like Ranil Wickremesinghe becomes the Prime Minister and brings the country unstable, President Maithripala Sirisena will not be able to dissolve the parliament to save the country. It is because of that we request the President to field Mahinda Rajapaksa as the UPFA Prime Ministerial candidate and take the party to victory” Alahapperuma added.

The former Minister meanwhile said that most of the UPFA parliamentarians are of the view that Mahinda Rajapaksa would not make the country unstable and would certainly help President Sirisena in all his endeavours to make the country prosperous. When asked whether he is confident that Mahinda Rajapaksa and the rest of the MPs who support Rajapaksa would get nomination from the UPFA, Alahapperuma said that if one avenue fails there would be another opening for anyone.

“It is too early to predict the future. Looking at the sea of crowd that throng to listen to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speeches and the number of UPFA MPs that have extended their support to Rajapaksa, President Maithripala Sirisena will not be able to ignore the former President. If the people want him to become the Prime Minister, that should be allowed, as the peoples decision is the last verdict,” Alahapperuma said

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  1. Jayantha Karaliyadda

    This man; Dulles is trying save his chance of getting nominations from the SLFP. However, the master plan is to get Ali Baba and his gang of thieves somehow back to parliament for the only purpose of derailing the ongoing police investigations against this infamous national robbers. They eventually believe by being a MP, they will be able to safeguard themselves from the crimes committed against the well being of the people of Sri Lanka. Otherwise, one would ask the question why the former President (or the Strongman) who claimed to be untouchable wants to become an ordinary MP. The other rationale behind this strategy is to spend the ill-gotten and the hidden vast wealth (robbed from the people) on a political campaign. That way when the CID sleuths get to this Ali Baba and the gang most of the wealth locally hidden will be gone. Then there will not be any evidence (material)to prove the allegations. For example, who is financing the bring back MR campaign. It needs enormous wealth to organize these mass rallies. Ali Baba has a plan avoid the jail and he always believed he is above the law and also capable of escaping unscathed from the charges levelled against him. Teflon Don one of the New York mafia bosses and Al Capone also thought that way, we all know what happened to them. So Dulles, don’t worry people of Sri Lanka will corner Ali Baba and his gang of thieves one day and ensure that they spend time behind bars.

    • This Dulles A. is the one who said a few days prior to last P/Election that according to the then latest research that MR was leading & would get the highest percentage of votes overtaking the common candidate MS. We did not see this guy for some time after the P/Election.His version proved to be a brazen lie intended to mislead the voters. So can you believe this man who says that there is a big demand for MR and that MR would definitely work with MS to develop this country? What he wants is MR is back so that all who are facing serious charges in the former regime could be saved unpunished and Dulles also will get a Purohitha post. He thinks the people are morons to believe him.We have already rejected MR and we do not want him forever.

    • surasena

      Neither Rajapakses will not go alone; Namal nor Mahinda. Mahinda is intimidating the President with the assistance of possible non-nominating outcasts which the SLFP must not accommodated. Lets Mahinda (+Namal) to go alone sans SLFP. There politics will be end at the beginning; Hence, Dear President you must not bend for their fancies. Field a set of personnel who maintain integrity and decency; that would be the plea for all of the political parties. In next general election the personal liabilities will be the bottom line, instead party incline. Lets have better people to make laws to govern us, at least people with some education.

  2. Gobba

    Ha ha ha, this fool forgot that more crowds than this attended the Maha Rajah’s Electrion rallies and look what the END RESULT WAS ! And he is talking as if the HIRED CROWDS win elections !!!!!!!!! Pathetic human being. A Crook and a Loser what more can you expect from MR cronies. Either they are Crooks or Thugs nothing in between.

  3. Radm H.R.Amaraweera

    Dear Sir, Congrats for southern Spirit Loyalty ++++. The country’s previous president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, poured millions into reconstruction and allowed provincial council elections for the first time in years in 2013. But critics say Rajapaksa — an autocrat in power for nearly a decade — did little else to salve the deep wounds. By Annie Gowen June 13 at 5:40 PM. If President Mahinda has robbed What is she saying Now in development??

  4. garawi

    No big surpirise here! Dallas creeped in to the parliament appointed by MR via the national list. So he needs MR to get his job back. This is why the one MP for one seat system is good so that crooks like these can not start ruling us!

  5. daggy

    Leave Namal out of the equation. He is yet an immatured show man.

    hatred towards Mahinda will not take these commentators anywhere.

  6. Is there any other leader in Sri Lanka Politics, People vote for MS for a change, some falls for massive corruption allegations ran by CBK & Ranil with the help of JVP and Champika. Those allegations not effective now, MS has failed to show any leadership qualities, he fell far below the people expectations. In coming election Ranil, with 29 election losses going be MR opponent. He did not have the confidence to face MR in the last election. Now MR work in last 5 years after the war has been internationally recognized with Colombo being named as fastest growing city. The opening of new shops, supermarkets (in almost every 5km) and growth in tourism and massive development project under MR regime have created large job opportunities and payed the way of economic growth. MR is gaining massive strength in every second this weak government in power.

  7. Mahasen

    Dullus says that the peoples decision is the last verdict. He has forgotten the decision of the people delivered barely 5 months back rejecting Mahinda to lead the country. If MR could not win the Presidential election with all the state resources employed with irregular means, how can Dullus expect MR to win this time? Although they have the capability to win some seats in the South, MR and his backers will get a resounding NO this time as well when it come to total vote of the Country. Mahasen

  8. polished

    Send MR to the scrapheap where he belongs

  9. sugith

    Alahapperuma doyou know why you get some crowd,it is because the people who benefitted most the bribe givers and takers are transporting the Half illiterate Sinhalese from the south and the central to Matara free of charge and also given
    a bathmula and a bottle of Arrack,I am myself a strong Sinhalese,I am asamed of my own race,MR created all this believe me he will get Justice for all this,they did this even in the Matale meeting,MR asked the people what they want for their
    welfare,do you know what crowd told him ,they wanted boats to fish,as the crowd
    present in matale actually were transported from the south,the very illiterate Sinhalese from the south.truth comes out mate

  10. mr dulls you involved in corruption, mr Rajapaska is involved in corruption scam, killed thousand and thousand mr Dulls you are big joker to came to politics ,his place and thugs must go to jail,

  11. mr Dulls please note mr Rajapaska is a dictator,he is violation of democracy, 2005 he lost the election. he summon the commissioner of election to temple tree, force to him announce the mr Rajapaska won the election,then he summon his wife, he agreed the president other wise his live in danger,he and sibling. he was impeachment the chief justice, he killed one thousand civilian,corruption is very high.his son was rape many girls.

  12. mewan

    More to come

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