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TNA Agrees On Formula

By Waruni Karunarathne

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has decided on a formula to distribute nominations and the number of seats among the parties of their alliance in certain districts including Trincomalee, Jaffna and Ampara.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said that they will not form an alliance with the UNP or any other political party but they will contest as the TNA alliance.

“The parties within the TNA still have differences of opinion with reference to certain matters but all the parties under the TNA umbrella will contest together as an alliance without joining any other party,” he added. According to Premachandran, they are already in a process of determining a formula to distribute nominations equitably among the parties of the TNA.

“We have already decided the numbers of nominations distributed to each party of the TNA in Jaffna, Trincomalee and Ampara districts. We are now in the process of deciding nominations for the Batticaloa district and Mannar district,” he added.

According to him, the number of nominations allocated to each TNA member party will be released once they finalize the list in the remaining districts closer to the election.

8 Comments for “TNA Agrees On Formula”

  1. Lanka Watch

    TNA should go for educated and go-getter candidates and since SLFP is divided,
    they should have a MOU signed between TNA and order UNP gets an overall majority, having TNA and other minority parties in the without a party having a working majority, Tamil problems kept on the back burner until election,
    will never get solved As long as Mr. Sirisena remains in power as the President,
    it does not matter which party comes to power but a party with a working majority
    is ideal as he will see that good governance is practised and Tamils and other minorities will not face any hardships, like in the previous years. Tamils problem
    also will be settled for good without division. Please rope in CM ,NPC Vigneswaran as a parliamentarian as people of NPC would suffer with his indifferent approach towards the govt.
    Mavai Senathirajah should do a good job as the CM, NPC as he has the knack, PR and experience to handle NPC. It is time to seek a leader as Mr.Sambanthan
    is aging , though it is difficult a find a leader of his calibre, who is respected by
    parliamentarians from both sides of aisle and the entire Tamil population in SL.

    • Krish

      Hon. Vigneswaran should be let to carry out his functions. Every one make mistakes; but cannot find a suitable person better than him to lead us after Sampandan Iya

      68 years

  2. Lanka Watch

    8th line to read “unlike in previous years”. Regret error.

    • tomsam

      The present CM of NPC should be promoted to run NE of SL as chief minister.
      He is the best person since SJV to speak the truth and do the right deeds for Eelam Tamils.

  3. Sellam

    See how the Tamil MPs are trying to be elected to Parliament, once elected they do nothing for the People. They concentrate on theirs and their family’s affairs more than the people who are still languishing in camps. It is already seven years since the war ended, why haven’t they persuaded the government to release the occupied lands to its owners. They do not speak about it nowadays. But they want to be elected to go to parliament to enrich themselves.
    I think the Tamils will be well off with a Sinhala leader and a different set of Tamil parliamentarians. The Tamils are fed up with the present members.

  4. Rajani

    TNA must nominate people who are educated and well respected people. At present most of the TNA parliamentarians are uneducated and unprofessional. For example, all the Vanni MPs are uneducated and do not have any qualification to qualify for a MP. If you see the people who are living in this area are very poor and suffering without a proper meal and lodging. They are they very reason for this pathetic state of the Tamil people and they never ever bring up the living condition of this people. Most of them are elected more than 3 times for the parliament and Mr Sampanthan should not give any more chance to contest them. People also must understand the situation and elect suitable persons on this parliamentarian election.

    • Sellam

      Hi Rajani

      There are no educated Tamils in the North. Sumanthiran is OK but he is not a Northern man but a Colombo man dances to the tune of the Sinhalese.. Mr.Wigneshwaran should come into parliament instead of hanging around in the Provincial council with no powers.. My wish is that the Tamils should not contest in this elections as a protest.. I see no point in 14 Tamil MPs being in parliament doing nothing.

      • Dudley Ranasinghe

        Hey Sellam

        Do not give-up. we have to use parliament of Sri Lanka to get desired results of Freedom. There is no other way. Just like Tamils, Majority Sinhalese have never enjoyed true democracy in Sri Lanka. 95 MPs in the last parliament do not have G.C.E O/L or grade 10. But they are the elites of the country, they and their children continue to steal our nation wealth every day. TNA MPs are no different from SLFP,UNP, and SLMC MPs.

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