UNP To Present New Constitution – Ranil

The United National Party will pursue repealing the present 1978 Second Republican Constitution and replace it with a new constitution ensuring a consociational political model, Party Leader and United National Front for Good Governance Prime Ministerial Candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe, said in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Leader.

“We will introduce a brand new Constitution, doing away with the current Preferential Voting System and replace it with a Hybrid System incorporating components of the current Proportional Representation and the First-Past-the-Post System, which existed prior to 1989, similar to what has been already proposed,” Wickremesinghe said. According to him, the UNP envisaged a committee system, where all parliamentarians, regardless of party differences, could take part in the ruling political establishment.   “We want to introduce the Committee System where all MPs can get involved in ruling the country. It will be headed by a chairperson whilst heads of District Development Committees would also be included in this system.

So all 224 Parliamentarians, i.e. sans the Speaker, will be directly involved in ruling the country under a new consensus democracy or consociational political model, the same way Lichchavis ruled. This will be a brand new concept to Sri Lanka,” he opined. Asked whether the UNP would be able to gain a special majority needed to bring in constitutional reforms, i.e. 20th Amendment etc, Wickremesinghe said that his new party, United National Front for Good Governance, would seek the support of President Maithripala Sirisena.

“We will definitely muster a simple majority. There’s no question or doubt about that. But if we want to create the change, i.e. Constitutional reforms, and we require the support of more parliamentarians, i.e. special majority, we just need to discuss with the leader of the UPFA that is President Maithripala Sirisena,” he said. Asked whether the SLFP/UPFA would try to scuttle UNPs efforts to introduce constitutional reforms, he answered in the negative.  “I think things will change after the election because the SLFP/UPFA will have to respect the people’s choice. We can work together if we have political consensus.” According to constitutional experts, consensus democracy is more closely incorporated in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Lebanon, Sweden, Iraq and Belgium, where consensus is an important feature of the political culture, particularly with a view to preventing the domination of one linguistic or cultural group in the political process. Some view this as an ideal solution to put a stop to majority–led, traditionally Western-styled ‘Representative democracy’ where the power is concentrated in the hands of the winning party or the majority group of elected representatives, which may lead to the ignoring of minority groups.

Implementation of a consensus model is likely to neutralize the oppositional political party structure that prevails hitherto since the introduction of Western-styled political party system and may also help to replace party interests with national interests.

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  1. SL

    Here comes the federal model!

  2. Rohana

    Over 75% of the elected members have no university education, so how can these people take responsible decisions for the county and it’s administration?
    First of all we must implemented minimum educational needs to become a member of parliament.
    Number one thug and murderer Duminda was in Defense committee during the MR period.
    What about State Organizations? People didn’t pass GCE O’L became Sri Lankan Airways chairman. What a joke?

  3. Lanka

    Too many illiterate captain crooks will not know what to do except accumulate wealth.

  4. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    All these will change with the new parliament

  5. The constitution to change people must vote for majority of 2/3 in parliament ruling party .will this members of parliament with out education understand the constitution. most of members in parliament not even junior school cerficate. this is mistake of voters, or candidates coming for contest election.? uneducated members of parliament good for take bribes, thuggry.. srilankan must decide to vote for educated person. the person wanted save the people by democratic government. human rights, land of the law, police must record complain the tamil person in tamil language ,Sinhala person in Sinhala language.

  6. daggy

    First can the UNP form a stable government ????????
    Do not count the chickens before the eggs are hatched.

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