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Former Police Spokesman Accuses Ex DIG

By Nirmala Kannangara

A former police spokesman has accused a former Senior DIG of attempting to cover up the evidence over the murder of former rugby player Wasim Thajuddeen.

The former police spokesman said that former Senior DIG Western Province, Anura Senanayake, has to be brought before the law to find out why he allowed evidence into Thajudeen’s murder to be covered up resulting in the assumption that he was killed in an accident. “There was so much substantial evidence to suspect the death to be a murder although the Narahenpita police did not carry out a proper investigation on the directives of Senanayake,” the former police spokesman said on conditions of anonymity.

“Although I wasn’t in the country at that time, I followed the incident carefully. According to the law, at such a fatal accident, the police have to summon the Magistrate and conduct a proper investigation. But in this case the police did not follow the procedure. They immediately removed the vehicle from the scene and the place was washed to erase any further evidence, the former policeman claimed.

8 Comments for “Former Police Spokesman Accuses Ex DIG”

  1. daggy

    Its getting funnier by the day.
    First Nimal Leuke brags about himself and his achievement in the field of sports and and speaks about being a fatherly figure to Wasin Thajudeen after a lapse of (07) months since the yahapalanaya came into being.

    Now another joker from the police pops up N allegedly its Ajith Rohana pointing a finger at another S/DIG.
    These jokers are playing their asite political cards for positions at the expense of Late Thajudeen.

    As for Nirmala kanangara, she should know this is hearsy as she has not identified the person by name who said it.
    Either it could be whoever said what OR Nirmala.K is jockeying for a position from Yamapalanaya.

  2. This is called high profile murder. Time has come for a proper investigation. I am sure our President will provide the family of the victim justice. During Mahinda Rajapakses time there were murders and abductions. These too have to be investigated impartially.

  3. Anura Senanayaka is a criminal and thief.He owns bake can a guy on a DIG salary buy a bussiness like that other than on ill gotten money.He did all the dirty work for Gota.

  4. The former DIG was one of many officials who acted to cover up the murder.

  5. Cobra

    They are all coming out of the woodwork now and even though late that is a good sign!

  6. former secretary mr gota was criminal politician and his family .then his police offices fellow the ministry secretary descian. police department in politics. people were no justice in the previous government.17th election mr Rajapaska lost the election.

  7. Jay

    This investigation warrant automotive crash engineers analysis. These experts are not found in Sri Lanka. based on all the physical evidence and measurements they only can estimate the speed of the vehicle at the time of crash. Based on where and what the vehicle hit to ascertain the occupant(s), in this case, the drive kinematics and injury. Of course one major factor is that was he wearing seatbelt during the crash? Google and find a few Sri Lankan experts with crash safety expertise and with many inventions and patents to save lives inside vehicle and on the road….

  8. shantha

    And we all know who ordered the cover up?

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