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Dullas Accuses Govt Of Targeting MR

The government’s decision to use the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) stores to stock paddy is an attempt taken to insult former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, UPFA Matara District parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma said.

Alahapperuma said that though the government is trying to sling mud at Mahinda Rajapaksa for constructing an international airport in an isolated location in his constituency, they will realise what an asset the MRIA for the country is, sooner than later. “Earlier, the same group when they were in the opposition accused Rajapaksa of spending billions of rupees on construction of the Hambantota Port, claiming it is a deserted port. If it is not worth, then what made the new government to start the second phase of the Hambantota port? This decision had been taken a few weeks back,” Alahapperuma said.

According to Alahapperuma, by storing paddy at the MRIA, the government has made a wrong choice, as the news could bring a bad name to the country. “What would be the country’s status when this news goes internationally? Politicians should take decisions that would not bring in disgrace to the country internationally but to bring in glory,” Alahapperuma claimed.

He further reminded the way the Media attacked the then Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike when he expanded the then air force base at Katunayake to make it an international airport. “This was used by the British as their Air Force base. Although the Media attacked the late Prime Minister Bandaranaike then, claiming it is a waste of money and cannot convert it to an international airport because of the thick population of snakes and birds, he still went ahead with his plan. Likewise, the MRIA too will be one of the best international airports in the years to come,” Alahapperuma added.


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  1. Benett

    Come again, please? So why is it a pidgeon drop filled storage that is to be turned into a much needed store room for paddy would be insulting to MR? The storage we are assured would not hinder any sudden outburst of air traffic. So, what was that again? Insult?
    Get lost, Alahapperuma!

  2. Malin

    This is a sheer attempt to humiliate ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    • Apay raja

      Aney sin, if he had any self respect he would not have degraded himself to an MP status, if this is humiliation he should be more than happy – using unutilized warehouse space or should I say never to be utilized space in one of his projects
      might be the only money we earn from all his stupid projects. Malin pissek.

  3. Polished

    Dullas shut up and go home , you boody thief

  4. janaka

    Every thing that flies takes of and lands into the wind including birds, MRIA has the wind blowing across the runway and is on a bird migration route, an aviation disaster.

  5. mel

    C’mon UPFA members. Use your voices, it is your job to stand against pariah kings and princes who are a disgrace to the country. Good on you Dullas for speaking up.

    • sunimal

      Dullas you are most disgusting dirty fellows of the UPFA clan,you rotten thief
      to gether MR and Weerawansa and the passport thief has ruined this country
      call yourself Buddhist a disgrace to Buddha himself get lost you Moron

  6. Apay raja

    What is the problem, they are not using the arrival or departure lounges but the warehouse……if necessary we can air freight the rice to any destination (provided that airlines land there) and it was lying empty anyway….But it does expose the fact that the airport was built in an isolated location. Is Dull Ass ashamed of that fact ?

  7. S Tissera

    It is good thinking on the part of the Government, after all this was Public money that was spent for personal glory , it is a dud investment that does not bring even a cent in revenue, by storing paddy it is serving some purpose, If it is insulting to MR then let it be so, it will also be a lesson to other politicians that some day you will have to account for your actions. Remember : “You can fool,all the people some time, some people all the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time”

  8. Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    Only the storage section of the airport is utilised for the storage of paddy. It can earn rent much more than Rs.15,000 per month earned at present.
    The Mattala Mahinda Rajapakse international airport is not to the international airport. It is located in the bird sanctuary and is a threat of damage to air crafts. Why Dullus Alagaperuma did not point out to his boss?
    No reputed airlines want to fly to this airport in spite of incentives
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

  9. Lima


  10. Naren

    What is your guess Mr.Alahapperuma? Will it become the best international airport after 50 years?

  11. John

    What happened when JR built the new parliament ? The SLFP was all out to attack. Finally they only enjoined it to the most. No doubt foreign countries judge another country by the words and deeds of their politicians. Were you all behaving in a manner to bring glory to the country all these years?

  12. Jude Perera

    Unconditionally you are true and right.

  13. R S S Perera

    Poppycock. All the white elephants built by Rajapakse have to be put to some use, and storing paddy in the massive, never used, warehouses is an excellent example of thinking outside the box, as both the President and Prime Minister constantly keep reminding the government officials.

    This airport was located in Mattala only because Rajapakse was on what he thought was a never-ending ego trip. It is in fact located in the middle of the Eastern Bird Migratory Path and that will never change. Neither will the fact that this area is densely populated by the majestic peacocks. The Civil Aviation Director General said as recently as in January 2014 that one permanent solution would be to carry out a mass-scale culling of the peacocks, but he continued that this would raise a storm of protests from the public and religious leaders across the country.

    Similar outside-the-box thinking should be used on the other white elephant in the area, the Magampura Port, and leasing out parts of it to Prawn Farmers so as to make at least some use of it should be urgently considered. The car importers who have been forced to direct all shipments to that port should at long last be provided relief from the additional expenditure of transporting the cars by road to Colombo, which expenditure is actually met by the poor consumer.


  15. Nimal

    Might as well make use of this white elephant.

  16. Sylvia Haik

    If Dullas Alahapperuma is so worried that the MRIA being used as a storage depot, I wonder how worried he would be when corruption charges are laid before his idols the Rajapakse regime. It is possible Dullas may be indicted too.

  17. Park

    Why should’nt Mahinda be targetted? If Mahinda has done no wrong then he need not worry, if he has then he has to face the music. When is Dallus going to be targetted?

  18. sunimal

    Dullas you are seasoned corrupt Politician,the government is watching you with your duel citizenship,do not worry the expats know you very well they know that you are a big Humbug like the rest of Pachawansa gang,we are keeping a close watch with the Moron weerawnas,dont worry

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