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Sajin To Become Witness For State Against MR

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Former United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) parliamentarian Sajin Vass Gunawardena is to become a witness for the state in the investigations carried into allegations of financial irregularities leveled against UPFA MP, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, highly placed government sources told The Sunday Leader.

It is learnt that Gunawardena has agreed to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that he would reveal details of many corrupt and fraudulent transactions that had taken place during the period of the former Rajapaksa regime.

Gunawardena’s move will result in the incrimination of several key members of the former regime.

Accordingly, the CID in the next few weeks is to carry out a series of interrogations with several individuals who held high public offices during the former regime as well as high profile businessmen.

Some of these investigations are to be carried out by the CID jointly with the Financial Crimes Investigations Department (FCID).

“Gunawardena is to provide details of the commissions that had changed hands during the former regime in relation to several key business deals,” government sources said.

During the former regime, Gunawardena served as a confidential secretary to then President Rajapaksa and also served as the monitoring MP of the External Affairs Ministry. It was therefore believed that Gunawardena played a key role in many financial deals carried out by the Rajapaksa regime.

Gunawardena who was in remand custody for a period close to four months for the alleged misuse of state vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat was last week granted bail by the Colombo High Court.

32 Comments for “Sajin To Become Witness For State Against MR”

  1. Lal.Fernando.

    Well all these buggers are rogues. Why didn’t this rogue come and opened his mouth during the previous regime? Just put these rogues behind bars and nthrow away the keys.

  2. Lal.Fernando.

    Well all these buggers are rogues. Why didn’t this rogue come and opened his mouth during the previous regime? Just put these rogues behind bars and throw away the keys.

  3. Mihin

    OK! MaRas, the cat is out of the cage now, show your skills to silence him like what you did to Tej before he spills the beans?

  4. k.soysa

    Well, we hope this will be a good lesson to all: the politicos as well as their little and big goons. Sooner or later your past catches up. I hate to think what will happen if these jokers are locked in a room with MR, GR and his boys!!

    The moral is, the law always catches-up. Sooner THAN later. So be dignified and just do your job.

    • shane

      Wonder how much he is getting paid and also he will be free as a bird now that he is going to be a state witness . The moral of the scene is , rob and rob and then become a state witness ! You can win every time ! What a shame ! Is this how investigations are done and all shouted about Karuna and KP being state witnesses , wow !

  5. surasena

    There is no doubt that the instructions from the king-pin went on verbal, instead in writing. Just like Mafia style and Sajin was the one to capture these words and make them into deeds. The AG department and lack-luster government witnesses in the caliper of Sajin hardly fix the FOX.

  6. salam

    getting a paycheck or getting results?

    Stick it, bigot. I’m from a ‘hood’. You are the poison in the Yakko well

    • hubert

      if the wealth is recovered all foreign loans to for two years could be differed
      because MaRa regime had embezzled 20% countries wealth in 10 years ie
      equivalent to two national budgets


  8. renu

    Rogue is a Rogue at everywhere. It is a Universal Principle. He wants to be a State Witness to c0rever up his faults , Let him Expose Rajapakes and the Clan of all the Fraudulent things publicly and give evidence but the Government must not show any mercy to this fellow

  9. Herby Padmaperuma.


  10. gerard

    Gota send the white van with GOONS.

  11. Mahen

    We have not heard the last of this story. Now the man is out of the prison is he safe with this spilling of beans? He would rather be inside and secure having made enemies of most powerful folks in Colombo!
    Out in the open he won’t be around for long to talk! Do we have witness protection schemes?

  12. Lima


  13. gallage

    These rascals would do any thing to get what they wanted. Finally Mr. Rajapakse will be the one who has done wrong.

    “What goes up has to come down”.

  14. punchinilame

    I can predict something that is SL style – this “poor” Sajin will be taken off this
    earth. The CID kept Sajin for 5 months to think over and turn State witness -
    there is no better witness against MR Frauds. It is difficult to turn Lalith as the
    next State witness, as he is more educated than his working colleauge – Sajin..
    Already black-coats would have been paid in millions and a back-up plan drawn
    with them. The future is going to be interesting.

  15. Gunawardena expecting compassion of this government , We know party secretary betray Hon. Mainda Rajapaksa it is normal betray and ungrateful people cannot set free , Why Gunawardena suddenly change his mind he is under trap but those who trying to clean hand’s compulsory he is in hell.

  16. pdias

    will he survive to give evidence against MR and his cronies.

  17. LTTE gave Ranil Rs 50 billion to bribe Sajin to come out with false statements dictated by Ranil/LTTE against Rajapakse. LTTE, Ranil, US & the European Union wants Rajapakse wiped out of Sri Lanka. Money is everything, Sinhela people will sell there mother for that kind of money, so why not betray Rajapakse with false allegations to make it look true.

    LTTE wants to hang Rajapakse in the same way as Saddham – the posters they held before the Presidential to come true. Sirisena is trying to get the gallows ready for that. Sinhela people destroying their country, their great Statesman and Leader Rajapakse, themselves and their future generations. Good Luck, you deserve what you are asking.

    ISIS is the terrorist arm of the USA, funded by USA and controlled by the pro US Saudi Arabia, now destroying Yemen. USA under Obama has destroyed so many countries and it will not stop until YSA becomes the Super Power in the World.


    Well, I really do hope the chickens are really coming home to roost. Why can’t they do an audit forthwith and freeze the families assets I would never know.

  19. cristo

    as others have said …there will be no trail back to MR door ..all the orders will have been verbally given ,there will be no written evidence to prove any family involvement and this man will be isolated as a loose angry canon ,much like Mervyn de Sylva

  20. DAGGY

    On No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First it was Field Marshall for the love of the Presidential Seat betrayed the Country by succumbing to the giles of Mongol who was discreetly attempting to get even with MR AND then it was dung JVP’er looking for a branch to hang and survive by egging on.
    Neither cared for the country that had resulted in Geneva.

    Now, its Sajin Vaz turn
    1815 agreement and 1818 destruction continue to haunts.

    Only person MR can rely on at this time is Gampaha “SUMANA” who cut the ribbon to open the Kadawatha-Kaduwela hignway.
    If only had MR been surrounded by 10 Sumanas & Pushpas, MR would have beeen better off today.

    Any person to out do Carlyle Silva was sajin Vaz who shed the his daughter who was his wife can do ANYTHING TO MR.

    Nothing will come right again as the SINHALAYAS have got Keresone oil in their BRAINS.

  21. Sylvia Haik

    I fervently hope the police have a doubly effective witness protection programme because the Rajapakses are highly capable of silencing anybody they want.. I am reminded of a recent detective film where the accused man gets a guarantee of immunity from all charges to turn State Witness and then states that all the corruption charges were committed by himself alone.

  22. mel

    Soooo ! That’s how he got bailed out !!! Good, all the crooks are on the government side now. Heh, heh, heeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. garawi

    If he is really going to do this it is only for him to get a lesser sentence I suspect ! Apart from the current charge I believe there will be many more coming as he has to explain how he became so rich such a short time! Then there is the question of loss making Mihin Air! Despite running at a loss constantly, MR pumped in billions of rupees again and again over the year to Mihin, run by Sajin, The FCID will want check where all those billions went!

  24. Andrew

    So you think they are going to prosecute and put Mahinda in jail?????
    It will never happen. This criminal Sajin should be tried for his actions , not Mahinda Rajapaksha’s.

  25. bOEJAY

    Why didn’t he come out with tis story earlier. Who has paid him now!!!! He bum sucked MR did all his dirty work and he to benefitted from those dirty deals. Spilling the beans now will not pardon him. He should go to jail for aiding and abetting MR.

  26. This is great news, the rouges having to lose sleep in fear.
    There is more divine retribution to come.

  27. Nimal

    Is he going to be charged with assault on a Hon Srilankan High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis in NY after Blue Whiskey party?.

  28. mohamed

    Good boy Sajin, gooooooood booooooy! a golden opportunity to get your name cleared, to go to London and smash the face of Dr Nonis for falsely accusing you of assault when really he hit himself whilst in New York when you too were there. A much more better selection of blue movies in London too for you enjoyment. Watch over your shoulder all the time as the Medamulana thug MR is planning to bump you off using Kudu Duminda Silva.

    Goooooood Boooooy Sajin for having the guts to expose the evil. Gooood Booooy.

  29. Richie

    How about prosecuting Sajin’s father Abey de vass Gunawardena who was the Chairman of Lankaputhra bank during the time Sajin was chairman of Mihin Lanka? Abey de vass Gunawardena was responsible in giving out millions in a loan to Mihin Lanka, and all of which disappeared in to the pocket of his son Sajin de vass and Mihin Lanka declared bankruptcy. Why is no one inquiring in to this?

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