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Missing Persons Commission To Meet In Jaffna

by Waruni Karunarathne

Despite the talks to abolish the Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints regarding Missing Persons, the Commission has scheduled its next public hearing session for the second week of next month in Jaffna.

According to the Commission, the government has not communicated any decision pertaining to abolishing the Commission, and it is continuing its usual work.

Chairman of the Commission Maxwell Paranagama told The Sunday Leader that despite the government’s claims to abolish the Missing Persons Commission, the government has not communicated the Commission about any such decision.

“We are doing our work as usual. Our next public hearing is also scheduled for the second week of next week in Jaffna,” he added. According to Paranagama, the Commission has already submitted the interim report on the first mandate and the final report on their second mandate to the President,

The Prime Minister has promised to make those reports available to parliament next week. When inquired whether he would recommend the government to completely abandon the activities of the Commission, Paranagama said that it is not in his hand to decide or recommend whether the procedures of the Commission should be continued.

3 Comments for “Missing Persons Commission To Meet In Jaffna”

  1. tomsam

    This commission ,like rest of the tamashas and bogus eye wash to hoodwink the international and locals should be dumped along with the pakses.

  2. mr Rajapaska regime is cause for killing the civilians in north east. UN HUMAN RIGHTS report says 40 thousand killed by the former regime. it appointment it none and void international investigation is will bring truth.

  3. the prime minister promised to the subject to paranagama not got order to suspend the commission it was none and void, the record of person did not do the truth, the forces not allowed the civilians to face commission there live was in danger by the army if they give evidence international commission will bring the truth

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