Own your Luxurious Apartment at Luxe Highway Residencies Condo

Apartment living in present is increasingly becoming popular among Sri Lankans because of ease of maintenance, security and safety, privacy within a close community, easy and economical access to amenities, and close proximity to anything you need. On the other hand Apartment ownership goes beyond just extravagant living since living in apartments is also energy [...]

Repeat Of History: As A Tragedy Or Farce?

By Gamini Weerakoon   A university should be a place of light, liberty and learning—Benjamin Disraeli, a British Prime Minister of renown. Sri Lankan undergraduates in recent decades have had somewhat different interpretations to this Disraeli definition of a university Their views down the years could make it a: place of light, liberty, burning or  (*revolting/ [...]

Towards A Vibrant Diplomacy

It is an axiomatic principle that the foreign policy of a country is a projection of its domestic policies. It also happens that at times foreign policies boomerang on domestic policies as was evident during the last regime. Thus it is evident in the study of foreign affairs that the dynamics of domestic policy and [...]

Helping Working Class Women – Ashila Niroshini Dandeniya

by Rose Wanigasooriya The working class women of Sri Lanka have always been frowned upon by those of a higher class. These women, who don’t have good educational backgrounds join the Free Trade Zone and is given work that is sometimes not suitable for them. These women suffer greatly as the pay is not high, [...]

The Importance Of Honouring Pledges

by Upul Kumarapperuma It is no doubt that Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only leader who made a physical development in the country in the recent past. During his time the country was driven by the better known Mahinda Chinthanaya and hardly known ‘Unstoppable Sri Lanka 2020’ which can be considered as the implementation manual of [...]

The Rest Of The Story

After the publication of my piece about the lingering death of an old friend and the truly loving and humane people around him, I had, as might be expected, a few friends from that generation at Trinity College, Kandy (TCK) to which both my late friend and I belonged calling me with little bits of [...]

India, Sri Lanka And The Indian Ocean

By N. Sathiya Moorthy Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s inaugural speech at the ‘Galle Dialouge-2015’ should be noted as much for the content as the form. It was the first time that the he was addressing the Dialogue since the post-war founding in 2010. More importantly, it is one of the few institutions identified with the [...]

Pointing Towards The Moon

by Wimalanath Weeraratne Egypt’s beleaguered ruler  –  former President Hosni Mubarak is now standing trial after three decades of looting and pillaging his country’s wealth. For most Egyptians, this is viewed as a major victory; there is a feeling of intense optimism here on the streets of Cairo, and even though nothing is fundamentally different, [...]

A Breakthrough By Hollande And Putin?

As horrendous scenes keep changing with rapidity, viewed In retrospect the war against ISIL (or ISIS) — the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant— is unique in modern global conflicts. Around June last year  this unknown  organisation hit the headlines with its sweeping conquests of cities  in northern Iraq like Samara, Mosul, Tikrit, threatening  the [...]

Heading In The Right Direction

Budget 2016 By Hasitha Ayeshmantha The first reading of the Budget 2016 came to a conclusion with the new government announcing a further reduction in prices of food items, amidst much debate and speculation. Many parties, both from the government and the opposition commended the new government’s maiden Budget, while other parties, mainly from the [...]

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