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MR’s Bunker Had Tunnel Linked To Port

The bunker found at the President’s House in Fort when former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was in power has a half-way built tunnel running towards the Colombo Port.

An employee at the President’s House in Fort on condition of anonymity said he had been working there for the past several years and to his knowledge, Rajapaksa had visited this bunker only on two occasions, and it was fully occupied by Namal and Yoshitha Rajapaksa together with their close associates in the rugby circle.

“Since it was a risk to live at the President’s House in Fort as it is close to the LTTE’s prime targets – the Colombo Port, the Central Bank, the Navy Head Quarters and the World Trade Center which were in the close proximity, Mahinda Rajapaksa opted to stay at Temple Trees. In such a backdrop, it is questionable as to why this bunker was built in Fort,” sources alleged. The sources further alleged that the excavation work was done and the earth was removed from the premises secretly in late afternoons when the bunker was under construction.

Chairman Central Engineering Consultant Bureau (CECB) – the contractor – declined to furnish any detail of the construction, claiming that any details cannot be revealed unless their client – the Presidential Secretariat – gives instruction to release the details to the media.However, the sources said the construction cost for this underground palace is yet to be estimated, but roughly it could be around one billion rupees. The construction has two floors above the ground level and two underground floors. The walls have been constructed with solid concrete (six feet thickness) and the thickness of the concrete slab above the ground is 12 feet. The entire building is fully air-conditioned. Its monthly electricity bill is Rs. 3 million, according to the sources.



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    Dear Editor / NK or the journo behind this story – before you write certain things relating to security of the head of state, please note that there is a heavy resposibility on your part as journalists. Without playing to the gallery and trying to sensationalise the story, try to understand the situation the country was in prior to 2009. Professional, matured journos will never talk about high security events openly like you do. Even if the bunker is there what’s the problem with it ?? It is for future use by any President and what makes you think a similar situation like we had from 1983 to 2009 is not going happen once more. Whoever the reporter you got a lot to learn.

  2. peiris

    Normal Practice in most first and second world nations.Businesses,important people, world leaders,heads of state,big hotels, But Normally Not Made Public.
    And also within the terrorists.Look at the big picture Sri Lanka.

  3. Chuti Putha

    Good to sell your newspaper Sunday Leader but do not betray your motherland by revealing state secrets, same happaned when the country was run by the same clan when they revealed the Millinium house LRRP which cost the lifes of highly trained Army intelligence officers , think twice before you cater for Pimps in the current government

  4. Jonathan

    Six foot thick concrete wall!! MR was thinking of saving himself from a nuclear bomb attack it seems!
    Who could bomb SL president with such bomb? Should be another state.
    Even US presidents were shot at by guns. such shelters did not prevent them from lone gunman in other places.

    The whole thing is a joke and long and MR and cronies were planning to live in these buildings for a long time. Unfortunately it did not work out.

    • Go Ponil

      Remember how the LTTE bombed the Central Bank. They did not throw coconuts at it. I still remember the place few hours after.

      May be Jonathan or what ever your name is you never lived in Sri lanka- you do not understand what we suffered at the LTTE- the monster created by India and well supported and nurtured by Norway and England and late U.S.A. too

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