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A large number of businessmen have been under investigation by various investigating bodies probing alleged financial irregularities committed during the past 10 years. Some businessmen have made frequent visits to the khaki suit unit that investigates financial issues. During an award ceremony held to present trophies to top businessmen in the country, one businessman had something interesting to say. When asked if he was also a recipient of an award, the witty businessman quipped, “My name is among the Top 10 in the investigative divisions.” The response left many guests at the event laughing for a good few minutes.



The ministering angel who attends to fishy affairs and his deputy were recently in Chee-love attending a foundation stone laying ceremony for a training institution. The foundation stone was laid under a Banyan tree. After the ceremony, a journo had asked the ministering angel whether the massive Banyan tree would have to be cut to make way for the building. The angel had immediately asked his officials whether the tree had to be cut for construction work. After he was informed that only certain parts of the tree would be cut during the construction phase, the ministering angel had asked the officials for what purpose he had just laid a foundation stone a short while back. Talk of being clueless, eh?


 A New Bed

The ministering angels in the yahapalana mode are also into enjoying the perks and privileges like their former colleagues. Last week it was revealed that the ministering angel in charge of the country’s ports had got his official staff to spend official funds to build a special bed for him. The angel has ordered his men to build him a bed made of kohomba timber as treatment for his bad back. Hmm.


The Return

The former boss at the Treasury under several administrations, Pee Bee has made an appearance after a short silent spell. After the former King was sent back packing, Pee Bee also dropped from the scene. However, it is now learnt that the Bee has made an appearance in the yahapalanaya system as well. Apparently, the former head of the state coffers is now advising Ass Bee on rural affairs. It is anyone’s guess now where the country’s rural population will head in the near future.


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