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Final Warning Issued To Ex MPs

by Camelia Nathaniel

The Public Administration and Management Ministry has issued a final warning to the former Parliamentarians who have not vacated their official residences so far, asking them to vacate them immediately.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, the Minister of Public Administration and Management Ranjith Maddumabandara said that if these MPs fail to immediately vacate the official residences, legal action will be initiated against them.

At least 25 former MPs are yet to hand over the official residences given to them. He noted that the ministry had sent notices asking them to vacate the official residences occupied by them as soon as possible, adding that his ministry had informed them that legal action will be taken if they continue to overstay in these residences.

These former ministers and deputy ministers had been given these official residences during the previous regime, but in spite of being asked to vacate these official residences, some have asked to grant them time till December to hand them over.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Management stated that these luxury residences located in the heart of Colombo City such as Lauries Road, Colombo 4 and Keppetipola Mawatha, Colombo, were required to be allocated to the new ministers. According to the minister, providing accommodation to the new MPs has become a difficult task with the limited number of official residences.


2 Comments for “Final Warning Issued To Ex MPs”

  1. There are hardly any law abiding politicians in this country nor gentlemen and statesmen.

  2. Lion King

    I cannot understand why the rulers of this country treat this “Politicians” as “Kings’ and “Queens” and bending the country “Law”, and “Baby Sitting” them. They know clearly if they rejected and kicked out by the citizens, they are no more needed, and go out and hand over all the given privileges back to the government. If they do not , apply the country “Eviction Law”, confiscate the belongings in the houses and sell them by “Public Auction” to cover up the damages and the expenses . If any body protects apply the country “Criminal Procedure” and consider them as “Scooters”
    They come to politics, with out even 7th grade education, living in government paid Luxury Houses, use government tax paid vehicles, going foreign travels with whole family using and wasting poor citizens`s hardly save foreign exchange, whole time in the political field earn with Corruptions, after that family members , Sons, Daughters, Wife, In Laws all are becoming Politicians, Directors,Chairmen Etc:but not even G.C.E {OL}
    What`s a Foolish systems is this???????????????????????

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