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Fonseka Accused Of Taking Money From Avant Garde?

By Kasun Pussewela

Former Army Commander, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has been accused of allegedly accepting money from Avant Garde security services, which is mired in controversy over a floating armory.

It has been learnt that Fonseka was offered Rs. 30 million from the company as well as vehicles and money to operate an office. However, when The Sunday Leader contacted Fonseka, he denied accepting any money or a vehicle from Avant Garde.

Fonseka said he was however aware of reports that an official who worked under him as a Personal Assistant, Colonel Kapila Ratnayake, had been offered cash and a vehicle and that there was an audio recording of a telephone conversation where the transfer of money was discussed. Fonseka said that Colonel Kapila Ratnayake supported him in January 2010 during the presidential elections but left the country and later returned following the last presidential election.

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that when he heard that Kapila Ratnayake was using a jeep gifted to him by Avant Garde during the last presidential election, he questioned him about it.

Fonseka said that he was not aware if Kapila Ratnayake had obtained money from Nissanka Senadhipathi, adding that Ratnayake left the country in September.

Fonseka also claimed that he gave Ratnayake Rs. 1 million, a day before he left the country. The former Army Commander said that he hoped to file action against Nissanka Senadhipathi with the Bribery Commission.

When contacted, Avant Garde chairman Major Nissanka Senadhipathi claimed that he had given Fonseka Rs. 30 million, an office and equipment for the office.

He also said that he had given a green Prado Jeep with the number plate 3475 to Fonseka and that he has an audio recording of a telephone conversation with regards to the matter.

Fonseka however denied the allegation and said that Major Nissanka Senadhipathi should prove the allegations.


12 Comments for “Fonseka Accused Of Taking Money From Avant Garde?”

  1. kumaran

    The sooner this matter and all other similar issues are addressed and done away with the better for all of us. Frankly, I do NOT think that SF will do such a thing but lets see an end to all this.

    • This should be a conspiracy to smear his name & reputation. We will not believe that he had accepted any thing illegally from any one!!!

  2. Ran

    This float will lead to the down fall of many connected to shady deals.

  3. Gon Ponil

    Fonseka is a lier and a traitor. I wonder whose intelligence service he is helping?
    This person is very corrupt.

  4. TONY


  5. kumara

    This is MR,GR and corrupt gangs doings we know the fellow Mahendra Rajapakse
    people do nto respect this corrupt.low and dirty president.
    he will have to face a doublr murder charge again in the Mulkirigal bye election arounf 15/20 years ago Minister John Amarathunga says that the two gun shots came from Mahendra Rajapakse’s gun
    matter open again
    President to face court again

    • Gavin

      MR does have blood on his hands.. I remember the incident. I wish that murder case is brought back up in the courts.

    • gon

      තෝ යකෝ මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂගෙ නම වත් දන්නෙ නෑනෙ.

  6. laksiri

    when you look this deals and how business was carried out by this company ,any person can clearly understand nature of corruption and how country was run by thugs and drug dealers. this man had given money to over 300 people to buy them. finally no income tax pay to government , she had distributed all his income to people who ever he had to buy for money. general must clear this position to gain public image that was earned by him for his great service to country.

  7. gamarala

    379 illegal weapons seized from the ship are now not mentioned. Such weapons with identifying marks erased are in demand by terrorist groups worldwide.
    Mere possession of these made the whole project a.k.a Avant Garde illegal.
    The army took them over, but where are they now?
    Senadhipathi who ran it is in Nigeria – why?
    Did he supply Boko Haram?

  8. the AVANT GRADE WILL GO UNDER THE CARBET IT IS MATTER OF TIME,mr Ranil and his crook mr Rajapaska minister of justice, will do away the case mr Rani as prime minister is a immoral person

  9. the minister of justice is the man behind the shady subjects, he is helping the former government ministers and mr Rajapaska family. this government told the election something now they are doing the same .the prime minister appointed the minister back ground of immoral ministers, the person lost election as minister, people reject not voting but they are cabinet ministers, it is violation of human right and constitution

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