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Can Trotskyite Obsession With Rajapaksa Save Lanka From Doom?

by Gamini Weerakoon

Sri Lankans celebrate anniversaries worthy of celebrations and not.

The LSSP’s 80th anniversary was worthy of celebration although we did not hear of any political hoopla but read only an article by Sri Lanka’s, Mr. Omnisicient, Prof Carlo Fonseka, in a newspaper about Samasamajist Chairman Tissa Vitarana’s ‘pamphlet’ released for the occasion titled: The Road Ahead for Sri Lanka in a World Crisis.

Carlo Fonseka is a multifaceted personality who is considered an authority on wide ranging subjects: Rationale of fire walking and suspending youth in mid-air by their skin with hooks while they verbally defy gods, expounding the ecstasies of Sunil Shantha’s lyrics, the stout defence of Darwin’s theory of evolution extending to the pronouncements of the modern day Darwin – ‘Richard Dawkins’.

Fonseka is also very well known for his involvement in many esoteric subjects but not so much as a Trotskyite (Samasamajist), being a ‘card carrying member’ at that. Thus, his views may be treated as ‘authoritative’ even on Samasamajist matters.


Carlo Fonseka and Tissa Vitarana

Vitarana formula to avoid plagues

He refers to the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published in 1845 and its impact on political revolutions that followed. Of course the French and American revolutions preceded the Communist Manifesto and some regard the French Revolution having a direct influence on the Marx-Engels manifesto.

Nonetheless, it is the body and soul the Soviet Revolution and the establishment of the Socialist bloc (some call it Soviet Empire) that spanned many continents.

Fonseka does not compare Vitarana’s ‘pamphlet’ with the Communist Manifesto nor does he draw parallels but says that Vitarana’s publication ’adumbrates a programme of 18 specific policies designed to save Sri Lanka in the context of five world plagues: no less than three crises: food, fuel and financial crises that are ‘acute’ and two others: development and environmental crises that are ‘chronic’.

We have not read the ‘pamphlet’ or ‘booklet’ concerned but were moved to make these comments on the ‘transitional programme’ of the LSSP proposals as spelled out by Vitarana.

Eighteen points are highlighted as prerequisites ‘at the current stage of social evolution for saving the country from impending doom’ What strikes us is that these vital prerequisites that are supposed to ‘save the country from impending doom are no different to the common pledges made by the UNP and even the SLFP in their manifestos. To mention a few prerequisites: Remain an independent and sovereign State; follow a strictly Non-aligned policy; Establish unity in its rich cultural diversity, Pursue sustainable economic development; Regulate the economy to safeguard national interests, encourage national planning and promote private and public partnerships and co-operatives, Ensure independence of the judiciary etc.

Perhaps the differences in the thinking with the UNP and the SLFP may be in the details which we have not read but the basic objectives are the same.

Carlo Fonseka dealing with the revolution advocated by the LSSP founding fathers such as N. M. Perera takes pains to stress that their revolution was one that did not advocate a violent overthrow of government or existing society, but that it was a parliamentary democracy that was advocated.


Saree Pota politics

This begs the question whether the LSSP decided to team up with the bourgeoisie nationalist SLFP feudalist in outlook for political survival in the 60s even getting sacked from the Fourth International for its folly. Of what benefit was it to the party to hang on to the ‘Saree pota’ of Sirima Bandaranaike? Ministerial portfolios?

Much more baffling is why the intellectual LSSP decided to team up with the Rajapaksa regime even in the second term when corruption was manifestly rampant. Didn’t the learned Tissa Vitarana learn anything from the fate of the two reports of the All Party Conference he chaired for two years? He presented the fruits of his hard labour for two years in the form of reports to the APC to have them completely ignored.

Was it because the reconciliatory strategies advocated in the reports did go against the hard Sinhala political line through which the Rajapaksa’s wanted to continue to be in power? The LSSP though it has no MPs in the current parliament still continues to extend its support to the political resurrection of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and is virulently anti-UNP even though its leader’s prerequisites to rescue Sri Lanka from its doom is, no different from that of the two parties of the ruling coalition.

If Mahinda Rajapaksa is once again politically reincarnated, do they think that the ’Road ahead for Sri Lanka in a world crisis’ according to Vitarana would be followed to save the country from doom as envisaged or would suffer the same fate as the APC reports?


6 Comments for “Can Trotskyite Obsession With Rajapaksa Save Lanka From Doom?”

  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    The Reds have been the curse of Sri Lanka.
    Phillip Gunewardena and TB IIangaratne are the two anti-west who forced the hand of Sirimavo in the early 60′s to take over the assets of the US/UK Oil Companies namely Esso,Caltex and Shell and later its oil wholesale/Retailing interest in Sri Lanka to form the CPC. Both the oil refinery they controlled through ESRS Cumaraswamy their Union Comrade and Oil exploration they started in the late 60′s still remain the Achilles Heel of the Sri Lankan Economy like our Presidential Constitution that was written by their other comrade Colvin in 1972. MR also kept the Reds on his side but failed to correct this National Curse the Red Comrades have collectively brought about by taking the Mantle of Minister of Petroleum Resources Development probably hoping to correct our National curse but instead has turned it into a “Phantom of the Opera” of Masked Faces.

    • gamunu

      So you think the western style politics are the panacea for our ails? Have you looked around what is happening around the globe? If Colvin wrote the constitution how come JRJ adopted it?

  2. Emil van der Poorten

    It should not be forgotten that these very “class warriors” from the time of Tissa Vitarana’s uncle – Dr. “No-Mara Maru” Perera (as Sirima dubbed him before taking him into her coalition) have a documented history of talking “class politics” and then acting in curious ways.
    People seem to forget how close the August 1953 Hartal, organized by the LSSP, came to overturning the UNP government and the only reason it didn’t was because NM, Colvin and that lot got cold feet when they realised its success would jeopardise their own personal, more-than-petit borgegoius interests because they were, economically, in the very class they were purporting to overthrow!!

    No one seems either to remember a scandal called the Giridara Mill Affair that involved Tissa Vitarana’s uncle, N.M.

    Carlo Fonseka, Tissa Vitarana and that lot are simply opportunists and have proved their mettle in that respect too many times to count!

    It should not be forgotten either that, in typical Trotskyite fashion, every time one of their number displays anything resembling principle they are “expelled.”

  3. Seeduwa Chutti

    In 2011 Tissa Vitharana bringed England’s house of lord lady baroness Miller to Sri Lanka. They toured lands in war zone. That was to help MaRa regime and nothing communist about it. The people who organized that are land business people. But they said they were helping settlers. Main man is now dead but still money is owed to arrange that trip.

  4. In the bygone era, the left with all the other leader of this country fought for the independence of Ceylon. Today they are fighting for the dependence of the Thieves, the Rajapakse bandwagon. The method is base and thuggery approach. They have evolved as neo-capitalist with all the anti social practices , such as nepotism, farming family interest,etc. Those dedicated left and statesmen days have faded. Society have been encouraged and farmed to be a den of thieves, with a majority joining in the looting of the economy.

  5. Carlo Fonseka and Tissa Vitarana are some of the prodigies of that sacrosanct drug policy schemer red Prof. Bibile. All were endowed with brains so misplaced that they never had a chance to treat. patients. In their frustration of having good scholarship, they became the red curse of our land, brain washing youth than guiding them. They cant draw lessons from Carl’s hiding in the capitalist capital London, dying a beggar with his impractical, unworkable utopian, demonic plan of being the evil dictator of the whole universe. They cant even handle their own individuality without creating tsunami shock waves they don’t understand. Watch out as these over 80s hatch more deranged political publicity stunts.

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