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Fonseka Reapplies For US Green Card

by Camelia Nathaniel

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has reapplied for a US Green Card after his earlier card had expired and he was denied entry to the US. Earlier it was reported that the US Embassy in Colombo had rejected a visa application by Fonseka.

A source close to Fonseka said that his green card application is still in the process of renewal and as such the local embassy has no authority to issue a visa.  Fonseka had sought to visit the US to meet his two daughters who are currently residing in the US.

The source told The Sunday Leader that Fonseka had a Green Card but while he was in prison his green card had expired. Hence he had re applied for the renewal of the Green Card and this process is carried out in the US.

The source said that Fonseka is awaiting confirmation with regard to his Green Card renewal and depending on the outcome he will decide his next move.


14 Comments for “Fonseka Reapplies For US Green Card”

  1. Psycho

    So our self appointed Field Marshal is less patriotic. He is another foot in the US.

    • Kalu Lal

      This psycho has forgotten about other Patriots and thousand other officers like Gota who fled the country and bought houses in USA, Canada and Europe from the LTTE money.


      He is the most colourful and the great soldier we had in our military history who spearheaded the war to a victory with many near death experiences. He is most deserved to be appointed as a FM.
      People who left the army fearing the war and took refuge in US are the less patriotic.

      • Gon Ponil

        If he was a honest person – he would return the millions of dollars of ill gotten commission to the brave soldiers families.

        Does he even remember the soldier on the motorbike that kicked suicide bomber away from his car and saved his life- but ultimately paid the supreme sacrifice???

        May be kalawadda should give some that commission money to the that soldier and the ranaviru.

        Deshadrohi pahara balla !!!

    • Sylvia Haik

      Psycho. I am no fan of the Field Marshall but have a heart, he has his family there and this will be the only way he could visit them for lengthy periods.

    • Sena


    • Suren soysa

      Notorious double gamer. Giving a visa or green card to him is like giving it to ISIS. US are experts at putting snakes in their pockets & later screaming, “It bit me”!

  2. lankexpat

    its nowadays normal to Muslims entering US ! but its strange to refuse to a Srilankan Budhist and a Retired Army General. Thats the Beurocratic Arrogance of the US immigtration Authorities.
    feel sorry as a Father yearning to visit his Daughters.

  3. The out came of the mr fonseka green card, will not allowed to enter USA. the US embassy in srilanka will not approved his Green card, he is not only in jail for political reason . he was in service, he has committed number of mistake and killing the civilian ,as a terror. violation of human rightist was a criminal case. the most communal army in srilanka. Srilanka lost the creditability in western countries.

    • Suren soysa

      Has killings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam etc, etc., by US reduced its CREDIBILITY internationally? Why only Sri Lanka? Is it because we are poor or fought innocent LTTE?

  4. Sima

    If he was a sexy model they would have given him a H1B skilled worker visa which is a prelude to a green card.
    The only other is lottery green card.
    How Fredrica Janz got a green is anyone’s guess.

  5. Sima

    “depending on the outcome he will decide his next move.”
    testing the american sleaze under Barry worlds warlord.
    next would be diplomatic passport – why not?
    Barry and Kerry are about to leave.

  6. gerard mano

    This DIRT OLD BAG should be whipped with sting ray tail

  7. Gon Ponil

    Mu hoda kalaweddeke. Than USA yanna hadanawa horen hoygatha commision athta ganna. Meka wage rata pawaradunne ekkek hoyaganna bahe. Nodokin Deshadrohia!

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