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Hirunika’s Action Puts Govt. To The Test

  • Defender jeep abduction

by Easwaran Rutnam

The government was last week put to the test on its good governance policies following an incident involving parliamentarian of  the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) Hirunika Premachandra.

As the government looked to bury the notorious ‘white van abduction’ years, it was forced to deal with an abduction of a youth using a Defender jeep registered to ruling party MP Premachandra.

A group of security officers of Premachandra were accused of abducting 34-year old Amila Priyanga of Gothatuwa from a textile shop in Dematagoda.

Premachandra said she was not directly involved in the incident but was aware of it and added that it was done when her officers intervened in a private issue.

She claimed that the Priyanga was taken by her staff members in an irresponsible manner to urge him not to break the family of someone known to her and her security detail.

Amila Priyanga claimed that he was abducted by the men and taken to a location in Kollonawa where Premachandra herself was present.

Priyanga said that Premachandra, who entered Parliament after contesting under the UNP ticket at the last Parliamentary election, was seated when he was brought in.

“She got up and then leaned onto a table and told me that she is capable of abducting anyone no matter where she is. She also said she is a lawyer and knows how to deal with people. She warned me and told me to stop what I am doing. I then told her why she should have gone to the police and not abduct me. She said there is no need to go to the police and that she will do what she wants,” Amila Priyanga said.

Amila Priyanga also claimed that Premachandra threatened him and assaulted him, an allegation she denies.The six men, including five security officers of the MP, abducted Priyanga in broad daylight and put him into a Defender jeep bearing the license plate number 62-1859 which is registered under the name of the MP.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras which was later used by the police to arrest the suspects.

The Colombo Additional Magistrate, on Wednesday ordered the six men involved in the abduction to be remanded till January0 4.

However,  Premachandra herself was not arrested as of last Wednesday but police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that her statement was recorded by the Colombo Crimes Division.

Lawyers said that under local laws Premachandra should have been arrested after information on the incident came to light as she was accused of directly or indirectly being involved in the abduction of the man and threatening him.However, she denied the allegation that she was at the Kolonnawa location where Priyanga was allegedly brought .Meanwhile at a press briefing held on Tuesday, Premachandra slammed some media institutions saying they were targeting her as they were connected to a former politician accused over the murder of her father.

When being questioned as to why she attempted to take the law into her own hands over concerns she had on Priyanga instead of going to the police Women and Children’s Bureau, she said that if she went to them the case would have dragged.

She also accused the Bureau of not having officers who can speak in Sinhala. When she was continuously grilled over the incident she ended the press conference.

United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian and lawyer Udaya Gamanpilla said that there are concerns as to why the police did not arrest the MP when she herself admitted that she took full responsibility over the incident.Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath said that the ‘defender jeep abduction’ shows real change is yet to take place in the country.

The government however said that it will allow the law to take its course and anyone found guilty will be dealt with accordingly.

Premachandra insisted that she respects the law and will allow the legal process to decide on the fate of those involved in the incident.

The MP has been pushing for justice over the murder of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and has been gunning for former MP Duminda Silva who is the main accused in the murder. However, a senior government minister told The Sunday Leader that Premachandra’s action needs to be dealt with seriously as it would otherwise be a bad precedent.




19 Comments for “Hirunika’s Action Puts Govt. To The Test”

  1. gajanayake

    she has changed her name to HILANIKA YAKOWITA.

  2. Gavin

    Bravo… she’s inherited the genes of her father. One day soon she too will die by the sword….

  3. Psycho

    She is a pretty thug!

    Or is she sending a veiled message to her hubby, ‘don’t mess around with other women’

  4. kudson

    the credibility of ranil , sirisene and the police is at stake here
    another trash talking ,abducting mervin silva is born

  5. asoka seneviratne

    By the way what ever happened to the case of Bharatha Lakshman being murdered allegedly by Kudu Duminda?

    Indeed we the the Best Miracle of Asia !!!

    Just talk , no action !!

    • Mohana Prabath

      What the hell is “MATHRIPALA” and “RANIL” doing on this?????? Are we the voters the bloody fools?????

      • Ravindra

        Useless YAHAPALANAYA. What can we expect from the dam corrupt politicians in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, a politician can abduct, rape and murder any amount of people, BUT NO CHARGERS or arrests will ever be done. HIPI HURREYYYY. HAPPI HAPPI HURAY….

  6. She should be dealt with the full force of the Law.
    This would send a message to other Politicians that they cannot take the Law to their hands.

  7. kumar

    I do not see any good reason for hounding Hirunika. There are many politicians inolved in worser crimes but no action taken.She had a good cause but the action was illegal. why no action is taken against the man who impliedly accepts his immoral behaviour. The whole incident has been exploded for vengeance or is it being fueled by money?

  8. Suren soysa

    All know this woman’s genetical background but this incident will test the genetics of the “Yahapalanaya” by RW & My 3.

  9. raj

    Though I am not a Sri Lankan, I thought Hirunka is a good politician and she may become president of the country one day. Now she has dashed that respect and hope. Why did she allow herself to behave like this?

    • Suren soysa

      Drunk by POWER! This happens regularly to buffalo politicians of Sri Lanka. Just see what happened to MR! -just in 10 years!

  10. kumaran

    Just take away all the Defenders and other vehicles and reduce the security staff to just one driver and one “goonda”. Another reason to stop allowing these idiots from getting access to duty free vehicles, unlimited staff and being considered above the law.

  11. Ravindra

    In Sri Lanka a politician can abduct, rape and murder people, but no arrests can be made. Hipi Huray…

  12. Malcolm

    I agree with Psycho!

  13. Sri Lankan

    On a more positive note is it not a vast change in the manner politicians behavior has been dealt with post 9th January.It is heartening to note that no matter where the truth lies politicians behaviour in private and in public is being scrutinized and discussed with possible consequences of those politicians being held to serious account for such behaviour. What an absolute and welcome change from those days when murder and rape by the so called appointed representatives of the people went not only unpunished but hushed up.The hundreds of investigations currently taking place by various police organisations is testimony to those dark days of our history.”Let justice be done even if the heavens fall “;that way people will be protected from those they appoint to high offices.The politicians must live by the grace of their constituents not the other way round which is what happened in the past 10 years.Balanced and honest social media has big role to play in maintaining basic human freedoms and it seems these attempts are succeeding at the present time.

  14. Naga Ramalingam

    We all should be ashamed of our Police which cannot take proper action against this MP when all the facts are there. She has publicly agreed that she was involved in this case and had knowingly lent her jeep to abduct the man. Why should Police wait for AG’s advice when facts are clear?


    Baratha Premachandra was a drug dealing union thug and this slut who has slept with many of the Rajapakse clan is a chip of the old block.

  16. This swollen headed Hirunika has to be nipped in her bud,if she has to be serving as a servant of the public. Otherwise she will turn out to be a public burden. A political opportunist . What guarantee i here she would not turn back to the SLFP?
    Utmost care must be exerted to discipline Hirunika as the husband also seems to be too lenient looking.

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