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New Tamil Group Not Alternative To TNA

The new Tamil group formed recently in the North is not an alternative to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

TNA Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said that the newly formed Tamil Peoples’ Council (TPC) headed by Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran was not a political party and it was in no way an alternative to the TNA.  However he told The Sunday Leader that right now he is not certain if there is a need for another political party.

“Because of the TNA parliamentary group’s inefficiency and lack of transparency nobody knows what they are doing. No one knows what sort of meetings is taking place between the government and the TNA leadership.

This was the reason that the need arose for this council to be formed. However, I am not certain if we will need another alternative to the TNA in the future. Right now I am not entirely sure about it,” said Premachandran.

He pointed out that the reason the TPC was formed was because the TNA failed to take up the issues of the Tamils and the TNA did not discuss these matters with the general public.

“Because the public and civil society saw that there was a vacuum and they thought that the peoples needs must be addressed and peoples aspirations have to be taken note of especially like the constitutional changes and the Tamil peoples views should also be taken note of when constitutional changes are made, that’s why the need for such a council arose, added Premachandran.

Meanwhile commenting on the issue TNA Northern Provincial Council member M.K Sivajilingam told The Sunday Leader that even Wigneswaran has stated that the TPC was not a political organisation and that they were only there to gather information regarding the issues faced by the Tamil people, in order to incorporate them in the formulation of the new constitutional reforms.

“Therefore if that is the case then the TNA has no issues with that,” said Sivajilingam. (CN)


6 Comments for “New Tamil Group Not Alternative To TNA”

  1. raj

    TNA leader is running a secretive politics. Democracy works with transparency. Wtihout transparency, there will be no accountability. Sumanthiran and Sampanthan are promising that they would bring miracle to Tamil people they keep quiet. If they cannot talk to the public what their stand on current politics and dealing with government or if the government cannot tell the people what their deail with TNA, it is not good for democracy. Sampanthan and Sumanthiran think that both them are very samart and intelligent and only they can achieve what people wanted. Either they are fooling themselves or people who elected them or both. It is immoral for Sampanthan to accept opposition leader post since did not get mandate to become opposition leader. It can benefit him personally.

    Sampanthan is very quiet since the last election, but he came to the media talk about TPC which is formed recently. Why did he broke his silence? What made him to break his silence. Sampanthan please clearly state your stand and be transparent to the people who elected you.

  2. raj

    Sumanthiran approach some uneducated Tamil Diaspora to carry out his propoganda work. Sumanthiran is implanted by outsiders to split TNA. In the next election, Sumanthiran will be defeated.

  3. raj

    Here is what Tamils thinks about Sampanthan & Sumanthiran & Senathiraj:

  4. raj

    TNA leader’s secrecy since the end of last election is reflected in the song below. It describes hiding justice in the dark:

  5. raj

    Mr. Sumanthiran, please don’t insult others’ intelligent by knowingly making statement that counter the truth. You should remember YOU ARE NOT INTERNATIONAL LEGAL EXPERT OR YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL EXPERIENCE. You should go for a debate with you for stand on politics and your legal opinions in public and it should be recorded. You are not modern educated.

  6. raj

    Mr. Sampanthan, please resign from your post immediately and let someone younger to lead the party. No one can change your thinking. Only a new leadership can bring new thinking to Tamil politics.

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