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Anyone Found Guilty In The Govt Will Be Dealt With – Mujibur Rahman

By Camelia Nathaniel

UNP Colombo District MP Mujibur Rahman feels the country has passed through a barbaric phase under the Rajapaksa regime and have finally paved the way to form a democratic and peaceful country under  President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. In an interview with The Sunday Leader he stated that now there is an air of freedom in the community and they can move freely in all parts of the island without being harassed by racists simply because of their religion. Rahman said that the present government under President Sirisena with Wickremesinghe as premier is dedicated to serve the Muslims in all parts of the island.

Following are excerpts of the interview:-

Q: It’s been a year since the good governance regime came into power, but looking back many feel that their performance so far has been rather disappointing. Do you agree?

A:  That is not correct. Although the presidential election was held in January last year, the National government was formed only last August. Therefore it is not fair to expect this government to perform miracles overnight. It will take some time to clean up the mess that was created by the Rajapaksa regime and restore democracy and normalcy to this country. Therefore just wait and see 2016 will be a far better year for the country and the good governance regime will deliver as they have promised and will not let down the people who voted for them.


Q: The main reason that the coalition government received the mandate of the people is because of the repeated promises that corrupt politicians of the previous regime will be brought to book. But so far it does not seem like this is happening, why?

A: Well even though the allegations are there and it is well known how the previous regime conducted themselves, when it comes to enforcing the law and taking action there is a democratic process that has to be followed. One cannot simply go in and arrest these people even though we know for sure they are guilty. Proper investigations need to be carried out and the law and the judicial process have to take its correct course. So we have to be patient and wait for the results. I know that everyone is eagerly waiting for these crooks to be arrested and punished; I too want to see this happen. But we cannot simply do that and since most of the investigations are almost completed now, soon we will see the results and we will be able to see these crooks being punished for their crimes.


Q: However, what the people see is that this government is unable to take action against certain offenders, because they have now pledged their support to the government and are in the government. Do you agree?

A: Thepoint is that we invited all those who wanted to come and join in the formation of the National government. Also since President Sirisena was elected as the President, with him a whole group of SLFP members too joined the coalition. Therefore among them there could be some who are also accused for various wrongdoings. But we were not in a position to reject them or their participation as this is a coalition government. Therefore we have to be patient and let the process take its course and when these investigations are completed, if anyone within the national government too is found guilty they will be dealt with the same way.


Q: Many people are very critical of the recently presented budget and feel that there were no concessions for the people. What is your view of the budget?

A: No, I feel that this budget is a well-planned and reasonable budget that is beneficial to all. However although we presented many recommendations in the budget, due to the concerns of many we had to make amends. But this clearly shows that we are a true national government and we are heeding the concerns of the people. In the past the president presented the budget and no matter who opposed it, it was passed without any concern for the views of others. However we are not the same and we are a true democratic government and that is clear in the number of amendments that were made to the budget.


Q: What has this government done to create reconciliation in the country?

A: Unlike the Rajapaksa regime we have created an atmosphere where religious and racial tolerance is practiced. Racism exists in many countries and societies but we all have to learn to live in harmony and respect all communities religious and cultural beliefs. This government is also considering bringing in laws to address issues of religious intolerance and all those extremists will be dealt with through these laws. Under Rajapaksa regime, Muslims were living in a reign of terror. They were not sure how many Muslim places of worship would be destroyed and how many Muslim properties would be damaged, or Muslims targeted. However under the Maithripala regime we are all living in peace and harmony.


Q: Do you think the votes of the Muslims were a decisive factor for the defeat of the Rajapaksa regime?

A: Yes certainly. Rajapaksa who had over 40 year of political experience did not see the importance of the Muslims. He tried to instigate racial tensions through extremist Buddhist factions and intimidate the Muslims. However Rajapaksa leant the hard way of how important the Muslim votes would be. We want to live with the rest of the communities in peace and harmony and by voting for Sirisena we have clearly shown the other communities that we would like to live in peace.


Q: You recently had to face a rather confrontational episode in parliament recently over a comment you made. What is your reaction to that incident?

A: The previous regime was always arrogant and they tried to silence everyone through violent confrontation. They have still not changed and they are still trying that same stance even though they are in the opposition. Still they are behaving in the same manner that they did while in the Rajapaksa regime. I see this whole incident and the manner in which they behave and try to suppress people. This is  a real threat to democracy in my opinion. Therefore we have to face these demons and defeat these violent forces and bring about lasting peace and true democracy. This is not an easy task given the level of deterioration of democracy in our country, but nonetheless we have to strive to create a truly democratic society where everyone will have the freedom to express themselves without having to face violent opposition.

Q: What is your aim or goal for 2016?

A: After the new budget my vision as a member of parliament for the Colombo city, I would like to see a greater contribution for the underprivileged within the Colombo district. There are many housing and education, employment and environmental issues and they need solutions. We promised them to address these issues when we came into power and I feel that what has been done for them is not sufficient and we need to do more to resolve their issues.

Further the infrastructure facilities of these low income groups too have to be taken into consideration and we need a proper plan to improve these facilities for these people as well. Those are the main issues in the Colombo city area and I am expecting help from the government and the budget in order to address these issues.

I think we have obtained a great victory in relation to being able to defeat the Rajapaksa regime and this itself is a huge victory for us as we have defeated that culture of  thuggery in politics.

The Rajapaksa faction was trying to rule the country to a barbaric age, but we defeated this and have restored democracy. We have created a very democratic atmosphere where people can live in peace and without intimidation. It is my sincere wish to all that we start anew and build a prosperous and peaceful Sri Lanka.


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    “Just wait and see”

    Seeing and waiting no. Telling and telling no. Writing and writing hand is paining no. Talking and telling also. Hearing and doing nothing no.

    Violencing and thuggering these are two of my favorite things down by the seaside up in the hills. Law is enacting but police not acting no.

    No income No outcome No commis Only bunnis All bunkum no.

    . Barbarizing democraizng factionalizing bullshiteing this is silli lunka politizing no. So what is the point no ?

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