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New Year Greeting

Ma-hinder made his way to invoke blessings of the deity in the deep south, Lord Kataragama for the new year. Together with his better half, Ma-hinder made his way to the devalaya to participate in the pooja at midnight on the 31st. After making his way into the devala, Ma-hinder was none too pleased to see the secretary of the blue types, Do-minder standing ahead of him at the pooja. Do-minder, who continuously earned the wrath of the former Royal family during the former reign for standing his ground, seeing Ma-hinder had turned and wished him for the New Year. Ma-hinder and Shee-ran-tea had shook hands with Do-minder half heartedly. Hmm.


FB post

The former Royals are trying to find ways of dealing with the many charges piling against them. In order to counter the criticism and possible prosecution, the former Royals are using all forms available to save their collective hides. One such incident was witnessed last week when the former Crown Prince posted on a social media network, a photograph of his sibling in his sailor suit, claiming his service to the nation. Interestingly, the picture was posted soon after the judge hearing the case on the murdered national rugby player was granted an extension. So there.


Going Down Under

The Morning man, formerly of the helayas is continuously at loggerheads with Runner-waka. Morning has claimed to have made several exposes about Runner-waka’s of what seems like shady business. However, Morning fearing that payback might not be too easy to handle, decided to make a quick trip Down Under recently. Morning decided to leave his family out of the line of fire and left them Down Under before returning to Paradise Isle.


Awkward situation

Pop star Enrique Iglesias’ concert in Colombo is now the latest national issue to be taken up by the media and anyone who is someone. My-three’s recent statement about the concert and an incident of a bra that took place at the concert caused much controversy. The Prez went to the extent of saying the organizers should be dealt with severely. However, it was later that he found out that his own family members had participated in the concert and photographs of them have been publicized in the social media. Hik.


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