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No Decision On JF-17 Fighter Jets

by  Camelia Nathaniel

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) claims that no decision has been made regarding the purchase of aircraft for the SLAF yet, despite reports that  Pakistan is expected to be pushing hard for a follow-up agreement with Sri Lanka on the purchase of its JF-17 multirole fighter aircraft for the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader regarding this issue, the Air Force spokesman Group Captain Chandima Alwis said that the evaluation process is still on-going and no decision has been made regarding a decision.

“We are not interested in particular models of aircraft but we are looking at multi role aircraft that would be best suited for our purpose,” he said.

Although numerous news articles had been published regarding the SLAF’s desire to purchase the JF-17 Thunder – a third-generation fighter co-produced by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC), according to the spokesman perhaps certain interested parties are trying to push for this deal by claiming that the deal had been confirmed.

However Group Captain Alwis said that a decision will be taken for the purchase of aircraft to the SLAF as the current fleet is now old. He said that as the war has ended, there was no particular requirement for combat aircraft and there was a greater need for aircraft that could be used for multiple purposes.

Meanwhile it was also reported that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka this week, and this issue is likely to be high on his agenda.




8 Comments for “No Decision On JF-17 Fighter Jets”

  1. Psycho

    Fighter jets to fight whom? Nepotism?

  2. gabriella

    “as the war has ended, there was no particular requirement for combat aircraft and there was a greater need for aircraft that could be used for multiple purposes”.

    Why wasn’t this answer followed up with: What multiple purposes do you envisage the aircraft being used for ? Will it be ceremonial or ferrying minister’s and their progeny around the country ? What threat to Sri Lanka do you envisage to justify such colossal spending; given the shortage in funding for current budgetary commitments ?

    The same questions should be put to the President and Minister.

  3. k.soysa

    Many of us cannot understand the reason to narrow the search between India and Pakistan. There are several countries other than The United States, Britain, France, China and Russia that make excellent aircraft for combat purpose. There is Brazil, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine where fighter and fighter bomber aircraft is made. Why not seek a bid from these countries as well??!! Of course, we are assuming that there can be no war between us and the Yanks, Russians, Chinese and of course the Brits. !!!

    • Really? What combat aircraft does Brazil make? or Italy or Ukraine? Britain and Italy together make Eurofighter. You have no Idea what you are talking about, all other fighters are far more costly than JF 17 (its cheap cuz of inferior aluminum airframe, radar, engine, armaments) its the cheapest Chinese copy where nothing is invested in research and development. However its losing its price competitiveness to Tejas. If you want to carpet bomb your population, heads up, its pretty much useless in dogfight even to Mig21 Bison and its armament is purely Chinese, nowhere near to US, Israeli or Russians missiles for aricrafts, also it can carry 1 missile lesser making it more costlier per ferry and less combat effective even to carpet bomb and those Russians engines lives is 2200 hours due to increasing thrust, 1/3 of GE 404 used in Tejas.

  4. daggy

    Why ?????????????
    To please India………………

  5. Vats

    Jf-17 is the evolution , the design made it superior and will be handy for srilanka.
    when we say evolution its means based on the learning to fulfill the requirement.

    Jf-17 is not less than any modern western aircraft, guess how.. no dont guess . watch it videos on youtube on various airshows performance with very recent in paris

  6. wats

    Despite indian pressure and indian journalist propaganda , srilanka rejects the indian pressure and sign agreement to buy JF-17

  7. srilanka is a democracy government, why srilanka need fighter plane. who want to by for the commission .the same like former regime.

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