Sri Lanka Eyes Nuclear Power?

By Dinuk Samarasinghe

With the intention of making Sri Lanka achieve the status of a ‘high income developed nation’ by 2030, the government has envisaged tapping advanced technologies such as civil nuclear applications via the Science and Technology City Mega Project that is proposed to be built on the Malabe-Homagama Corridor, in a bid to see the possibility of tapping atomic power for civilian applications.

“We are highly keen on seeing the possibilities of venturing into nuclear and space technologies in partnership with foreign expertise,” a high-ranking town and spatial planner involved in the project, told The Sunday Leader.

In the event, authorities plan to harness nuclear energy necessary approvals would have to be obtained from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However in the event Sri Lanka wishes to build a nuclear power plant, it would have to be built outside the Megapolis (away from densely populated areas) and the whole process would take around nearly 20 to 25 years, he opined.  “That’s why we want to start now. We want to plan ahead and want to get the policymakers to see the value,” he added.   Under the Western Region Megapolis Project Masterplan the government hopes to build a Science and Technology City on the Malabe-Homagama corridor. It is expected to generate approximately 36,600 employment opportunities, with a significant proportion of them being highly specialised professional positions of engineers, technologists, and scientists.


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  1. Sunil Vijayapala

    This planner could be unscientific minded as most professionals are in Sri Lanka. A nuclear disaster would wipe out all life in the island, as ours is just a 25,000 sq.miles space. This fools brain should be examined by a neurosurgeon.

  2. tokka

    Dinuk Samarasinghe
    Aren’t you are thinking of jump starting like the traditional pick pocket?

    Even if you sell the country ($60 billion GDP) it’s not for sale and patent righted (sold only by the billions of $$$) equipment for nuclear medicine is too expensive that NGO kakkas don’t come in.
    Why do you think crony people are flown to Singapore and John’s Hopkins?? These industrial nuclear equipment do 95% of the work the doctor has to do which he would do with a butchers knife and very often leave scissors or forceps for the wound to get contaminated with puss.
    Neither Hindia nor China can have civil nuclear from the west. The 123 agreement of 2005: In its final shape, the deal places under permanent safeguards those nuclear facilities that India has identified as “civil” and permits broad civil nuclear cooperation, while excluding the transfer of “sensitive” equipment and technologies, including civil enrichment and reprocessing items even under IAEA safeguards. As of 2015, the agreement had still not been fully implemented.

    North Korea is Russian military satellite so please make Sinha Le, China’s military satellite. Diego Garcia the most sophisticated nuclear would be sleeping while you play pol pittha croak-et and drinking coala.

    BTW 350 million Chinese in the mainland are unemployed as of today.

  3. tokka

    “”Under the Western Region Megapolis Project Masterplan the government hopes to build a Science and Technology City on the Malabe-Homagama corridor. “”

    Keep sticking to your Politically Correct Personal Computer by Bill Gates from the 1970′s because Bill like most creators of operating systems and programs are into cloud technology because of worldwide theft and virus. Adobe is the first to stop selling programs(Photoshop, illustrator etc ) its available in the cloud at £20 per month and one can only use it and store info in the cloud.Next Operating System by bill would also be in cloud (his Mobil phone with W10 is already in)
    All privacy gone and these guys would be part of World Police. so everyone go back to the days of pencil and paper or typewriter because computer hardware would be different from what we are used to playing with in 20 years.- only compatible with super cloud in another galaxy.

  4. Ikarus

    These planners should think HUNDRED TIMES before this type of engagements. It was proven that NUCLEAR PLANTS are not at safe. These were proved when it hahppened in USA at the THREE MILE ISLAND, the CHEORNOBYL Nuclear mealt down, then problems started in Germany at Bibilis Nuclear plant which casued it to be shut down, and the latest in Japan even though these countries had employed maximum safety standards.

    Additionally, Germany is planning to get out of this nuclear energy in the year 2030 and the Sri Lnkan fools are trying to get into this disasterous methods without a single thought of what had happened to-date in other countries.

    In Sri Lanka those responsible cannot even keep up the correct maintenance procedures of the Coal/Thermal power plants without any fauilure, however, the same irresponsible people are planning to operate a Nuclear Plant? . Sri Lanka needs only one incident of Nuclear Plasnt Mealt Down wipe out atleast 60% of tis population and others to suffer from cancer creating radiations which will last for centuries,

    The Coal/Thermal power generators if defective will only pollute the environment for a certain period and there is no immediate or sustained danger to people around unlike a Nuclear Power Plant. Then comes the problem of storing of used NUCLEAR RODS which has the active radiation process for couple of centuries.


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