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The Front Page

Ma-hinder, who until assuming office as the King had a good rapport with the print media, is now looking at starting one of his own after returning to terra firma. It is learnt that some members of the pro-Ma-hinder group have mooted the idea of starting a rag that would help promote the former King and his family. One of Ma-hinder’s allies from Kurunegala, it is learnt, is to provide the finances for the venture. It is learnt that the Ma-hinder clan is looking at calling the rag the ‘Front Page.’ The lead roles in the rag are to be played by a former head of Selalihiniya who also advised Ma-hinder during the former regime and one time director turned most wanted by the police at the independent television. The rag in the making indeed will make front page news for other rags given the individuals engaged in the endeavor.


The Clash

Two ministering types in the yahapalanaya lot are at loggerheads over a land in Way-Ras-Ganga project. One angel, the Kind one of Village-house fame has openly accused Chum-picker who is in to all that is mega of taking over land belonging to individuals under the guise of a development project. Addressing a public event recently, the Kind one had charged that Chum-picker had taken a land that belonged to him for the Way-Ras-Ganga project although there was no such necessity. The matter, it is learnt, has even reached My-three, who had asked the duo to resolve it at a personal level. So there.


The Slipping Game

Several members of the opposition under Ma-hinder’s leadership are now engaged in a new game – the game of giving the slip. The reason being that after feigning allegiance to former king Ma-hinder, some of the em pees in the opposition have had a change of heart and are now trying to enjoy the perks of being part of the yahapalanaya lot. The latest engaged in the slipping game is the Clean lady from Gem city. After pledging with her opposition colleagues not to support the yahapalanaya lot, she recently accepted My-three’s proposal to appoint her as the leader of the Rat-na-pura district. It is learnt that she has now resorted to having meals at the visitor’s room at the Diyawanna Abode in order to avoid any snide remarks from her colleagues. Aww..


Joining The Bandwagon

Speaking of joining the bandwagon of the yahapalanaya lot, a family member of the former Royal family last week officially assumed a post offered by the Prez. Ma-hinder’s Charming brother from the Deep South last week chaired the meeting of the Magampura District clearly showing acceptance and support to My-three’s stance. Seeing a satakaya type working together with the yahapalanaya lot has now made many members of the former king’s camp to reconsider their political stances as well as their future. Hmm.

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