Wigneswaran Faces The Axe

By Easwaran Rutnam

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran will face pressure to resign or a no-confidence motion will be brought against him at the Northern Provincial Council if he fails to tow the line of the Tamil National Alliance.

TNA Northern Provincial Council (NPC) members will meet Wigneswaran today for key talks after having similar talks last week. TNA Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Sivajilingham told The Sunday Leader that today’s discussion will be a follow up to last week’s talks but dismissed claims that Wigneswaran will be asked to resign.

He also said that a crucial meeting will also be held on Thursday in Kilinochchi between the TNA Parliamentary group and TNA provincial council members of the North and East. However at talks held last week the TNA NPC members had reminded Wigneswaran on the TNA policies and the fact that he was elected to the post through the TNA. “Wigneswaran was told that we do not operate as individuals but as a party,” sources said with regards to the meeting held last week between Wigneswaran and the TNA members. The TNA has been working in a cordial manner with the government to address issues in the North but Wigneswaran has taken a different line and has been openly critical of the government.

Last Friday Wigneswaran slammed the Government at event attended by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Speaking at the National Thaipongal festival in Jaffna also attended by UK State Minister Hugo Swire, the Northern Chief Minister said that while the Tamils in the North recognise the change following the elections last year, they still live in fear and suspicion. He slammed the presence of a large number of soldiers in the North, the failure to free more land held by the military and the failure to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The Prime Minister later responded to the comments made by Wigneswaran saying the issues were being addressed in consultation with the Tamil National Alliance.


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  1. Sena

    TNA Suma and Sampa gather the harvest while Wiggie is the only person who is listened to in the international arena incl of the WASP’s.

    Northern Tamils have never been able to get together. Suma the mediocre lawyer from Colombo 3 is still under Vasu his mentors shadow and wants to go down in history that he alone made it all happen and fly around with the blessings of the LTTE London. Ravi K wants to launder their black money made initially from drugs.
    New Colombo Port Bay would be the ideal location to launder it.- Casinos, Sex Drugs followed by terror.

  2. raj

    It is actually Sampanthan and Sumanthiran should resign because they are not acting according to the election platform. Wigneswaran is acting according to the election platform on which he received mandate from people. Speaking truth is very important in politics. What Wigneswaran is doing speaking the truth.

    Sampanthan is too old and is not capable handling external pressure because of his weakness. Therefore, he should resign let someone to lead the party.

    • C. Ratnavadivel

      Not true. It is the TNA and its head Mr.Sampanthan paved the for Wigneswaran to speak freely and openly like this. His speeches are good to satisfy some but not the majority. What we need now is not rhetoric but delivery of results. That is what is concentrated by TNA and Mr.Sampanthan. Rhetoric is the thing of the past and that never delivered anything to Tamils. It is Mr.Sampanthan’s prudence that made the change possible and enabled us to have the much needed space from the tyrant rule of Rajapakse who refused anything to Tamils. Mr.Sampanthan with his years of experience, wisdom, honesty and integrity will, no doubt bring solace to Tamils!

    • Lanka Watch

      Raj – Mr. Wigneswaran may be talking the truth but it does not carry him anywhere. Revered leader of the Tamils, Thanthai Selva too spoke the
      truth in the 50s and 60s but problems confronted by the Tamils of N/E
      remain the same or worse, until today. He should be diplomatic in his
      approaches and speak with one voice.

      It should be reminded that govt. power in Sri Lanka remains with the
      survival of the fittest and not with the people who deserve, so speaking
      the truth does not play any part in administration of the country.

      • raj

        Lanka watch – Without transparency, there is no democracy. LIkewise, Mr. Sampanthan’s secrecy create suspecion among Tamils. If Mr. sampathan does not speack to the public about his stand on current politics, he is trying to hide the truth. By doing so, he avoid to be accountable for his action which is against democratic principles. Mr. Wigneswaran is simply filling the political vaccum create by Mr. Sampanthan and Mr. Sumanthiran. Remember this is a new world order and no one can hide anything.

  3. Lanka Watch

    The PM had said in his speech, made at Thai Pongal festival in Jaffna ,in the presence of UK state Minister Hugo Swire that matters raised by the CM,NPC
    Mr. Wigneswaran at the meeting, were in fact discussed with TNA. sole representatives of the Tamils in N/E. prior to this meeting and the CM looked a fool, witnessed by UK state minister. It appears that TNA, rightly, does not include CM Wigneswaran in their discussions with the Govt.
    Handling over the lands to the owners by the govt. is not a big thing to admire
    as with the current independent judiciary, land owners can file a case in the
    court of law to retrieve the confiscated lands as the law will be on their side but
    TNA, specially CM, NPC should see that prime Govt.and private lands in Jaffna and other areas do not go into the hands of private individuals, from outside the
    Province. who build hotels, plazas, hospitals etc without owning the land. There
    is already, cultivation , being done by the army on private lands fit for cultivation and 3 star 4 star hotels have sprung up on lands with no deeds and areas were
    demarcated to build swimming pools and Golf courses and palaces by the last regime. There will be a day that we will see, most prime lands in N/E are on lease to business entrepreneurs from the South, taking advantage of poverty in the area and when the Jaffna man is ready to invest, there won’t be any lands left. These are the things that Mr. Wigs should look into and protect the two provinces until such time, the people of N/E raise their heads above poverty line.
    Mr. Wigneswaran is educated, was a justice of the supreme court , religious and
    comes from a well to do family and his services are needed by the Tamils but he
    should not jump the gun to become the leader of the Tamils, taking short cuts. by
    undercutting TNA, sole reps of Tamils of N/E and entertaining undesirables in pursuit of a leadership position. People suggested to TNA to have him elected as an MP in the last election and have another person like the current chairman as CM,NPC. but TNA did not pay heed to the advice given by the people and they must be regretting their wrong decision. As a bilingual MP,with a legal mind, he would have done well in parliament under the leadership of Mr. Sambanthan as
    the Tamils need more of good speakers like MP Sumanthiran who could convince the majority that all communities should be treated equally, exercising their rights equally and live in peace & Harmony.

  4. kumaran

    If we are to have peace and reconciliation, people like this who preach hate and divisive messages just for the sake of sensationalizing the hacked old message that these losing and loose ended political “has-beens” can remain in power has to GO.

    • raj

      Kumaran – you should know the difference between the hate speach and speaking the truth. Mr. Wigneswaran is an intelligent and honest person unlike most politician.

  5. kudson

    samapanthan, senathirajah should be placed in homes for the elders
    time to give the young blood a chance
    time for real change has come


  6. Naga Ramalingam

    Wigneswaran is honest in saying what really matters for the Tamils at the moment and not influenced by specious promises made by the government to the TNA. Tamils have a bitter history of being betrayed by successive governments, even written accords and constitutional changes were thrown to dust bins. TNA is believing this government without any concrete MOU or agreements hat are known publicly, so why should any body believe TNA and the Government? TNA is also taking the same path once taken by intransigent LTTE which said that they are the only voice of the Tamils. During their election campaign, TNA made a big noise about releasing Tamil prisoners, International war crime inquiry and removing the Army from the North, but now fully supporting the government that does not implement any of those promises. Sampanthan and Sumanthiran are taking the Tamils on a wrong course, and trying to scapegoat those who speak the truth. They have no moral right to take action against Wigneswaran.

  7. daggy

    Quote : if he fails to tow the line of the Tamil National Alliance.

    It was the view of the TNA that Wiggie has not towed the line for a long time.
    Easwaran Rutnam, what do you mean by “IF” ?
    He has already on several occasions.

  8. former justice mr winaswaran dismissed is the day Dream of TNA ,people has different opinion . he is a critical it is nothing wrong. he knows the srilanka political history. he has to fight for the Tamils rights. his style of approach is different from others (TNA) he left the politics it very bad for Tamils. please cooperate with out misunderstand will laugh about the tamils.TNA leader and chief minister cooperation is good for minorities please forgot and forgive the differences. some TNA member are taking advantages on this subject. for there personal motives , mr X must leave the TNA.

  9. Srivan

    The usual local problem : “divide and be destroyed”! What the CM says makes a lot of sense. party politics ought to be secondary to problem oriented solutions at the local community problems. Those who enjoy comforts in Colombo couldn’t care less!

  10. siva

    I am sure Sampanthan and Wigneswaran know exactly what they are doing. Each one doing his part quite right . The good cop and the bad cop drama I mean.
    So finally Ranil goes to Jaffna and listens to that long speech from the Chief Minister just some months back he was not going to talk to the Chief Minister

  11. prime minister refuse to give lands to the owners. last week fisher flock as for allow the for fishing it was not allowed by the army last 30 years, mr justice Wignaswaran pointed out at pongal day in public .he is right ,different approach for human problem but tamils are not second class citizens.mr sammathan TNA leader is gentle man like mr Wignaswaran people between playing double game .some tamils are stooges the government .time has come fight for the rights ,UN human right chief will be in srilanka ,president say he bring good governce but last one year did very small. why? president is going after BUDHHIST monks, first and for most monks should not interfere in politics, monks must learn what is budhhism , UK want appoint a defense observation in srilanka.the president former president want challenge you he was corrupted and criminal person, he is free live in srilanka , he must in JAIl by the time..justice ministry want more than one year,

  12. Isiirangeen Udarath Wanigasekara

    God bless Thaipongal festival Amen

  13. Srivan

    If speaking the truth is alien then some one has to have his head examined. The CM is the embodiment of speaking up for ground realities. To ignore this for a cosy living is not on!

  14. raj

    Mr. Sampanthan, please RESIGN IMMEDIATELY you have lost moral authority to be the leader of TNA since you do not ability or gut to stand up against injustice. You can’t resist the wind that pushing you in a wrong direction. You let Mr. Sumanthiran to interpret the politics in a wrong way which is an insult to all intelligent people.

  15. raj

    Here is the reason why Tamils should not trust Mr. Sumanthiran and Sampanthan in regard to justice to victims of war crimes:

  16. Srivan

    VIgneswaran has spoken the truth that endures!

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