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Army Yet To Provide Details In Eknaligoda Case

By Shalika Wimalasena

The army is yet to provide details requested by Court in the case related to missing journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

The Homagama Magistrate’s Court had recently issued orders to the Army Commander to provide all the required details, documents and assistance to the officers investigating the disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda.

However, sources from the Criminal Investigations Department said that when officers visited the Giritale Army Camp as part of the investigations, they were not given the required details as ordered by the Court nor were they given an audio tape the Army claims is related to the case.

The CID has also questioned the Army as to why Eknaligoda was not arrested if such an audio tape exists and its contents are said to be what the Army claims.

The sources also said that despite repeated appeals, the Attorney General has not intervened in the matter.

When contacted, Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi insisted that the investigations are being conducted in a transparent manner and that there is no attempt to stall the probe. Eknaligoda was reported missing on January 24, 2010, two days prior to the presidential polls. He actively participated in the presidential campaign of common opposition candidate, Sarath Fonseka, while working as a freelance journalist. Members of his family believe that he has been abducted by supporters of the former government, a charge that was denied by the former regime. In 2009 Amnesty International released information on circumstances of his disappearance.

10 Comments for “Army Yet To Provide Details In Eknaligoda Case”

  1. Mathew

    It is very hard to understand why the law enforcement authorities are unable to bring justice to the families and friends of the victim Mr Eknaligoda for the last six years.

  2. Mathew

    If the records are no longer exists then its difficult to retrieve it. There will be another investigation to find out what happen to the records.

  3. prasad

    The family of Mrs Ekneligoda and two young sons are pawning evry bit of Jewelery to seek justice for murdered Husband this poor family are screaming for Justice
    and dirty Oresident sirisena and Ranil Wickremasinghe are covering up the Murder to Safe guard this para Jada Gotabaya and mahendra ,the poor wife and kids are suffering

    We curse you Sirisena and Ranil Wickremasinghe,you dirty fellows if it was your brother or relation you would have put them to Gallows
    you filty leaders we curse your families to suffer for all this you dirty filthy leaders

    • Gon Ponil

      Story goes Eknaligoda was a Sinhalese LTTE operative.
      If that is the case we curse you Eknaligoda in return for all the innocents killed in the name of Ealam .all the way from the little babies to grandfathers who were blown to pieces from LTTE suicide bombs, or were murdered in their sleep in the border villages etc..List is never ending.

  4. gamarala

    The army has information which it is loath to divulge to the police and the attorney general appears unable to demand. The army is providing its own lawyers to defend army men in courts which is against the rules.
    Recently, Daham, son of the president visited the army which is unprecedented.
    The army is a ‘sacred cow’ of the regime, and is ‘a law unto itself’.

  5. The court should ,without hesitation, direct very strict directives to see that justice is done and without further delay. There may be a few elements in the forces who took matters into their own hands to satisfy their political masters of the time for certain favors, and that going much beyond their duty and worse, the service code of conduct. Some of them even earned illicit money in either procurement or even using service facilities for their personal. It is reported in another daily, that the Kankesanthurai Cement Factory was stripped of its serviceable machinery and sold for scrap by the army. How was this money accounted? The LTTE was blamed for such misadventure and more. Spoils of war and going beyond it. Otherwise how is it that some have built mansionsand financed certain businesses.

    • NAK

      What if it was proven that he was in fact a Sinhala ‘kotiya’ Is that what you want?
      What then will be the situation for the wife and children?
      We saw that Sandya made false allegations about the army using chemical weapons which she claimed came to know from Pradeep. Even the Red Cross relieved SLA of that charge.

  6. Ashan

    Who says Eknaligoda is a Senior Journalist?

    • haramanis

      You bloody hipocrit join Mahendra the Double murderer of Mulkirigala
      20 years ago,you bloody idiot

  7. Percy

    The Sinhalese Buddhist Race is considered as the most violent Race

    in the entire wide World

    absolute fact

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