Lankans Still On The Lam

  • Over 125 Lankans in Interpol Red List

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Lalith and Sicille Kotelawala

Red notices have been issued against 129 Sri Lankans by the International Police (INTERPOL) for cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy,  tampering with  passports, criminal breach of trust, terrorism and drug dealing, the INTERPOL websites states.

Meanwhile, it is also revealed that the Sri Lankan Police are in search of 118 of them from INTERPOL. The 118 persons are wanted by the judicial authorities for prosecution to serve sentences. “ The Sri Lankan police have sought  assistance of INTERPOL to trace  the  whereabouts of these 118 persons,”  police sources said.

According to the INTERPOL website, the youngest of the Sri Lankan list is Firmie Maron who is 28 years of age and is wanted for alleged cheating, criminal breach of trust and criminal misappropriation. The oldest person  on this list is  Sicille Kotalawala of Ceylinco fame.

Excluding a few persons  few, majority of the ‘wanted group’ are between the ages  of 28 – 40 years.

Dona Charmanie Kumarasinghe is wanted for allegedly cheating whist Raja Sulochana Kandasamy is wanted to serve a sentence for illegal possession of 19 passports and forged travel documents. Krishnaveni Ramakrishna is wanted for alleged theft and Dulani Hewavitharana is wanted for alleged cheating and criminal breach of trust. Hamsathvany Baskaran is wanted for alleged murder whilst Tikirikumarihamy  Lekamarachchilage is wanted to serve a sentence for alleged cheating. Chandrawathi Koralage and Sarange Don Thushari Cristine Dilhani is wanted for dishonest misappropriation of property, criminal breach of trust, cheating, forgery, causing a computer to perform a function without  the authority and securing unauthorised access to a computer. Dilrukshi de Silva Wickremathilake is wanted for alleged breach of trust while Sicille Priya Carmini Kotelawala is wanted to serve a sentence for criminal breach of trust.

These women are between 29 and 74 years of age and the youngest is Baskaran Hamsthvany and the eldets is Sicille Kotalawala, the wife of well-known businessman Lalith Kotelawala. Lalith and Sicille Kotelawala are accused of the Golden Key fiasco. Although Lalith Kotalawala remained in the country to face consequences, Sicille fled the country and little is known about  her whereabouts. The police were able recover Rs. 60 million worth of jewellery which belongs to Sicille Kotalawala. Lalith Kotalawala the then Chairman of Ceylinco  group was remanded in 2009 for misappropriation of Rs. 26 billion belonging to Golden Key Depositors. Although the  Sri Lanka police issued arrest warrants against Sicille Kotalawala, she managed to flee the country and is believed to have not returned to the countyr since then. At present she is placed on the INTERPOL list as well.

Most of the males listed in the INTERPOL website have been accused of drug trafficking, murder and terrorism. Shanmugasundaram, Doresami Selwakumar, Rajamoorthy Jeyavinothan, Satheeskumar Kamalanathan, Navaneelan Wivekanandam, Sathiaseelan Nadarajah, Nantheepan Sebastianpillai, Sabesvaran Nadarasa, Jeganathan Ponnukkoana, Tharamalingam Jeyanthan, Dharmakumar Kumaraswamy, Antony Janagan Mary Joseph, Yogaraj Thambirajah, Mahalingam Jegan, Kandawanam Shiwasankar, Hariram Sivasubramaniam, Jesurasa Amaladas, Thayalan Wellaiya, Bernard Crooz Arulprakasham, Jeyamanoharan Navarathnam and Perinbanayagam Siwapran are wanted by judicial authorities for prosecution and to serve sentence for involvement in alleged terrorist activities in the country.

Amongst the charges levelled against drug traffickers are Prasanna Janaka Warnakulasuriya Fernando, Jesu John Nepomues Subash Peiris and Joseph Canute Siripalan Peiris who also the ‘most wanted’ by the judicial authorities of Sri Lanka and INTERPOL assistance has been sought  to arrest them.

Ilangage Gayan Ruklantha Perera, Indralingam Kanapathipillai, Navaneethan Kumaraswamy, Mahendran Vadivel, Manoranjan Vinayagampillai, Sangeethan Suntharalingam and Nizar Sabaragamu Arachchige are amongst those who are wanted for murder charges. More names were listed for criminal breach of trust, criminal conspiracy, forgery, tampering with passports, cheating, aiding and abetting terrorism, printing, possession and offering counterfeit currency and credit card frauds. It is also learnt that the Sri Lankan police have sought INTERPOL  assistance to find  these accused persons  who  fled the country after being involved in alleged criminal activities as the local police is not authorised to arrest Sri Lankans when they escape the country’s  borders.

Last year, the Sri Lankan police sought INTERPOL assistance to capture Mohammed Mubarak Mujahid, the producer of the local ‘hit film’ Selvam, for smuggling over 1000 kg of heroin to Sri Lanka during the past few years.  Police Media spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that it was revealed that Muhajid who is now based in Malaysia is one of the main narcotic suppliers to Sri Lanka.

“We need INTERPOL assistance to capture this drug trafficker who had supplied heroin to the drug kingpin Wasantha Kumara alias Wele Sudha,” he said.

However, despite constant requests made by the  Sri Lankan police to INTERPOL  to arrest  these criminals, its success is uncertain as many of these criminals are still free. INTERPOL is directly linked to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Sri Lanka.


Linking With INTERPOL

Sri Lanka, in an effort to boost border security to curb illegal migration, linked up with  INTERPOL  and launched South Asia’s first Integrated INTERPOL Database Service in 2012. The Sri Lanka Immigration Border Control Systems linked with INTERPOL to prevent illegal immigration and emigration and is jointly implemented by the Department of Immigration and Emigration and the Sri Lanka Police. According to Defence Ministry sources, the system is capable of storing stolen or lost travel documents and nominal information that contains the records of known international criminals with photographs and fingerprints. It can even be used online or offline. Under the new programme, the Department of Immigration and Emigration has the ability to link ‘live’ with the data network of INTERPOL and obtain information on all individuals entering and leaving the country.

The service was developed under the directions of the then Defence Secretary and funded by the Government of Canada. The main aim of this project is to link the data of INTERPOL with Department of Immigration and Emigration  By doing this the Sri Lankan Immigration and Emigration officials have the ability to link ‘live’ with  INTERPOL data of about 32 million lost and missing passports.

Meanwhile,  the Sri Lanka Police entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with INTERPOL. Inspector General of Police, N. K. Illangakoon and Secretary General of Interpol Jürgen Stock signed the MoU. The agreement aims to facilitate Interpol officials and law enforcement officers engaged in cross border investigations to obtain emergency visas by recognising the special travel permits issued by INTERPOL.

 – Courtesy of a frontline news agency in Sri Lanka


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