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AG Blocks Legal Action Against Army Chief In Eknaligoda Case

By Shalika Wimalasena

The Attorney General’s office has instructed the CID to refrain from taking legal action against the Army Commander Lieutenant General A. W. J. C. De Silva on allegations of failing to assist in the investigations into the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

The CID had recently sought the advice of the AG with regard to initiating legal action against the Army Commander.

A senior officer of the CID told The Sunday Leader that an informal message had been sent to the CID to delay the legal action to be taken against the Army Commander.

However the CID officer said that the investigations with regard to the disappearance of Eknaligoda will be carried out despite the drawbacks, and added that they will seek the advice of the President in the future. Meanwhile, sources said that the issue had been taken up at the Security Council meeting and the majority view of the security heads had been that legal action against the army commander should be delayed.

Sources further stated that the security heads were of the view that if they failed to delay the legal action against the Commander, certain factions would capitalize on the situation and instigate the masses.

The President however had stated that the investigations on the disappearance of Eknaligoda will be carried out unhindered.


12 Comments for “AG Blocks Legal Action Against Army Chief In Eknaligoda Case”

  1. asoka seneviratne

    Very dissapointed of our AG again. He is suposed to be the chief prosecutor for the government and why is he applying law selectively..

  2. praneeth

    Justice Minister wijedasa Rajapakse is an absolute corrupt should be kicked out of Parliament,he is leaking information to Gotabaya,Mahe=ndra and Kumar Weliwita and all other currupot
    this Paraya is the dirtiest curupt Justice ministers sri lanka ever had we urse him and his family for his entire life absolute para jadaya

  3. saman

    The Justice Miniter Wijedasa Rajapakse is absolute ly corrupt
    kick this dirty filthy fellow out of Parliament
    he is giving detailed information to Gota ,mahendra Kuma weliwita etc etc
    he absolutely corrupt

    Dirtiest Justice Minister sri lanka ever had

    Para jadaya

  4. That is the role of AG. He is there to advise on critical issues. AG is not holding a puppets role to dance according to the tunes of others or the dog driven police.

  5. kudson

    AG office seeking the advice of the president in the future
    with regards to eknaligoda kidnapping and murder by army intelligence
    CID officers told informally not to take action against army chief for blocking the investigation
    looks more and more like rajapakse is still in power

    • there,s,,,no change of government…..yet..Rajapaksha,s…..has a saying in what to do and what not to do….in most crucial…events…govt..has no back bone to.stand up with the Justice and the Law…..

  6. Cyril Ladd

    The President however had stated that the investigations on the disappearance of Eknaligoda will be carried out unhindered.How? and When?

  7. Dr Wijeratne

    This is a wonderful country. I do not understand why certain fractions of society always try to safeguard criminals? The whole country know that Prageeth was murdered by a group of hired soldiers of Maharaja regime. So why are we so reluctant to ensure justice for Prageeth? Why are we so slow in ensuring justice for Thajudeen and many others including Lasantha. No body is above the law. Any damn bastard, whether it is Maharaja’s or Sakradeviya’s son should be punished if they are involved in a murder , rape looting etc.

  8. kumaran

    This makes no sense. Are we worried about the prospects of instigation by “certain sections”, or are we there to do what is right?

  9. garawi

    Yes, you delay it and will face the masses at the next election paving the way for MR comeback!

  10. Rohitha

    The president said many things , but now he making us turns on everything.


    Eknaligoda was an undercover agent of the Tamil tigers (Sinhala tiger) and has been eliminated as part of the srilanka’s war against the Tamil tigers. Ungrateful
    People of the yapalanaya government are hunting down people who saved
    Mother Lanka. Why dont these people immediately hunt down the pilots of the
    Plane that dropped an atomic bomb over Japan, as part of their yahapalanaya

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