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The office of the once powerful official who defends Paradise Isle is no longer what it used to be. During the period of the former Kingdom, the one defended Paradise Isle with secretarial work wielded much power and found abode at an extensive official residence down Stanmore Way. However, those who had succeeded the former secretary under the yahapalana system however have not been so lucky. The Kind-sena who is the newest soul to hold the office has not been lucky at all. In fact, after being appointed to the office last year, he is still without an official abode. What with the ministering angel Row-jitter taking over the official residence for the defending secretary, the new Sec Kind-sena, it is learnt, is now left looking for an official abode to lay his head. Aww.


Only Purebred

Ma-hinder recently waxed eloquent about the support of the Blue hands extended to him. Going one step further, Ma-hinder claimed that he was supported in his politicking work only by purebred Blue hands. Be that as it may, while Ma-hinder made this claim, there were two half-bred Blue hands behind him. One was Big House in Colombo and the other was You-Ditter from Uva – both joined the Blue hands after defecting from the Greens. Hik.


Dialling High

The Captain who is the PA to Bonny Fonny, it is learnt, has joined the Green lot in search of greener pastures, it is learnt. The Captain, who also has his own political party with the telephone as its symbol, last week decided to join the Greens and align with Ra-kneel as a first step towards paving the way for Bonny Fonny to join the Greens soon. The aim of this whole exercise is for Fonny to secure a chair in the Diyawanna Abode and eventually be appointed as a ministering angel. So there!


Back To Square One

Sometimes we all come back to square one after short treks. However, when the asses voted for a change last year, they were hopeful of a true change. Unfortunately, change seems to come slowly where politicos are concerned. After boasting about the Greek principles of democracy and the commitment to re-establish them, the current lot governing the country, it seems, are also trying to go along the path of the former Royals by trying to interfere in the appointment of the general who leads all state counsel in the Hill. The attempt to sideline the Friendly One in line to become the next general due to political requirements is now being taken up even in the Diyawanna Abode. Hmm.


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