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Mahindananda ‘Lands’ Himself In Big Trouble

  • Houses, lands amassed by ex Minister and family results in legal action under Money Laundering Act

by Nirmala Kannangara

Mahindananda Aluthgamage… accused of a string of frauds

Following the arrest of Navy Lieutenant Yoshitha Rajapaksa on charges of money laundering, it is learnt that several other bigwigs of the former Rajapaksa regime are now on the list waiting to join him in prison for their alleged involvement in money laundering.

One of these is former Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage who is accused of a string of frauds reportedly committed from the time he became Health Minister in the Central Provincial Council in 1995 and later after entering parliament in 2000. The astonishing facts and staggering figures of corruption had first been revealed by none other than his wife who claimed compensation of Rs 500 million in a complaint lodged in the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption in 2013. However, the then Commission led by Justice Jagath Balapatabendi, a Rajapaksa lackey, never initiated an investigation against Aluthgamage as he was a confidant of the then President.

Highly reliable inside sources from the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) who wished to remain anonymous said that action had been taken to file legal action against Aluthgamage under the Money Laundering Act as there is substantial evidence against him.

Under the Money Laundering Act, a ‘B’ report has been submitted to the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court (Case No: B 22467/ 01/ 2015) against Aluthgamage. According to the FCID sources, Aluthgamage had been accused of purchasing a land of 20.85 perches at 66, Kuruppu Road, Borella for Rs 15 million although the value of the land stated in the deed was Rs 10 million. Aluthgamage and his wife allegedly own equal shares of this property.

Another 3.5 perch land had been purchased under Aluthgamage and his wife’s names for Rs 392,000 at 309 B, George E de Silva Mawatha, Kandy, and another 12 perch land at the same address for Rs 7.8 lakhs. Under the same address in Kandy another 18.3 perches had been bought for Rs 1 million.

Another property at 15/ 1, Chandra Wettasinghe Mawatha, Koswatte, Nawala, Rajagiriya had been purchased by Aluthgamage under his wife’s name. Although in the deed the value of this land is given as Rs 11 million for 15.57 perches, the transaction had allegedly been done for Rs 27 million.

A property at 15/ 31A, 3rd Lane, Chandra Wettasinghe Mawatha, Koswatte, Nawala, Rajagiriya has allegedly been bought for Rs 16.672 million, but the value of the property had been given as Rs  8.775 million in the deed. This property had been purchased under Aluthgamage’s wife and son’s names.

A house at No. 153 9/2 at Trillium Residencies had been purchased for Rs 28.5 million under Aluthgamage’s wife’s name while the property at 70/ 3/ 1, Kinsey Road, Colombo 7 had been purchased by the former Minister for Rs 27 million.

Aluthgamage, meanwhile, has stated that his brother, Wijeyananda Aluthgamage who is living in Japan had spent Sterling Pounds 320,000 to purchase a house under the names of his brother and sister-in-law. The former Minister has said that a bank account had been opened by them at the Singapore branch of a leading bank, depositing US$ 5.5 lakhs to facilitate the former Minister’s son who is doing his higher education in UK but had later withdrawn the money. When Aluthgamage’s brother had been questioned, he had stated that he purchased the house in the UK on the request of his brother – the former Minister, and he had obtained money from one of his friends to open the bank account in Singapore. He has promised the FCID he would furnish all details of his properties in Japan for further investigation.

According to investigations carried out, Aluthgamage has allegedly bought assets to the value of over Rs 90 million in his wife’s name. When he was questioned in 2013 regarding this and how he came to possess such a large amount of money since he had been a collecting officer at an insurance company in 1987 receiving a nominal salary until he entered politics, the former Minister had said that of the said money he had made Rs 50 million from selling his vehicle permits. According to him, from the time he entered parliament, up to 2013, he had received five vehicle permits which had been sold for Rs 50 million.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a legal expert from Kandy questioned how Aluthgamage could claim he had sold the vehicle permits he had received from the time he entered parliament when it was only the 2013 budget that allowed permit holders to sell their permits which had been prohibited earlier.

“This shows that the former Minister had sold his vehicle permits illegally by defrauding government taxes. All the assets he had declared were under his wife’s name. The CID is now carrying out investigations to find out what assets are in Aluthgamage’s name,” he said. He further said that while Aluthgamage was working for an insurance company in Kegalle, his wife had been working at Singer Sri Lanka in Kuliyapitiya.

“That was how they started their lives although they have amassed wealth after entering politics. It was Aluthgamage’s brother who lives in Japan that spent for his election for the Central Provincial Council. After he became the Provincial Health Minister he is alleged to have helped multinational companies to obtain tenders and that was how he started to accumulate wealth.”

Meanwhile, parliamentarian Ananda Aluthgamage told The Sunday Leader that he is surprised as to how Mahindananda Aluthgamage who is his first cousin is now claiming that his parents had cardamom estates and that he inherited wealth from his ancestors.

“Mahindananda can fool the people in other parts of the country but not those who are in Nawalapitiya and Gampola. His father who was my uncle was a politician and his mother was a teacher who led dignified lives not like Mahindananda. They did not have estates as to how he is now claiming and whatever the wealth Mahindananda now possess was bought from the money he ‘earned’ after entering into politics. As he is always claiming that he inherited wealth I challenged him to show the people whether he owned two acres of land by the time he entered into politics. If he proves I am wrong, I will resign from my parliamentary seat the same moment,” Ananda Aluthgamage said.

He further queried as to why Mahindananda worked at The Finance Company for a salary of Rs.1,200 and his wife for a Rs. 200 salary if he inherited such a large wealth from his parents.

“It is only the Muslim traders in Nawalapitiya and Gampola that own factories although Mahindananda claimed his father had a factory. Since he did not inherit such a wealth, it is up to the FCID to find out as to from where he got money to pay his wife Rs. 500 million as a divorce settlement. If proper investigations are carried out, he will certainly be charged under the Money Laundering Act. His son is studying at the South Wales University in England and when he was questioned by the FCID he had said that it was his brother who gave the money to educate the son. His brother Wijayananda claimes otherwise.” Ananda Aluthgamage alleged.

Many attempts by The Sunday Leader to contact MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage for comment failed. Although a text message was sent seeking a comment, there was no reply even at the time of going to press.




15 Comments for “Mahindananda ‘Lands’ Himself In Big Trouble”

  1. Kingsly

    Sadly these criminals were masquerading as politicians in the country, supported by the ring leader MR and his lackys like Balapatabedi. Hundreds of them plundered the wealth of the country, but went round the country during elections telling people how hard they are working for them.
    Most of the politicians do politics to earn money for themselves. Just imagine how much hundreds of these leeches have sucked the blood out of the country ???

  2. Aluthgamage’s are born sychophants and dishonest

  3. willows

    what about apartment in ICONIC Rajagiriya?

  4. Lima


  5. Jayalath

    I beg the public to check on Google what happened to CHris Huhne who was Secretary of State for energy and climate in the UK . I think that Mahindansnda is in the same fate like Huhne . It is sad that a woman cross to ruin some one life , which I do not accept for any reason . I know him very well ,and he had money even he become a politician . This is a good example for every one to be careful with what you are doing even with own wife . Because there are colossal chances to turn own wife against you . Sad , sad

    • sudath

      This is one oof the dirtiest sports ministers in sri Lanka ever,currupt to his neck
      he gives most of the money deposited in his son’s name dirty para jadaya
      this fellow must be put to the guilatine so corrupt and he calls himself a Buddhist
      goes to the temple lifting his arse even worships Buddha
      disgusting bastard of a fellow
      this fellow is worst than filthy snake like his mate Pachawansa

    • Gamaya

      My dear Jayalath. Let Mr. Mahindananda prove wrong all allegations against him by giving accurate account into how he amassed such huge wealth. Its that’s easy. This is not rocket science. Me or you don’t have to blow our lungs out here in these forums talking for or against such persons.

      • Jayalath

        I don’t think any one could be immaculate in terms of corruption while in the power ,I meant everyone ,then , there should have accountability for all politicians. Atleast from 77, . That is my view ,that makes a reasonable sense. But what is doing by this regime is unacceptable. The law should apply faily for every body if you advocate for it .just imagine about bond issue against Ravi and governor of central bank , accusation against Ravi for under price the duty for Mercedes , who raise against them . You must know politicians of these two parties always robbed the country , and it is just a matter of size of amount robbed by individuals. You and me robbed nothing . We are innocent citizens .
        However , I only can say that Mahindananda possessed enough wealth even before enter to politics , therefore , it shouldn’t be a political revenge against the opposition .
        It also out of order if a thief accused another , it only be sceptical and laughable.

  6. laksiri

    that is the why we need current prime minister and JVP to get these dirty animal in to jail and clear this country.

  7. renu

    This is the loud mouthed Pokitician who lived like a king during the Rajapakse Regime . I know is beginning from Gampola and Nawalapitiya . The father before becoming an MPwas hanging around former Speaker Mr. R S Pelpola’s residence when we use to go there as his son was my good friend . They never had Estates nor this kind of wealth. This is all ill gotten money. He should be in the company of others in the Remand if the charges are proved. Why do you think HE , Rataran are hanging around the Rajapakses simply thinking that he will come back to power and they will go scot free

  8. Sri Lankan

    Should not we as voters take responsibility for all these heinous crimes.Those of us who elected Mahinda Rajapakse and these thieves should also be punished.Everyone is now conveniently blaming the Rajapakses when they saw what these people were up to but nevertheless for the sake of some cheap gain voted these people into power .Inspite of police filing action after long and painstaking investigationsas blind foolish voters we are still rallying behind the crooked rogue politicians to protect them and blaming the law enforcers as villains who trying to hurt our r patriotic and loving politicians.What evidence would convince these blind voters that their so called “Weerayas”are nothing but common crooks, only God l knows. These people have shamelessly robbed the wealth of poor people that should have been used to pay for our children’s education, medication etc,.Like Pigs who have fattened themselves happily on muck wailing and shrieking on the way to the slaughter house these fattened rogues are now yelling out to foolish us again to save them from jail asking us to trust them that they did all of it for the sake of our Motherland.The combined amounts of money involved in the embezzlement would have balanced our budget.There is no greater crime a politician can commit than steal the peoples money.Are we still expected to exercise “Maithree” on them ??? I think not.At least they should be punished under the law by fair trial,if found guilty,of-course.The real punishment will come in the next birth for all in a PIG Farm.Fathers,Mothers,Children,Uncles,Aunts etc, etc,.and ofcourse some bhikkus too.

  9. chimpa

    It was unfortunate that majority of Srilankan are suffering because people of this type undertake to serve the people and goes to parliament and do this type of acts if it was true.

  10. Her Bee Pee

    This damn people’ rouge should be kept naked and whipped in public. The ugly lucre to grab land and lands led his to accrue wealth illegally and in the mean time under value for Official purposes. Those idiots who voted him must be utter stupid uncivic conscious fools. We need QYUICK action and not tempting rfevealations. How and How about his “Cootaly”(friend) Mahinda R?

  11. Buddhadasa

    Jagath Balapatabandhi should be investigated for non action

  12. can these animals work away from brutal crime and fraud ?????

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