PM Gets Tough With CEB Officials

by Ifham Nizam

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has warned officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) that he will be forced to take measures on his own to implement proposals related to the power sector if they fail to do the needful.

The Premier said that renewable and non conventional energy sources are the way forward for the betterment of the energy sector and the country and not more coal power plants.

Speaking at a Cabinet Sub Committee (Economic) in Parliament, after analyzing the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry and CEB proposals, where nine coal powered plants were recommended for the country, the Premier stressed that there will be only two more coal powered plants, sources said.

He said there will not be any coal power plants in the country after the proposed Indian backed Sampur power plant in Trincomalee and a Japanese funded coal power plant.

The Prime Minister had told the Ministry and CEB officials that if they can’t stick with his plans he would appoint a Technical Committee to do the needful.

The proposal for nine coal power plants was read by Power and Renewable Energy Ministry Secretary, Dr. Suren Batagoda.

At the Cabinet Sub Committee it was noted that the total estimated cost to implement the expansion plan of the CEB is running into USD 6.6 billion including the cost of development of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy.

The plan gives a comprehensive view of the existing generating system, future electricity demand and future power generation options in the country. It also provides detailed information on generation planning methodology, system demand forecast and investment and implementation plans for the proposed projects.



5 Comments for “PM Gets Tough With CEB Officials”

  1. Hasala

    If the PM is willing to spend money on building these super expensive renewable energy plants building them should not be a problem. However the extra cost will be needed to be gained by increasing tax or by increasing electricity tariff. both these measures will hurt the local economy.

    Coal which is a dispatchable energy source cost around 10 Rs per unit while the renewables which are non dispatchable cost over 20 Rs per unit. So the extra cost per unit will be over Rs 10 and how will the industry pay this extra tariff and still be competitive in the international market.

  2. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    If they go for BOt Coal Power Projects such investment is not needed there will be hardly any investment and a unit from coal will be only about Rs 6 at generation while a unit from solar will cost over Rs 100 with such expensive power as at present will any investors come to our country while in Vietnam they have coal power as base load and Investors will prefer such Countries. While we need at least 70 billion units per year within the 5 years how can solar power give such large quantities of units in the first place how can the government we brought into power give us a million jobs in 5 years without low cost electricity :?

  3. Kumar

    As usual CEB engineers are living in the stone age. For profit California energy giants are installing renewable energy plants. Now that srilanka is about get its natural gas CEB pundits better be thinking about buying LNG instead of Coal. Coal was cheap but when everybody take their cut the electricity consumers get hosed. Don’t forget once solar panels are paid off the energy is free.

  4. Gamini Abeysinghe

    I totally agree with Prime Minister’s view.

  5. JlyesEggjh

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