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JOC Got Tip Minutes Before Lasantha Was Killed

By Shalika Wimalasena

The Joint Operations Command (JOC) received a tip-off an hour before the founding Editor of The Sunday Leader, Lasantha Wickrematunge was killed, sources said.

According to the sources, the tip-off had been received by a military official who was in charge of the Western Province.A former top official of the JOC had informed the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) about this.

Sources said that the top official had told the CID that the military official at the JOC had received information of an attempt to assassinate Wickrematunge using a sharp object. The information was received on January 8, 2009 at approximately 9am, just over an hour before Wickrematunge was killed.The former top official of the JOC had told the CID that if the telephone records of the military official who received the information are looked into, then vital information related to the assassination could be unearthed.

The official had noted that when the former government was in power, the Chief of Defence Staff would hold a meeting with the JOC and then the Security Council meets with the President and those meetings took place the day Wickrematunge was killed.The former top official of the JOC said that the CID has so far not acted on the information he shared related to the murder of Wickrematunge.However, he said if the CID really wants information related to the case, it can obtain such information from the JOC.

16 Comments for “JOC Got Tip Minutes Before Lasantha Was Killed”

  1. Manuelpillai

    Whether the.chief man who ordered the killing and his associates will get the punishment they deserve is what we are awaiting for.

  2. These murders by the state sponserd were more rampant during the JR Jayewardena and Premadasa era which eliminated even ministers and political leaders by the National Intelligence Bureau.

    • upali

      You must be day dreaming trying to trying to save the real murderers, LTTE AND THE HORAPAKSHAYAS

  3. raj

    Please watch Mr.Gothabaya Rajapaksa’s interview to BBC after Lasantha was killed. Mr. Rajapaksa he was very arrogant when talking about Lasantha murder. He is giving explanation that Lasantha was critical of everyone including government and opposition. Mr. Rajapaksa should be arrested and investigated on the murder of Lasantha. Man people suspected including BBC suspected the government was behind the murder. Mr. Wickramasingha is loved by all ethnics in Sri Lanka for his writing. I never missed to read his editorial on Sunday until he died. We need justice.

  4. GonPonil

    Looks like some one trying to even a score with some one or many people at JOC. This Yahalparu is turning to be like the batalanda era again- especially since batalanda alugosuwa is in power.

  5. Ralahamy

    When you really go into the details, it will be revealed that Lasantha Wickrematungs was in the payroll of LTTE. It will also be revealed getting rid of this type of individual who are a security risk. was a pre-requisite to win the war against LTTE.

  6. Lkcricket

    Lasantha was a LTTE terrorist himself and LTTE paid him handsomely for the information provided. Same with Eknaligoda. So what else the Government can do without disposing the traitors of the motherland!

    • raj

      If Lasantha was Gothabay’s supporter the MR.Rajapaksa was in power today, you would not have dared to write like this because you know what would have happened to you under Rajapaksa regime if you criticize them.

    • the democratic government freedom of press and human right has the write public the article dear friend you wrote this comment it was uneducated person comment

  7. punchinilame

    The CID does not want to do anything that confronts MS/RW stand – no arrest
    of Gota ! The two are frightened of a political outfall. So the Case will not
    stand in Courts – benefit of doubt given to Gota, if he is ever taken-in. Hope
    this is not true, for sake of law & order.

    • chandra

      He was only a omputer operator in the Us at the time and brought in by the corrupt Mahendra pundai percy Rajapakse and made the defence Secretary
      both these filthy diry fellows are not worth their salt should be executed wihout a trial,so currupt

      • mr gota was well look after by the LTTE. they gave money to go USA, USA he was working in the petrol station . seven dollars per hour he pass the grade eight examination was ordering the srilanka judges,.

    • janaka

      You have to have justice,watch Sandaya Ekneligoda and her two sons fighting
      a battle against a very strong Currupt Rajapakse Group and his filthy supporters
      all over,if it happened to them no question they will taken and beheaded without court.
      arrest Gotabaya without delaying matters ,he is the dirtiest unqualified defence
      Minister ever appointed by the filthy mahendra Pundai Rajapakse.
      do justice Yahapalana govt,to carry out Justice.
      People would cursed if justice is not carried out
      their children and childrens would be born without eyes or limbs would happen
      it is a grave injustice.
      Gotabaya must pay for his crimes

  8. Socratis

    Most bitter thing in this world is TRUTH.
    Most sweet thing in this world is LIES.
    Majority of the Sri Lankans wants to hear the TRUTH.
    Let it come out & open the world of LIES.

  9. punchinilame

    Who killed Lasantha???? Listen -

  10. former government mr Rajapaska and his brother mr gota the number one and two accused in the murder case.last one year this case was ragging why/ ACCUSED WAS not remanded

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