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Did Army Leak Eknaligoda’s Tape?

Defence officials are dumbfounded as to how a tape recording of missing journalist Prageeth Ekanaligoda, which was only in the hands of the military, has now appeared on some websites.

Last year the military had claimed that there was a tape recording of a conversation between Ekanaligoda and the LTTE and later that tape recording was handed over to the Homagama Magistrate.

The tape recording of the alleged conversation between Ekanaligoda and the LTTE was handed over to the court during the last hearing on the disappearance of Eknaligoda.

The tape recording was kept with the court but the fact that it was later published on websites raised suspicions whether it was leaked to the websites by the military, senior defence lawyers said.

When contacted, military spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera said that since the matter is before courts he could not make any comments.

Meanwhile police sources said that they were also astonished over the appearance of posters at several locations of Mrs. Sandya Eknaligoda calling her an LTTE supporter and that she was betraying the army.

Police sources said that such incidents would easily have been caught on CCTV cameras and it is shocking that the pasting of these posters were not captured on CCTV.

10 Comments for “Did Army Leak Eknaligoda’s Tape?”

  1. daggy

    The court should be responsible if the tape was handed over to court custody and thereafter it leaked.

    There is nothing for the military to leak as were aware all along Ekneligoda’s connection to the ltte.

  2. Mahen

    The stage is being set to exterminate the victim. Not unusual in a corrupt state like Srilanka.

    • jayanath

      We know the culprits and the cold blooded Mureders,mate it a now a matter of time,
      the murderers are shivering with thir balls stinking inn
      murdering witnesses like Mahendra Rajpakse Mulkirigala Double murder 20/25 years ago will also coe out with the arrest of Gotabaya.
      killing witnesses is to late and they will turn as crown witnesses soon
      best thing is to stick a gun to your own mouth pull the trigger
      or some one will do it for you

    • MR is playing his cards, if tales about LTTE is braught up & confuse the public then all his stooges will be left out, whether left out or not the murder was committed on the orders of MR & GR , that cannot be denied. The persons who ordered the execution must be braught to trial & punished.

  3. Dhoby

    He sold his song for money to the LTTE or anyone else willing to pay. He created fake passports too right. So let the truth come out. What if he helped LTTE terrorists escape Sri lanka or smuggle weapons etc for money? Even some jews betrayed jews in Germany during world war II and sold jews to Nazis

  4. ms sandya is not a LTTE supporter but her husband has the right meet the LTTE for informormation then people will know what is happened in srilanka is journalist work. people misunderstand mr eknaligoda,

  5. Senanayake

    So what? Those who portrait Ekneligoda as an innocent one, are only people who are worried about this leak of the tape. People have the right to know the truth. It is great the tape was leaked to the public anyway.

  6. punchinilame

    This modus-operandi was tried earlier too – brining in LTTE with some kind of
    recording to divert matters, specially by an Def. Minisitry Official whose
    implications will come out via State Witnesses, when the screws are tightened!

  7. mike

    this bigger sold country to LTTE. this is justice to a traitor. to hell with this bugger. we have a country to live now. I don’t care what the LTTE supporters think or comment here

    • harris

      Take the vicious Gaotabaya the mass murderer since Hitler
      this paraya has ruined this country
      he must be taken soon to custody
      the pol Hora must be axed to death

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