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SLRC Gave MR Free Air Time Worth Rs. 36.9 MILLION

by Ranjith Gunawardena

The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) gave former President Mahinda Rajapaksa over Rs. 36.9 million worth of air time free for his election propaganda work during the last Presidential election campaign.

This was revealed in the audit of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation conducted by the Auditor General’s Department.

Apart from this, it was also revealed that air time worth Rs. 2.2 million was used to promote Rajapaksa in SLRC productions. The Sunday Leader attempted to contact the former Director General of SLRC, Chandrapala Liyanage in this regard but the attempts ended in failure.

When The Sunday Leader contacted the former Deputy Director General of SLRC, Nalin Kumara Nissanka, he said that the instructions to air promotional programs of Rajapaksa were received from the top.

Rajapaksa has already been questioned by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate and inquire into serious acts of Fraud, Abuse of power and Corruption (PRECIFAC) for allegedly not paying Rs. 10.1 million dues to ITN for carrying out his 2015 presidential campaign propaganda. Rajapaksa had denied the allegations but he has been questioned on several occasions by the Commission.

An audit inquiry conducted by the ITN found that from November 24, 2015 to January 5, Rajapaksa had paid Rs. 62 million to the channel for election advertisements. However, he still owes Rs. 10.1 million for advertisements carried out during the period.

At the same period, the channel, which had agreed to air advertisements worth Rs. 44 million of Rajapaksa’s rival Maithripala Sirisena during the January polls, only aired advertisements worth Rs. 2.6 million despite the agreement.

5 Comments for “SLRC Gave MR Free Air Time Worth Rs. 36.9 MILLION”

  1. Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    People are fed up with repeated same stories for many months. They are also cheating us for many months.
    The SLRC Chairman should be held responsible and pay the money The people had voted to take action against the culprits and recover the stolen money. What you have done in one long year? Very incompetent and inefficient bad governance

  2. kaputa

    The Sunday Leader attempted to contact the former Director General of SLRC, Chandrapala Liyanage in this regard but the attempts ended in failure.FCID why wait any longer? rope Chandere in, for he will “squeal” for sure.

  3. Jothi Banda



  4. Derby

    Can we move forward instead of continuously looking back and blaming everyone under the Sun for the current calamity in Sri Lanka?

    Only when you begin to move forward and look ahead that the country will prosper.

  5. Ruvan

    We are fed up with this ongoing complaints against the former president; could you please do something more practical as a mass medium to help people understand the real plans of the Yahapalana government?
    You have been blaming the former government for excessive spending and we all know it? Then you publish reports with photos of the UNP rally that used public buses, public resources, and stolen money from the treasury in various clandestine ways. Are you indirectly showing the negative side of this government or what?

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