President Orders Probe On Foreign Trips Of Six Ministers

President Maithripala Sirisena has called for an investigation into the foreign trips of at least six ministers, sources said.

According to sources at the Presidential Secretariat, the six ministers are alleged to have misappropriated public funds while travelling overseas. The President has taken the decision to investigate the issue after receiving information that these ministers have been using official foreign trips to have fun and neglect the main purpose of the visits. Sources also said that the President was keen on introducing a code of ethics for those who visit foreign countries using public funds. During the past few years, ministers in the former regime who engaged in foreign trips had been accused of misusing public funds.

Several former ministers had been accused of throwing parties during the visits and had travelled first class.


17 Comments for “President Orders Probe On Foreign Trips Of Six Ministers”

  1. Gamini Abesekera

    Hope some good will come out of these inquiries.

  2. Psycho

    Any investigation of President’s Mattaya son?

  3. sarath

    those Ministers who abused foreign trips are in the present govt too.

  4. These acts of politicians have been there for decades which includes Corporation and bank Chairmen. These are beyond redemption

  5. Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    I am very confident that no action will be taken against any of these ministers. If at all there will be many more pleasure trips of ministers on our hard earned money

  6. The public struggle to have a square meal,while these Psychopaths live the high life using public funds.

  7. no like to disclose

    ministers travel first class or even business class is acceptable. if a minister travel in economy class, it is we degrade our country representation. ministers should be given a business class travel to keep the reputation of the country.

    • max123

      are you out of your mind! what reputation are you talking about. We are at the bottom of the pile as far as country reputation is concerned. Most of these ministers are misfits and no one in their right mind will employ most of them in any capacity in the private sector! They should not use poor peoples money to go abroad and instead they can do most of their official work with other countries using the electronic media as this is the electronic age! Anyway by going abroad these so called politicians only will destroy whatever reputation we have left!

  8. I hope the 149 people who visited the health minister in Singapore used their own money.????

  9. Jeremy Babapulle

    It all an eye wash my dear KIYALA HITANG. Nothing will be done by you against the culprits. Commissions, Commissions and commissions and we end up at Zero. We have tried both the blue and green and only left with the red sahodaraya to prove their weight. we the voters will teach you a lesson green/blue sahodarayas at the next election just as the masses did to the blue sahodarayas if you do not pull your socks up and do needs to be done very fast brother.

  10. Lanka Watch

    Apart from FM Mangala , PM Ranil and President Sirisena, there is no need
    for other ministers to travel abroad as our personal representations at
    conferences or seminars do not make any good for our country as we are a
    third world country and have no say in any matters Above three are enough to carry the begging bowl around the globe and there is no need for others to go overseas to warm the chairs at people’s expenses. The President should have set the rules from day one , having known that the previous govt. ruined Sri Lankan airlines by taking free trips for spouses, children and their cronies, that all govt. travel to overseas should get prior approval from him and if that happened, there is no need to probe into travels made by ministers and their entourage and create
    an embarrassing situation for the President as they could question the President about his son’s travel to the UN as a member of the SL delegation. Its well and
    good if he paid for the air price for his son, from his personal money ,otherwise there will be problem.

  11. Why do not you name and shame these rogue ministers.

    This naïve man Mr. Sirisena has stopped the arrest of murderers and any legal action aganist them can we expect him to be bold enough to take action against these plundering ministers.

  12. laksiri

    what happen to vas gunawardena who’s expeses were billion rupee under previous regime that including all nature of sex movies and many more out of poor borrowed money from other countries. so he is secured under your government and so are you OUT OF MIND TO CARRY OUT SUCH INVESTIGATION without sending jail that criminals and many more your own party corrupted political animals.

  13. Nalaka

    Ha ha ha; Is it something new or it happened for the first time. You don’t need code of ethics, If I remember clearly, there are guidelines for the expenses (born by the government servants on official visits) already in place with clearly defined limits. So it is easier to recover these monies from these rogues without giving the impression that action are taken to gain some political mileage. Democracy works if you stick to the rules and regulations, you don’t need to introduce new rules.

  14. Leon

    If the president is honest , he should stop paying parlimentary members getting
    extra allowances and also the sanction of extra cars for members.

  15. S B Lokuge

    What about your foreign trips Mr President. You took your son to UN at tax payees expense. What is the purpose of you making these trips when you can not understand a word of English?

  16. max123

    president himself as well other ministers and bureaucrats are misusing poor peoples money not only on foreign trips but on everything , including unprecedented perks for these people who trick the people at election time & take power and having a mega cabinet for a small extremely poor country like Sri Lanka is a grave crime in itself. These probes are only another unscrupulous way of giving employment & perks to these people who are their supporters & a drain on the poor & tax payers as well. All these probes for the last 68 years have not rectified anything!

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