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President Should Give Security Responsibilities To Gotabaya – Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

by Camelia Nathaniel

Veteran diplomat Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, when asked about the underworld activities that have raised its head again, said that one thing that must be said about the Rajapaksa administration is that under the former Secretary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa there was relentless, one might even say ruthless rooting out the gangs and especially drug related gangs. He said that Gang violence was almost completely eliminated with the use of the STF. But that achievement added Dr. Jayatilleka, has been rolled back by the UNP government and there is a vicious gang violence emerging. This he pointed out is a clear sign of the lack of law and order, which was handled well when Gotabaya Rajapaksa was in charge.In an interview with The Sunday Leader he said that he does not see why president Sirisena does not invite Gotabaya Rajapaksa back into the state, and give him some serious developmental and security responsibilities.

Following are excerpts of the interview:-

Q:  There is talk that the government does not have a proper economic strategy and the country’s economy is heading towards disaster at this rate. Do you agree with this statement?

A:  We have to go by the available data and the measures taken by the government and what is the picture that emerges? The government has borrowed 6 billion US dollars during its first year in office. But we do not see any major or even mid-level construction that has taken place nor any kind of development projects that are being initiated as a result of this debt. Lately we have seen new taxes imposed which heaps burden on the consumer and functions as a disincentive for business. This is not what we expect from a UNP government, which is usually market friendly.

The most grotax of all is the attitude towards China. The government came to office criticising China on electoral platforms. It threatened to discontinue the major Chinese projects and poked fun at the Chinese funded projects such as Mattala and Hambantota. But now there is a complete about turn, where Mr. Malik Samarawickrema  soon to be followed by the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are headed in the direction of China in order to secure funding for the same projects that the Rajapaksa administration embarked upon, but on a much larger scale. This is almost laughable. If the government knew that China was indispensable in Sri Lanka’s development, they should not have behaved in the manner they did towards China.

One might also say that there is complete discrepancy within the government west centric diplomatic and political orientation, and its attempt to rediscover the East like China as a source of capital, and financing for infrastructure. So the office of the government doesn’t know what it’s doing. I would have thought that the UNP government would have sought the advice of Ronnie de Mel, Sirisena Cooray and Susil Siriwardena in strategising the economy and in managing the development aspect but they have chosen not to do so and I find that inexplicable.


Q:  The good governance regime spoke a lot about the corruption of the previous regime, but just 7 months down the line there are signs of corruption and malpractices. How do you see the former President CBK’s statement that although corruption still prevails, it’s not as bad as the previous regime?

 A:  I don’t think we should take Chandrika Kumaratunga seriously. I certainly don’t, and I personally don’t know anybody who does take her seriously. So I rather not bother answering to what she has said.

The more important point is that, while I don’t necessarily trust what the Rajapaksa’s have to say about corruption, I do trust the professional competence of the US homeland security. Foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera sought the assistance of US secretary of state John Kerry, and obtained the services of both the US department of homeland security and the US department of Justice to investigate the alleged corruption of the Rajapaksa’s. Now The US homeland security is an extremely competent and resourceful US agency. They were brought in early last year and they have found nothing and I don’t even know if they are still looking. Hence since I trust the competence of US homeland security, I have to conclude there is nothing much in the allegations of large scale corruption and large scale money transfers of the Rajapaksa family and administration.


Q:  Do you see a certain level of political instability in the country?

A:  Yes instability will in fact grow in the coming months because the UNP is embarking on very contentious and risky political measures. One of them is the full implementation of the Geneva resolution which the UNP government needlessly signed Sri Lanka up with. This means special laws, special courts and possible foreign participation in trials of senior military officers and political leaders who stamped out terrorism in this country.

When we look at the world today, whether it’s Syria, Belgium or France we are reminded of just how much scourge terrorism is and how we suffered from terrorism for nearly 30 years.

Now Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya and the military freed us from this scourge of terrorism. So the attempt to have trials with special laws, prosecutors and foreign participants is bound to cause serious social and political discontent in the country and this is bound to exacerbate the contradictions between the UNP and SLFP wings of the government not in the least because President Sirisena has taken a very correct stance and said that he is opposed to outside participation in any such investigation and accountability process.

Q:  The opposition alleges that the government is postponing the LG elections because they are certain of losing at this point. What is your take on the postponement of the Local Government elections?

A:  Minister Faizer Mustapha says that the delimitation process has to be concluded before the elections are held and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. But I must remind the government that further delaying it the more unpopular the government will be and the more popular the joint opposition is likely to be. So it’s up to the government to decide when they are going to hold the LG elections but they must be aware that the time is not working in their favour.


Q:  The recent joint opposition rally was seen by some as a growing support for Mahinda Rajapaksa, What is your view?

A:  I don’t know if it’s an indication of the people’s desire for the return of the Rajapaksa regime. But I do know that Hyde Park was the largest opposition rally to be held within one year of any newly elected government.

I have as a young boy attended a rally at Hyde Park with my late father Mervyn de Silva and I must say that I have never seen a rally as the recent one at Hyde Park.

Now this is not by the ruling government, not even the official opposition, not by the official SLFP but by a group of numerically large population of MP’s under the parliamentary leadership of Dinesh Gunawardena and the National leadership of the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.  I think it’s a remarkable comeback by the opposition.

The UNP had a mobilisation just before that which aimed to culminate in a rally at Hyde Park, but they just did not have enough people. Although they had the legals of state power and they brought people in busses, the UNP just did not have enough people to hold a rally at Hyde Park. So instead they had to be content with a rally at Lipton Circus, where trade unionists usually have picketing campaigns and that is a pretty pathetic performance for a ruling party.

Hence the official SLFP leadership has to make its mind up. According to the SLFP’s official leadership, what is the opposition or alternative to the UNP? Do they think that there should not be one? They have to answer these questions. I have always been in the opposition to the UNP especially given the ultra-right wing and pro-western policies of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. If the SLFP is in coalition with the UNP, the opposition is bound to crystalise around the joint opposition and that is what has happened.

What it shows is not a definite return of Mahinda Rajapaksa, but it shows that Rajapaksa is a political factor that cannot be marginalised in this country.


Q: The practice of dashing coconuts and grinding pepper etc is something we have seen a lot these days. How do you see this new trend?

 A:  I personally do not participate in such activities, nor do I come within miles of any such activity. But in the social stars literature there is a term known as primary forms of Nationalist resistance.  Primary forms of Nationalist resistance involve cultural modes of resistance and that is what we are seeing. So while I am not a fan of such practices, I can understand why such practices are resorted to and it’s an expression of emotions of those who are alarmed by the policies of the UNP government.



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  1. Dayan Jeyatilleka is a stooge of Gotha & may be having some secret relationship with Gotha the devil incarnation alive, he has committed many murders including Lasantha, Egnaliagoda, Jaffna MP, Pararajasingam & many more, this stupid idiot Dayan wants Gotha to look into the security of the country, he can look after for sure by murdering in which he is an expert , its like leaving the cat to look after a mice/ rat.

  2. Diogenes

    If that happens ..all kaput! Idi Amin, Bokassa would be much better than mr Goat ! Something has gone wrong in this Dayan fellow`s headpiece! Wagging his tailpiece to his master`s voice!

  3. RAJ

    He can say that terrorism is eliminated in Sri Lanka. At the same, Tamils in Sri Lanka do not feel safe anymore because of the Sri Lanka military’s present and Singhalization. Mr. Mithri is silently chaning demographic of Tamil areas in order to make Tamils’s majority claim irrelevant. in the North-East. In the long-term, Tamils may not be able to elect Tamil representatives in their areas. There is a hidden agenda for colonization of Singhalese in Tamil area. It is to eliminate the Tamils’ demand for federal solution. According to some media, many Buddhists status have been erected in Tamil area to carry out this agenda.


      Do not forget that vast majority of tamil population is living in the sinhalese dominated areas without any fear and practising their religious and cultural activities and what is wrong in erecting Buddhist Statues , if tamils can hold their religious activities such as erecting kovils in rest of the areas. The buddhists are visiting Kovils also without any difference. then why tamils are so worried about a buddhist statue

  4. RAJ

    Tamils in Sri Lanka perceive the Singhalese military in their area as an aggressor and not as their protector. Sri Lanka military is in the North-East to suppress Tamils. If not, Sri Lanka can conduct a referendum to find out whether Tamils welcome the military or whether Tamils prefer to separate from Sri Lanka.

    • S B Lokuge

      Tamils everywhere in the world are an ungrateful and a greedy lot. I hope another Prabakaran will rise from the hell and take you lot with him.

  5. It is like asking the wolf to look after the lambs??? This idiot DJ continues to spread stink and garbage.

    • sanjiva

      You bloody idiot of a man he is biggest criminal currently in sri lanka roaming the country freely,this bastard of apara jadaya should be burt alive
      you idiiot of a man saying all this ,you will be cursed for generations to come like Gota and paraya brother Mahendra Pundai Pery Jadarajapakse
      you bastard this fellow has 3 murder charges against him

      the poor widow Mrs Sandaya ekneliyagoda with his two sons are screming for Justice and even the Prime minister and Sirisena are keeping quiet
      some hero must even do justice for thw sake of this poor widow and two sons
      Lsantha wickremasinghe ‘s widow is also screaming for Justice

      You mother/F is asking the GOVT to appoint this fellow in GOVT
      I wish some does the same for your family,you bloody heartless/F
      get lost

    • rohani


    • What which Dog Pound do you come from Mr Jayatilleka????

    • Ranjith

      George, I think you are waiting until fall the goat testicles. Just wait to taste it …..

    • mahinda

      Just have patience and see what these clowns will do to this country.Jan 08 srilanka dooms day

  6. Gobba

    Of course the “smart patriot” DJ continues singing for his supper from the Rajapaksa’s. He pretends not to understand the various cases against Gota pending and under investigation. How could this SMART PATRIOT ask for such a warped corrupt racist individual to take over the SECURITY of the country ? Shows how cheap this smart patriot has become.

  7. As this man hasn’t any say in this govt, he is trying to hang on to Gotabaya and Rajapaksha’s for survival. Their shouldn’t be any positions for them that can influence any security or current investigations against corruption. They had their chance to do the rite thing but failed.

  8. Park

    Once again the “Puss Pundit” Dayan is coming up with one of his suggestions. Question to this “Puss Pundit”, even when you were sucking up to Mahinda, did any of your suggestions implemented? You now want a murderer to be given the National Security portfolio, are you MAD? What drink did you have before you wrote this.

  9. Nalaka

    Another “Lap dog” of Mahinda Rajapaksa regime who benefitted and enjoyed a cushy life must be smarting under the policies of the present government. This fellow does not understand, it was the heroic soldiers who took care of the country not this dirty, corrupt MR’s brother Gota. He left military service as he feared of his life for fighting LTTE. He is an “A” grade coward not a hero and a suspect on many criminal activities that took place under his brother’s watch. Only corrupt guy like Dayan can speak to protect another corrupt guy. No wonder “Corruption protect Corruption”

  10. RAJ

    Many Singhalese intellectuals are placed by the counter any Tamils’s claim of suffering under Sri Lanka’s rule. These intellectuals are highly paid as part of the suppressing Tamils in Sri Lanka. If these intellectuals have conscience, they would have spoken about eh suffering of Tamils and war crimes. They know everything but they have chosen not speak about it in order them to enjoy the benefit.

  11. gabriella

    Dr Dayan Jayatilleka is quite correct.. Gotabaya Rajapaksa needs to resume his former responsibilities. At the very least he had a vision for the country. He is probably one of the few people who can legitimately claim to have done something for the country. This is a man who the people can be confident will get the job done.

    I for one hope he is wiser for past experience. If this is the case he will achieve more than all those thieves in parliament put together.

  12. Wera

    So the tinkerer who lost his bike in the USA to where he ran away to escape the war is good at security. Why is that? Is it because he is also an unhinged maniac who is known to have ordered the murders of several people? Or is it because he framed false charges and appointed kangaroo courts to prosecute and jail his own army commander who over saw that military operations that defeated the LTTE? This man is a buffoon of the highest order. There is no security threat or any instability within the present government that they cannot handle them selves.

  13. Wije

    Are you trying to send him to the electric chair,or trying to get friendly with MR.
    Don’t you realise that you are a spent force and suffering. From dementia.

  14. Ramza

    If there is an educated fool in Sri Lanka without doubt he’s Dayan Jayatilleka…

  15. de silva




  16. renu

    Are you an educated Joker or is it a fake doctorate you have? . Why you want him to make more money and buy up Mansions all over the world. It is proved beyond any doubt to the General public that the Rajapakse Family along with stooges like you have swindled the country of colossal amount of money. Check out with FM Sarath Fonseka for the truth. By the way Dayan Jayatilake is a product of a mixed marriage

  17. renu

    Drugs – Duminda was associated with drugs in the Press , Social Media , but he was directly under Gota , He should have eradicated him and the drug cartel without any problem then. Why did not he do that


    Wow what a good idea from Professor Dayan, what else need to give him, only security??? ” Niyama Adhasa Macho” Allanavai Kiyala mehema Allnda epaa, Allnda onay Athathatath Ridhen Nathuva Bolatath Redhen Nathuva

  19. kanga

    Perhaps Dayan wants a drivers job in a white van

  20. Wasantha Opanayaka

    Any criminal activities must be controlled by legally and not by state white van strategy. We remember police say culprits were trying to hit the police hence they shoot the culprits.. This is not a democratic way of solving crime related problems.. It should be done by the police. If GR can do it why cant Sarath Fonseka? as a already a minister. He should be given this portfolio.


    This guy is talking through his anus. We do not need a budding dictator. Public servants shat in their pants when this monster spoke to them , he was so feared anything was done that he requested.

  22. abey

    Why would you like that. Is it because under Gotas watch, Eknaligoda was killed, Raviraj, Thanujdeen, Raviraj, and host of others killed. Sirasa burned down, One or two Tamil news papers attacked, Rapist /muderer was taken in only after forceful interference by the British PM and I am sure we can go on. Or is it because selected underworld gangs and drug smuglers became more powerful that the police. NO THANK YOU. At least now police can inquire in the the alleged wrong doing by Ranawaka, Hirunika was taken to courts. So no thank you Mr Jayathilake.

    • Bandara

      Eknaligoda was a LTTE tiger. Period. Go look up the you tube the recoding is there. Who is funding Sandaya Eknaligoda’s life…Diaspora racist LTTE. She owes them just like her husband. My relatives including infants died under CBK and Ranil wickramasinghe government . If not for Gota and MR we would be still getting killed by suicide bombers. Unlike you jockers posting under sighala name and living aboroad as the racist Tamil LTTE diaspora., we dolive in Sri Lanka. So go to hell!!!!


    If Gota as the defence secretory for the nation could not protect the Army Head quarters and the Army commander from an attack inside the army head quarters ,what can this man do to protect the country..As He says could he have won a war when even unable to organise the security of the army head quarters .This kind of talk is good for the gallery they represent

    • Bandara

      Yo- it was the army commander’s responsibility to protect the army head quarters. But when the commander is womanizing and the LTTE suicide bomber came to visit him- all bets are off joker.

      You are repeating what Gota said about Kalawedda Ponseka and changing the name to Gota.

      You are a sorry example of a backboneless Sri Lankan!!!

  24. Mary

    Gota is very efficient. He kept Colombo clean and criminal activity down, and helped to get rid of the Tigers. No more daily bomb blasts. We owe him much.

  25. Ransi Fernando

    I think the maggots in his body are eating their way into his brain! Very soon he will also say to give the country back to the Ali Baba and his numerous thieves!

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