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Gota Approached To Enter Parliament

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has been approached and asked to consider entering Parliament through the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

A group of SLFP seniors have had talks with Rajapaksa and President Maithripala Sirisena in this regard, sources said.

Senior SLFP member and Minister John Seneviratne, when contacted by The Sunday Leader, confirmed that some SLFP seniors are in talks with Gotabhaya.

He said that SLFP seniors are of the opinion that Gotabhaya should be given a key post in the party.

However he said that no final agreement has been reached on what post Gotabhaya should be given, nor a decision to make him a Parliamentarian.

He said that obtaining the support of Gotabhaya in the party is crucial for the stability of the SLFP. When asked if former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been informed of this, Seneviratne said that the former President will be briefed in the near future.


15 Comments for “Gota Approached To Enter Parliament”

  1. RAJ

    Most Tamils suspects that Rajapaksa family was behind war crimes committed against Tamils. Gota was giving command to field officers during the war – civilians were targeted and killed in thousands and hospitals were targeted.

  2. Kalu Albert

    If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up flees

  3. dickie bird

    Sirisena can not eat the cake and have the cake where the kalavedda is concerned.
    SF is a spent force as he has lost his shine with the masses.

    Gota’s star is on the way up.

    Two years is coming to an end on the agreement to have a joint government and the SLFP is in a dlelema.
    SF need to be told to look elsewhere other than politics.

    Gota has proven administrative capabilities and a vision and popular with the forces and can control them well and also can get work done out of them while making improvements.

    If Gota is to enter politics from the SLFP, he must be handedover the reigns of Chairmanship of the SLFP & Sirisena need to keep his hands off as he had declared one term president and also keep the pissu lady away from interefering.


    • Max

      Yes are you going to get him to kill people again??? this dog should be in jail,

      Coward ran to the US when war was on

  4. garawi

    No way ! This is going to topple the apple cart. All corruption charges against the former administration will be stopped if hes joins the government! However much he is a capable person this decision will ruin the yahapalanaya!

  5. anonymous

    Is this guy Gotabaya a US Citizen? Why isn’t Mr. Obama taking care of him?

    • Max

      Donald Trump will kill him, that is why he is hiding, and being a US citizen he cannot enter politics

  6. punchinilame

    MS trio are desperate and have thought of a divide and rule, subjecting the
    enemy family to the SLFP, while they are not fools – Gota will take advantage
    to re-set the requirements of the Family first – patriortism is secondary. How
    will the UFPA react?

  7. gamarala

    Gota who incarcerated hundreds under the PTA without inquiry should never be in parliament.
    Hundreds still remain, some labelled ‘political prisoners’.
    One such prisoner labelled a former “would be assassin” of Maithripala Sirisena without proof, has been released with encomiums to the president about his magnanimity !!!

  8. Dayan

    Why Gotabhaya thay can bring MR and hand over the government. Rubbish.

  9. Is this a bloody joke ??

  10. Sylvia Haik

    The Greek Gods first made their subjects mad before destroying them. That will be our fate if this evil protagonist is returned to parliament.

  11. vithura

    The President, as a person who was elected to office to uphold good governance, should not allow any person or persons who are being subject of investigations of abuse of public office to enter parliament.

  12. T @ Daniel

    “Senior SLFP member and Minister John Seneviratne, when contacted by The Sunday Leader, confirmed that some SLFP seniors are in talks with Gotabhaya.”

    Who are these seniors; Seniors of what? Seniors in the gang of Thieves lead by former Strongman. It is hilarious to learn that the president has entertained the notion. Isn’t this man (MS) who told us that he and his family would have been buried under six feet , if he has lost the election on January 8th 2015. Mr president, It would be very interesting know who would have been the ” master grave-digger”.

    For these senior thieves, enjoy while you can is the guiding principle and they will be guided by this principle as long as the head of the table is handicapped.

  13. If Gotha is taken into the Govt. God help all the UNP parliamentarians , he will start killing one by one by arranged accidents, murdered by his thugs & in all possible ways. Gotha is not a human being, he is a devil incarnation, he cherries in murdering & killing , that is his hobby when he was with Alli Baba , MR. Very soon he is going to Prison, what is the point in making him an MP ???????????

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