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Urgent Cabinet Reshuffle On The Cards?

by Dilshan Wimalka

An urgent cabinet reshuffle is likely to take place with at least five cabinet ministers set to lose their posts, sources said.

The cabinet reshuffle is expected to take place after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe returns from his official visit to China.

Wickremesinghe is scheduled to visit China from April 6-9 following which the cabinet reshuffle will take place.

The cohabitation government consists of members of the United National Party, Sri Lanka Freedom party and others who backed President Maithripala Sirisena at the 2015 January 8 election.

The cohabitation government took office in January last year but changed following the August 17 Parliamentary election. The government has been accused in recent times over some of its policies and the opposition has been pushing for a change. The government is to sign several agreements to address the economic crisis. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said Parliament will be briefed on the deals Sri Lanka is to sign with China and India.

Wickremesinghe told a group of UNP members at Sirikotha last week that Sri Lanka and China are to discuss an economic plan soon. He also said that both Sri Lanka and China will sign a Free Trade Agreement which will help Sri Lanka’s economy and also benefit China. Wickremesinghe said that an agreement will also be signed with India and Parliament will be briefed on the agreements in order to ensure the process is transparent. “The draft texts of the agreements will be submitted to Parliament and through Parliament to the public,” he said. The Prime Minister also said that Sri Lanka is in talks with the EU to regain the EU GSP Plus trade concession.

He said the government also expects the ban imposed on Sri Lankan fisheries products by the EU to be lifted by the end of this year. Wickremesinghe said the government was given a mandate by the people to sign agreements with several countries in order to boost the local economy.

He said that several political parties in Parliament have endorsed the economic policy of the government which took office last year.

10 Comments for “Urgent Cabinet Reshuffle On The Cards?”

  1. S B Lokuge

    I hope this incompetent PM will be demoted Mahinda will be given that job to take the country forward again.

    • mrlp loku your education is very poor than poor. Please do not right baseless comment, people will laugh about you. please stop writng and read books and became a man

    • Mahendra

      You must be kidding, you want to replace inefficiency with massive corruption. No wonder, guys like you are the reason why people have elected corruption as the national religion of Sri Lanka since 1953.

    • Fazil

      Mahinda’s competency ; Racism, hope i do not need to list the rest if i list it will be further 30 minutes

    • upali

      so that he and his henchmen could steal more till SL is bankrupt

  2. there are to many cabinet members in parliament n work what promise not maintain. people are fighting for food and cloth. prime minister violation of the constitution, .tax many wasted by prime minister. He must cut down to 20 members, ministers with out port polio no place to sit no work for them ,srilanka economic position is not better in position. ,

  3. Mahendra

    So what??. New or old all incompetent good for nothing corrupt bastards never ceased to amaze us. The present incompetent PM bad mouthed China at every minute of his life and every propaganda meeting that he organized to mislead and come to power before January 8th 2015 and also until August of 2015. This fellow is highly bankrupt in ideas and provide the roof to all corrupt politicians in the MR regime and cohorts he leads. Now he goes to China tucking his tail between the legs. This guy was so obnoxiously vocal against the port city project and every development project that China was involved in. This fellow’s brain is somewhat smaller than that of a puppy dog to understand, that cornerstone of Chinese foreign policy is based on purely “Trading Transactions” and they do not get involved in local politics of any other foreign country. Our political leaders are corrupt and not really elected by the people freely on their own will to the parliament. It is only when electing a President, people seems to enjoy freedom to cast the vote; but that too is tainted because only a corrupt individual from a corrupt lot will get the opportunity because of the enormous financial support needed to be a contender.
    So whether this regime cabinet shuffle now or later, it does not matter to the people. There will be joker/corrupt guys like John Seneviratne trying to bring a GOTA into the cabinet in the next new cabinet laughing at us.

  4. jayantha

    Please forget about Pundai Mahendra Rajapakse and his murderous bro Gota
    bring on new talent,like Sujeewa senasinghe and sajith Preamadasa honest as ever
    unlike the Jara Rajapakse Buddhist clan who recked the country

    • mahendra

      Your following comment is not valid “Jara Rajapakse Buddhist clan ”
      MR does not have a Buddhist family; Your theory is baseless because MR’s wife is an ardent Non-Buddhist woman. Find our her real name and her religion first before making such statements, three children amply proves they are pretentious Buddhists who goes to temples to obtain political favors.

  5. prime minister visiting to china not going to different to change of cabinet, now cabinet ministers has no work, and no place to sit and work , over crowded last week government took some cabinet ministers .president want to satisfied his party members ,president and he is not worried about the promise made at the president election. government in power say we will not more than 30 cabinet member,,

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