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Megapolis Project Facing Snags?

  • Delays, Personal Agendas Hindering WRMP 

by Dinesh Isuru

Despite many parties requesting the Western Region Megapolis Project to be accelerated in ordinate delays and personal agendas are impeding its expedition, top-notch policymakers  said at a construction sector forum held recently.

“We agree it’s late. I couldn’t agree more that we are (behind schedule) We have done our part. For example the transport sector accounts for about 70% of the projects under WRMP. If we get the transport projects off the ground, definitely other projects will get going. Things are slow when its more democratic. In our country development and investment is used to more autocratic (governance model),” lamented Western Region Megapolis Project Director / Team Leader Lakshman Jayasekara.

Jayasekara made this remark at Seminar titled – ‘Western Region Megapolis – Can it be accelerated?’ organized by the Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka (CCI Sri Lanka).

“Organizations like CCI can push the government to accelerate,”  he added.

“There are some who have their own personal agendas. Especially since the government wants to go ahead with the light rapid transit (LRT) for Megapolis many are trying to pull our legs. That’s why we are facing snags,” another top official said on grounds of anonymity.

“The Western Region Megapolis Development is the brain child of Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. As there is a lull regarding its implementation, particularly the action projects to solve the transport and other infrastructure projects, CCI organized this Seminar,” Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka (CCI Sri Lanka) President Deshabandu’ Dr. Surath Wickramasinghe said.

“This is the main reason why we organized this Seminar with a view to assist the proposed Megapolis Authority to ‘fast-track’ the implementation process, taking the experience from our neighbours and friends in India who are in the process of implementing 100 Smart Cities, which is the vision of Prime Minister Modi.”

“We at CCI is aware of the urgency to recognize that the Megapolis development is essential to leverage, the indicators for the country’s economic growth. It’s role as the government’s lead project requires a sustained momentum at all levels. The confidence of the prospective investors relies on an upward momentum in policy and action. The lack of it cannot be blamed on the downside of the global and regional economy. Its best example, is that of India’s sustained commitment to its development at the highest level of policy making.”

“This Seminar is to contribute towards the apparent snail – pace movement on Megapolis Development. We at CCI wish this gathering to highlight the expectations of the construction industry in it. Consequently, CCI affirms the fundamental need to shift the pace of Megapolis Development to a ‘fast – track”.

5 Comments for “Megapolis Project Facing Snags?”

  1. Kumara

    LRT is the way to go. With the facts provided it is evident that who ever is pushing for BRT has a personal agenda.

  2. daggy

    Where is that award winning NIRMALA KANNANGARA ?
    Apparently she did not know about this as she is yet raking up sh.t somewhere?

  3. John Pulle

    Megapolis concept is a far cry from Srilankan standards. Weather is a main factor. The inhabitants are not fully evolved to function in a mega city. They are more in line with African standards. It will be a waste of money.

  4. nagara hadanna kalin ara ponil ge laksha 600 car deka ara denna onine… haraka

  5. kumaran

    If the GOSL address the issues of the farming, agriculture and plantations sectors, more can be achieved while more people will be benefitted. Look at the drying tanks in the Dry Zones, failed tea plantations etc. Then look at the failed Hambantotota projects. If you cnnot address issues that are more pertinent to the voters then you will never succeed in these dramatic “projects”

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