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Top Politico Protecting Cop Linked To Thajudeen Case

by Amila Ekanayake

A top government politician is allegedly protecting a former senior police DIG linked to the case on the murder of Wasim Thajudeen.

It has been revealed that the politician has spoken to the CID and managed to temporarily prevent the arrest of the police officer. Sources said that the politician has also attempted to arrange for a meeting between the police officer and a government minister but that attempt had failed.

CID sources said that if the former senior police DIG is arrested, then the information related to several other criminal incidents will also surface.


18 Comments for “Top Politico Protecting Cop Linked To Thajudeen Case”

  1. Dalupotha

    Who is running the Police! Ministers or newly appointed IGP. IGP has to show credible evidence for impartial actions.

    • Yasin

      my dear Dalupotha
      The new IGP can talk big but he is still a pawn of the politicians. Poor guy, he needs a job, whether he can do it honestly or not. He too has mouths to feed.
      I pity him. He is said to be a disciplined officer, yet, how can stay clean, honest and disciplined if he is thrown amidst the garbage (our politicians).

  2. robert

    It was this type of politicians were doing by the previous government and if the
    politicians of the present government try to sabotage this case by protecting
    the police officer it is the duty of the government to sack him from the party as
    this will give a bad image to the government. I request the media to kindly
    disclose as to who is that bloody politician who try to creep and spoil the soup.

  3. Concerned

    If the paper reveals the name of the politician I am sure he will not meddle in this investigation. The politician should be charged for obstructing justice.

  4. nilame

    Knowing how GG is working these 18 months, the possibility of the Police Officer
    being arrested is remote. These matter must be on hold – similar to “holding files”
    by the last regime as a modus-operandi in current politics.

  5. Mohana Prabath

    This politician is the murdere Mahinda Rajapakse.

  6. Let’s have the name of the Politician,the public is entitled to know who he or she is.

  7. Manel


  8. Upul

    This is despicable behaviour by the politician who is involved. People didn’t vote you guys to protect criminals. Please let the CID handle the situation and back off from interfering.

  9. messenger

    Please arrest this singing DIG. He has many new songs to sing to his own doom.

  10. Rohitha

    We like to know the name of the politician. So we can send him a bouquet of flowers and nominate him as our next Prime Minister.

  11. Mahen

    There you are Yahapalanaya for you President Sirisena! No wonder the public is disappointed with your speed of action!

  12. should sack justice minister w; rajapaksha who protecting thives and thugs; he’s is not suitable for this post. he’s doing nothing and always protecting his friends;all the investigations are snail speed because of him.

  13. Navin

    Hope the Police and law enforcement arm of this government get it ?.It is a well known fact that a Anura Senanayake a close friend and sucker of the MaRa regime
    was the man who was in charge as DIG to white wash and clear the murderers of Thajudeen. They all happen to be the members of the Mara family . The last IGP obviously knew of this crime and who the perpetrarators were. The whole lot of other Police and CID officers who tried to suppress this crime were under the sword if they ever spilled the beans.And now this story of a slimy UNP Politician trying to influence the Police and Law enforcement auothourities really stinks. Find this skum bag expose his name dear readers, and kick the arse of this .stinking tale teller.Democracy under Sira and Ranil seems to be taking a U turn, These guys preach democracy and fair play and play the same game as MARA and his cohorts.
    Take bullshit overseas trips Sira for conferences in London re Problems with Human Rights, while human rights are violated in our prisons and torture chambers according the U.N. Human rights.experts.And to Sanchi in India for bogus Pilgrimages, and trying to establish Theravada Schools of Buddhism in India the Land that produced our Lord Buddha. These fellows are trying to teach grandmothers to suck eggs using the poor tax payers meager income.Good luck all the suckers who had faith in this lot They are only a wee different from the last lot of MARA, criminals racketeers and Parasites.

  14. Name the politician. These people should be exposed to protect the rule of law in this country.

  15. Yasin

    The nation is in the hands of crooks and more crooks are coming in, the latest being Sajin Vaas.
    Criminal cases….what criminal cases, just check under the carpet where it is all swept under.
    The saint looking Prez MS is a Golaya of the master crooks

  16. T ake the Top Politico and the Ex DIG into custody immedeately The People should know whoever the Crock is, so that thy will not vote for him anymore

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