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More JO Members Reject Shadow Cabinet

More Joint Opposition parliamentarians have reportedly raised objections to the formation of a shadow cabinet. On Friday Joint Opposition parliamentarian Lohan Ratwatte said he had refused to be part of the shadow cabinet. Two other parliamentarians including Premalal Jayasekara have also refused to join the shadow cabinet.

Meanwhile Joint Opposition member Dullas Alahapperuma said that the shadow cabinet is only a form of a training being given to the opposition parliamentarians.

Former Economic Affairs Minister Basil Rajapaksa is a notable absentee in the shadow cabinet, so is former Foreign Minister, Professor G. L. Peiris.

However, the Joint Opposition says the shadow cabinet includes only members of parliament. (AW)

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  1. What a funny joke ,these bunch of clowns now trying to play another drama by appointing a shadow cabinet. for the people to laugh by watching this comody drama.still these bunch of clowns are sick with their lost fasilities and their dumb pride . people dosn’t have to pay for their dummiest foolish things that they did when they were in power ,l hope now the people of sri lanka is much advance and smart to select the good and currapt free leaders to rule the country .to my knowledge don’t know why these people are dying in coming to politics ,not because of the countries future or they love the country ,to make their wealth and prosperity to share with their families and there henchmens . thanks god hope this government will settle all the problems take the country forward and the people to live peace fully happy and develop nation in united sri lanka with respecting all riigions ,nationalites and languages they use as sri lankans ,but must not forget sri lanka is a majority buddhist sinhaleas country .this is the only country for the sinhala speaking nation .we have to safeguard our mother land as buddhist sri lankans and respect the others who live . [buddu saranai devi pihitai ma upan lakmawuni ma koi rataka hitiyath].

  2. Lima


  3. the shadow cabinet is crime to srilanka economics srilanka poorest in the poor, former government has destroyed the country education, economic and law of land, worst communal is not allowed the country to development in different field, president vast of time with Buddhist temple and mahasanga. He visited north and east but army not removed but putting Buddhist temple to Hindu living in generation, most of the politician has criminal case, but they are talking and writing to media Rubbish

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