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Mattress And Security For Namal

by Kasun Pussewala

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, who was arrested last week over the alleged misappropriation of funds, has been given a mattress for his cell and special security at the Welikada remand prison.

Under normal circumstances an inmate at the Welikada remand prison can have only three visitors a day but Rajapaksa has been allowed to see much more.

Sources also claimed that Namal Rajapaksa has been allowed to use a mobile phone from inside his cell, which is banned for others in local prisons.

When contacted, a prison spokesman said that Parliamentarians can visit the prison at any time and as a result several Parliamentarians visit Rajapaksa in prison.

The spokesperson also said that while Rajapaksa has been given a mattress, measures are to be taken to give other inmates mattresses in future as well.




14 Comments for “Mattress And Security For Namal”

  1. D. Perera

    “Dan sathuta?” Next he might want his Mama to sleep with him bcos he’s scared to sleep alone.

  2. Lima


  3. Patriot

    This little monkey doesn’t deserve a mattress, instead he should be given a branch to sleep on!

  4. Nihal Gunatilake

    Hello !! When I wanted to visit the Senior Rajapaksa when he was in Welikada remand in the early 80s I was not allowed in. Prison boss told me only two visits are allowed and MR relations are using that privilege I was a Magistrate at that time and asked the Prison Boss to make an official visit. He agreed and I visited Senior Rajapaksa twice with another guy as my companion. I was carrying biscuits and cheese on both the occasions. I was given a Guard of Honour by the Prison Officers. No Mattresses or Mobile phones then. Prison Officer offered two cups of tea to both of us MR and the writer. First time I tasted Prison foods. Hope Junior will get bail and prepare for the future. bye
    Nihal Gunatilake


  5. Lankara

    Dont you people have anything better to do than follow the lifes of people who used to rule the nation ? They are no more, we dont even care about them. we have more things to worry about than a person getting benefits in prison . Jobless journalism

  6. Ricky

    So a Rajapakse had to be imprisoned for conditions for other prisoners to improve? All this time prisoners were treated as scum with absolutely no privileges if the prison guards were not bribed and now mattresses. Next will be air conditions and attached bathrooms with jacuzzi. The prison authorities must be thinking like the parliamentarians that ‘all the people can be fooled all the time’.
    If this govt too do not get their act together and be serious in what they do, the next uprising will definitely see a completely new party ruling this country.

  7. VJ

    All inmates to be provided with mattresses to justify the provision of a mattresses to a special remand prisoner. Will all inmates be provided with cell phones as well?

  8. After all crooks only get luxury even in prison. I bet Namal will be released on bail tomorrow. End of story.

  9. this is ridiculous giving you mattress to [prince ] namal ,that is not correct as a punishment if he or anyone who goes to prison or jail has to obey the law in those places . why they lying to the people in future all inmates get mattresses ,after bull prince gose inside they got this idea to provide mattresses . wonder that he didn’t got any sickness to enter hospital like others . by saying that he teaches other inmates yoga ,what a stupid talk , they do not need yoga lessons , some how to come out . this crime prince may get more underworld connections for the future plans and crimes once he comes out against the present government to topple .the other thing why he gets specialty to visit more visitors than others with motorcades ,thats completely wrong according to the law who ever entered has the same law,in this way can see the differences , that is why the foreign countries are looking at the differences of our laws .the other thing is once they hand cuffs , raised their hands and shows to the people like they receive a award , how it will be if the wanted criminals and underworld caractors also raised their hands and shows to the people . it is sad sad to see this type of foolish politicians are once are rules of this country . has to be more intelligent and educated people .

  10. Namal Perera

    CROOK is a crook, why bother who he/she is or the family back ground. All should be treated equally.

  11. Leon

    Namal is entitled to all these facilities according to Sirisena/Ranil’s law.

  12. daggy

    Unless proven guilty, one is not guilty.
    Therefore, one can not deny any basic rights of that person though he is under a cloud & investigated.

  13. the superintend of prison violation . rules must on retirement. forth with

  14. Donald Rajakaruna

    I am eargerly waiting for Kusum Pussewela to demand the FCID to investigate and arrest Arjuna Mahendran his Son in law Alysius, Minister Ranawaka’s secretary for siphoning off money to Panama secret funds,and his alleged involvement in Coal tenders. Dya Gamage for approprating massive public contracts illegally. Kiriella for awarding himself road construction contracts. Ravindran Karunanayaka for alleged arecunut fraud at customs.
    Mr pussewela also should ask FCID to investigate the probity of Mr R karunanayaka in receiviing Rs 3 million monthly rental payment fof rent for his accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Colombo.
    Sunday Leader nor its columnists dare not expose the massive fraud and coruption involving Ranil. Malik, Ravi Karu, Kiiriella, , Champika.
    They are all part of the CIA gang.

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