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Gotabhaya Next Presidential Candidate – Mahindananda Aluthgamage

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa will be the next presidential candidate if the executive presidency is not abolished, MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage says. Pointing out the serious damage the government has done to the country within just one year, the parliamentarian says the Joint Opposition will fight against corruptions of the government despite government’s oppressive attitude towards them.

MP Aluthgamage in an interview with The Sunday Leader further talked about the present harmful political situation of the country and the future plans of the joint opposition to restore the normalcy in the country.

Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Q: Next month marks the first anniversary of the Yahapalana government, in which a group of SLFPers also hold part. How do you view the duration that they have governed so far?

A: Normally two main political parties in a country get together when that country faces dire national issues. However, in Sri Lanka, even at the height of war, the UNP did not support former President Rajapaksa. Now they banded together and say that they did get together to rebuild the country. Instead, they have now worsened the situation.


Q: Recently they extended this cohabitation for three more years. What is the reason?

A; We strongly object to this decision. We initially understood that the SLFP could unite after this 2-year drama. Even the President has said that the extension may make the country unstable. However, no matter how long the government take, they won’t be able to prevent their collapse.


Q: What are the reasons for ceasing the development drive in the country?

A: The government thinks that there is going to be no issue if the development stops. But there is a big chain behind this development. When development grinds into a halt, everything else also stops. The government has not realised how many depend on these development projects.


Q: Is that why the prices of goods have gone up?

A: In 2015, Ranil Wickremesinghe withdrew more than 300 million US Dollars to prevent the Rupee from falling. It is like dropping something into the Bay of Bengal. The government has borrowed the highest that a government in Sri Lanka ever recorded within a year. But they did not construct even a drain with that fund.


Q: Do you think that this government has already disappointed people?

A:  Yes, solely because of the inability of the government. This government cannot continue even though it comprises the two main political parties in the country.


Q:  Civil organizations that supported this government to come into power, now protest. What is your view on this development?

A:  The government painted a false picture of the former government by fabricating mega deals that they said the former government committed such as highway robberies, purchasing golden horses and Lamborghinis, and engaging in narcotic deals. This was totally an international conspiracy. But to date, none of these thieves have been caught, so people now distrust them.


Q: What are the good things that the government has done so far?

A: The President is trying to do something with regard to reconciliation. But with Ranil Wickremesinghe, his effort will fail. Apart from that, this government has done nothing good.


Q: Local government elections have been postponed. Clamouring for the 20th Amendment, too, is not to be seen now. What do you think of these issues?

A: That is why we carried out this protest march. The government know very well the reason why they cannot hold LG polls. The public opinion scares the government. They know that no sooner than they hold the polls, they have to retreat.


Q: The SLFP General Secretary has said that the party would take disciplinary action against those SLFPers who took part in the march. What is your view about this claim?

A: Even though the General Secretary has said so, the President as the chairman of the party has permitted us to go against the wrong decisions of the government. So the word of the chairman has more value than that of the secretary.


Q: What will be scenario if disciplinary action is taken?

A: At that time, we will decide what to do.


Q: The Prime Minister makes it his habit to scold the media. How do you see this development?

A: This habit of the Prime Minister caused the defeat of the UNP government in 2001. This time too he is going to mess everything up with his speeches. His habits will not change even if he returns to power in 2020. So he must correct his behavior. It is ironical to see those who praised the media freedom have now started to curtail it.


Q: The Joint Opposition formed a Shadow Cabinet. How is its progress now?

A: Only 2 months passed after launching the shadow Cabinet. We will very soon file charges at the Bribery Commission against 10 senior ministers in the government.


Q: Why can’t you give the government more time for them to carry out their development plans and then protest if they fail in them?

A: We received public support more than we expected. We requested all to contribute to this march. When taking into account the way this government is going on, they must not be given not even a month, let alone a year, to stay in power. Now they have been in power for 1 year and 7 months and continue ruining the country. Therefore, everyone should get together to protest against their pathetic governance.


Q: Is the ‘Viyath Maga’ another scheme to bring Gotabhaya Rajapaksa into politics?

A: The Prime Minister fears the entry of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa into politics. That is why Gotabhaya and others being summoned to the CID and the FCID many a time. If the Executive Presidency is not going to be abolished, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is definitely going to be the next presidential candidate.

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  1. Anton

    Shit shit and full of shit

  2. ed

    Most probably these morons are out of their mind !!!! It’s time for them to face their own troubles before expecting the LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL !

    There is NO WAY for us to allow such people to run our country ? It’s the biggest dream !!!! keep dreaming …………

  3. wimal

    Mahindanada Aluthgamage is pol jada Para Horak
    this bastard must publicly executed
    thias Bastard has ruined this country
    even his wife hates him after divorceing this para Jadaya
    he should be boiled in oil to 00 deg centigrade
    and then dumped in the sea

  4. Lima


  5. This is one of ALI BABA’S thieves so he will always talk ill off the government as these were the thieves of the corrupt left out of the Carrom Board deall left out of the cabinet

  6. Gotabaya for next president? what nonsence this murderer as the presidentialcandidate? not even as a Pradesya Saba member dont ever dream of this Brute of a murderer as candidate he will be worse tha “Hitler”

  7. Kaputa

    If the Executive Presidency is not going to be abolished, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is definitely going to be the next presidential candidate, this statement says it all. Elect a “Wheeler-dealer, I don’t think the people could be fooled once again.The minorities and other Learned people will never touch him even with a
    ” Barge-Pole”.and these Corrupt so called Politician’s will end up behind bars. This day is dawn very soon. This government has not disappointed people?but with “Cronies” still in place justice is slow but for sure.

  8. Dinuk

    This fellow is mad just like most of the politicians. A leader of a country has to be some one with an impeccable character.
    How does a SL society treat a murderer? We will be scared if he sweeps the road!

    How can some one who may have with links/ or happened with his knowledge to barn door gruesome murders- Thajudeen / Ekneligoda/ Lasnatha/ prison, who is accused of probably the architect of white van crimes, many assaults on journalists etc, who slept with drug lords such as Duminda, who turned the law enforcement like police and army to be a private army to do his murders, whos family is linked to 45 mega frauds etc etc ……. even think of being a leader of a pig farm, let alone a leader of a country !!!

    Our politicians think that what ever the crime they do, they can continue to do ‘politics’. They and the country should see that any proven criminal activity of a politician mean that they are banished to the dust bin for ever!!!!!

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